Supply boats detained

16:00, Mar 28 2014

Maritime NZ has detained three offshore supply boats at Port Taranaki.

The Caroline Tide, Bailey Tide and Hart Tide were all bound for Fremantle during the weekend.

However, the ships' departure has been delayed because none of the vessels had the necessary international endorsements on board, a spokesman for Maritime NZ confirmed yesterday.

The three vessels are purpose-built to support the offshore oil industry. The owner, Perth-based Tide Water Marine has registered them in Vanuatu.

"They are required to have their certification on board," the Maritime NZ spokesman said yesterday.

"If they don't have papers on board, they need to get the endorsement with their required certification from the flag state."


But to date the endorsements hadn't been provided, the spokesman said.

The vessels were given three months' grace when they were permitted to operate without the endorsements but that time had now expired.

"We are not anticipating the vessels will be detained for long," the spokesman said, describing the situation as "administrative".

New Plymouth agent Murray Dixon of Cape Shipping referred the Taranaki Daily News to Tide Water Marine but managers were unavailable for comment.

Port Taranaki harbourmaster John Ireland said he believed the three vessels were due to leave successively on Saturday, Sunday and Monday after completing their de-mobilisation process at Port Taranaki.

The smaller vessels came and went and tended to operate to their own schedules, he said.

The three vessels, built in 2011 and 2012, are 3400 and 3600grt and 76m to 87m long.

Taranaki Daily News