Your scheme, we pay

02:12, Mar 28 2014

Nice, John Sargeant (letters, March 21) grudgingly accepts that the council has spent our money on the Len Lye project. All the hours spent on this white elephant have been at the ratepayers' expense; so in future, please no flannel that it has cost the ratepayer nothing so far.

I accept the building is a done deal, but he sounds like a benefit bludger; having managed to con a house from the system, he now wants someone to pay all his living expenses too. He must have been watching the Freeview advert on TV, ''to be fair, it has to be free''; codswallop, someone has to pay.

I have never had a problem with our amazing walkway, Puke Ariki or Te Rewa Rewa; they benefit a large percentage of locals and visitors. His minority 'private interest group' is benefiting from future rates for something the council has no place using our money for, without at least trying to defray the costs to ratepayers.

His assertion that visiting this mausoleum will change my world view is both conceited and patronising. Having seen Lye's work on a number of occasions I am still unimpressed, but thanks for trying to educate me.

So, although I am over the fact we have it, with his permission I will continue lobbying ratepayers via this medium to try to make sure we are not saddled with what will be ever-spiralling costs, and a whole new level of pen-pushing bureaucracy.

I wonder if Mr Sargeant has anything new to add himself.


New Plymouth


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