Finding energy to bring inner peace

Words of wisdom: Enlightened master, Gyan Swamiji, from India was in town last week to help people find inner peace.
Words of wisdom: Enlightened master, Gyan Swamiji, from India was in town last week to help people find inner peace.

Gyan Swamiji believes life is not measured in the years a person lives but by the number of breaths taken.

The enlightened master from India, who practices Kriya Yoga, was in New Plymouth last week to share his knowledge and help people find their own inner peace.

Kriya Yoga is a mixture of yoga, meditation and slow breathing techniques.

Among its many benefits participants experience calmness of mind, inner peace, release of toxic emotions, increased physical health and even a longer lifespan.

When Midweek met with Swamiji he explained that many religions use spiritual books, like the Bible.

Swamiji said reading books is not enough and likened it to owning a fancy car but not having the fuel to drive it.

"From ancient times Indian great masters and monks, they've devised a way how to get more energy in your body, how to get more energy from the cosmos so that you can live a very healthy, mentally, physically, spiritually, intellectually dynamic life.

"If anything is missing, if the energy is less, your body will be sick. If this is not working you can not be spiritual."

Swamiji points out that disease simply means that the body is dis-eased; not at ease.

He said that meditation is as good for the body and soul as medicine is to a sick person.

"A maximum number of murders have taken place just in the name of religion," he said.

"All the prophets are talking about love and tranquility and peace and harmony and we are fighting because we are not understanding our religious books."

Swamiji comes from Pune and was in Taranaki at the invitation of New Plymouth Kriya Yoga teacher Sangeeta Sarin.

"I've met lovely people and enjoyed their company and I've brought this loving message from India and loving message from Himalayan masters," he said. "I'm just a messenger."

During his visit he held a public meeting at Puke Ariki and spent time with any other interested people.

He has an amazing life story. When he was about 20 years old, during his first year studying engineering, three of his heart valves stopped functioning properly.

Swamiji was given three months to live. Fearing his family would suffer too much if he died, Swamiji left home and found his way to a Himalayan forest where he collapsed.

He was found by a man who taught him the principals of Kriya Yoga and when he was feeling better he went back to school.

Swamiji is now 68 years old and said he never got tired. As well as being a qualified engineer, he travels the world teaching others these skills for free.

"Love is free. Love should not be charged."

He recommends at least half an hour each day of Kriya Yoga, no excuses. "I'm a working monk. I earn my own bread. I go to office."

For more information about Kriya Yoga ring New Plymouth teacher Sangeeta on 0220 727 006, at home on 757 5510 or email