Youth Week Challenge for Young People

02:35, Apr 18 2014


A challenge is being thrown out to young people in New Plymouth District.The Youth Week Challenge will have teams of up to six young people carrying out volunteer activities for points. 

The winners will be  announced at a celebration night. 

"These young people will decide on and carry out service projects that benefit the community, and compete against other teams doing the same thing,"  Mayor Andrew Judd said. 

"It's a great opportunity for youths to break the perceptions around young people, and also to challenge themselves to succeed in something they might never have tried before." 

The competition will run from 17 to 21 May and is for those aged 13 to 20 years old. All teams must be registered by 5pm on May 9 through the Council website or the Facebook page Youth Week Challenge NP. 

Manager Community Development Leighton Littlewood said each team will come up with ideas about what they will do during the challenge and points will be awarded based on difficulty. 

"For instance a beach clean-up will earn fewer points than putting on an entertainment programme in a rest home, but then you could do a number of beach clean-ups in the time it takes to pull an entertainment programme together," he said. 

"So the challenge includes an element of strategy - how to do the most for the community and get the most points. 

"Ultimately though, this is creating a fun way to encourage young people to experience the satisfaction of giving back to their community, while promoting positive attitudes amongst community about the great stuff young people have to offer." 

The teams will be interviewed on camera at the end of each day, with the footage being included in a film that will be screened at the celebration night at the end of the challenge.


Taranaki Daily News