Supermarket hearing likely

16:00, Mar 28 2014

The decision over the development of a Countdown supermarket in Vogeltown is likely to go before a hearings commissioner.

Brooklands Development Ltd wants a resource consent from the New Plymouth District Council for the proposed Hori St supermarket in the southeastern suburb, but angry neighbours are ensuring it doesn't get it without a fight.

The council's manager of consents, Ralph Broad, said 10 submissions had been received, seven of which were against the development, and three in favour of it.

"It is very, very likely there will be a hearing about this, with an independent hearings commissioner," he said.

Earlier this month about 30 neighbours packed the council chambers to speak out about the supermarket which could be going up in their backyard.

The developers applied to the council for a resource consent, but only some of surrounding neighbours had been legally classed as being affected and could therefore make a submission.


The date for the hearing, which will decide if the resource consent gets granted, will be set after the developer has responded to the council's request for more information.

Five of the submitters want to speak at the hearing, which will be held within five weeks of the developer's response, and have given the council detailed reports on why they do not want the development to go ahead.

Hori St resident Varina Mitchell called on the council to decline the application.

"There will be significant degradation in my quality of life and this [development] will also impact my neighbours all along Hori St," she said in her submission.

"It will affect our quality of life at our properties, will bring increased traffic and associated noise ... and a reduction in the values of our properties."

Ms Mitchell said many properties near the entrance to the supermarket would also lose their off-street parking, and it would become enormously difficult for residents to get out of their driveways.

Fellow Hori St resident Christine Quest also opposed the application, and said she would not only lose her privacy, but the noise of trucks and cars would annoy surrounding neighbours.

"Another main concern is the amount of traffic on Hori Street. I take my grandchildren to and from school and it is a very busy road," she said in her submission.

However, Brooklands Rd residents Graham and Janet Voss supported the resource consent.

The developer had been very open and had kept the couple informed, they said in their submission.

"Pre works to date appear to have been carried out in an orderly, considered and well engineered manner," their submission said.

"As an adjoining neighbour, the outlook will be much better than the previous car-wreckers yard."

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