Teen lands monster from the deep

02:21, Apr 08 2014
tdn snapper stand
Jacob Farrant, 13, caught a monster 13.8kg snapper

An Oakura teenager has already done what many seasoned anglers dream of doing - landing a huge snapper.

Jacob Farrant, 13, caught the monster 13.8kg snapper while fishing with his grandfather, Geoff, on his boat "Right Hook" and his mother, Tanya, on Saturday.

The group had been out for about three hours when he felt a bite.

"At the start it didn't really feel like much, I just thought it was a barracuda or something," he said.

"It was quite strong, it kind of went off and on and off and on."

Jacob said it took him about five minutes to reel the beast in.


"I thought wow, I've never seen a snapper that fat and big."

The others aboard the boat shared Jacob's amazement at the size of the fish, he said.

Jacob said his initial thoughts were the snapper would make good eating but after taking some advice from his grandfather decided to throw it back. However, it wouldn't start breathing again.

"We are going to mount it and put it on the wall at my granddad's house."

Jacob, who has been fishing for about six years, said he enjoyed seeing the different types of fish.

"It's just fun to see what you are going to get and it's exciting reeling them in."

When asked for details of where the group had dropped their lines Jacob was reluctant to give too many details.

"It was off Oakura but any more details are classified, it's a secret spot."

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