Woman stabbed violent partner

A woman stabbed her partner with a multi-tool after she and her violent partner fought over Christmas presents for their children.

Samantha Mei Rawari, 24, and Aaron Leslie Bayliss, 34, were partners who lived together at Bell Block, the New Plymouth District Court heard.

At 7.50am on December 4 they began arguing and fighting.

Both were later charged with assaulting the other.

Bayliss is now in jail after being sentenced in March to four months jail.

Yesterday Rawari was given 120 hours community work, six months supervision, ordered to attend alcohol and drug counselling and a domestic violence programme. She is not to associate with Bayliss.

During the fight, Bayliss had grabbed Rawari by her hoodie and hair pulling, her on to the bedroom floor, punching and kicking her in the head.

She picked up a multi-tool which had the flat head screwdriver extended. When Bayliss grabbed her by the throat she struck him below the armpit leaving a 5mm long puncture wound. She then threw it at him leaving him with three small wounds.

Rawari's mother tried to stand between them to stop the fight.

Rawari kicked her partner on the leg and he struck her on the lip. When the two were outside Rawari picked up a one metre long steel garden stake threatening Bayliss with it.

The mother contacted police.

The two were bailed and ordered not to have contact with one another. But they took off together in a car intending to go to Auckland, stealing petrol at Challenge Waitara and again at Te Kuiti on their way.

Judge Allan Roberts said both of Rawari's children had been removed from her care. Clearly something had gone dramatically wrong with her life, he said.

Her mother said she was making bad decisions and her relationship with Bayliss was to the detriment of her children.

Rawari was yet another "joining the many blighted by this dreadful synthetic cannabis product being sold legally."

Rawari was to pay back her share of petrol thefts at $10 a week.

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