Radio work child's play for little Monique

03:12, Apr 14 2014
tdn mon stand
Suzy Cato was at Access Radio 104.4fm today recording an episode of The Great Kids Show. With Monique Gale, 6, left, and Finn and Amelie Manella, 4 and 6.

For many Kiwi kids, both young and old, Suzy Cato is a legend.

And one lucky Kiwi kid, Woodleigh School pupil Monique Gale, 5, got to spend Saturday morning helping the kids' telly host to record The Great Big Kids Radio Show at Access Radio Taranaki.

Monique, who won a competition which meant she got to help Cato host the show, admitted she was a bit nervous about going on the radio for the first time.

She was pretty keen on Cato though: "She's really cool."

Monique was delighted the show would be airing on her sixth birthday this Sunday.

Cato had flown to New Plymouth from Auckland for the day to record The Great Big Kids Radio Show, which airs on 20 different radio stations around New Zealand on Sunday mornings.

The bubbly 45-year-old, best known for television shows Suzy's World and You and Me, said she tried to visit a different regional radio station to record the show every quarter.

"We aim to incorporate about 50 per cent local content, but in some places we can get it up to 80 per cent."

This was the first time the show, which features a mix of new and classic songs and stories, plus interviews, activities and competitions, had been recorded in New Plymouth.


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