Woman admits drug habit

20:16, Apr 03 2014

A mother given home detention for dealing methamphetamine went straight back home and did it again, the New Plymouth District Court heard yesterday.

Chelsea Cave, 25, was given the electronically monitored sentence on March 6 after her lawyer told the court Cave had a drug-free home.

Her co-offender, Reece Maxwell, 28, who, unlike Cave, had drug convictions, was earlier jailed for 23 months.

Only a week later, on March 13, police executed a search warrant at Cave's New Plymouth home, the summary says.

She refused to move from her bed when told repeatedly to do so.

"Suddenly she grabbed something from her bed and made a dash for the door trying to get her hands to her mouth," the summary says.


"She was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed to prevent the destruction of evidence."

On getting to her feet, police found a set of electronic scales and a plastic bag containing .4gm of methamphetamine.

Also on the bed was a large plastic bag and 21 small unused point bags.

There were used point bags on the bedside cabinet and other drug paraphernalia including two meth pipes and a burner.

She told police they were all hers for her own use as she was struggling to overcome her serious meth habit.

She claimed she had the scales to check the weight of the meth she purchased for herself.

In court yesterday, defence lawyer Kylie Pascoe said Cave admitted the charge and asked for a pre-sentence report.

"There are background issues which she might be more forthcoming with now," Pascoe said.

The sentence of home detention for Cave, who was remanded in custody following her latest arrest, was cancelled by Judge Allan Roberts.

"I think we are aware of what the ultimate sentence will be," Pascoe said.

Cave will be re-sentenced on May 2.

At her last sentencing, the judge warned she risked losing her child if she continued dealing.

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