Suspect leaves a trail of art

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Philip Jones with some of the tools of his trade.

Philip Jones with some of the tools of his trade.

Philip Jones, also known as Suspect, has left his mark on Central and South America.

He's just got back from a four-month trip where he paid for some of his accommodation and food costs with his art.

"I painted along the way," he said. "All in all I painted in 21 different cities. I approached the building owners. A lot of it was just by chance. There was not a lot of planning."

He backpacked through Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Peru carrying his painting supplies.

"Every time I found a place that I could purchase the aerosols that I would use, I would buy an extra couple of cans," he said.

"It's interesting. In a couple of the countries you coudn't find what you'd generally use.

"In Cuba I had to find aerosol paints from hardware stores. They were not specialised ones. In one of the places we went all I could find was a can of pink paint."

Jones' art is on restaurants, walls, shops and hostels.

"It's an exchange kind of things. Obviously the restaurants, we'd then eat for free a few days. A few of the hostels, we'd stay for free. It's amazing how it all worked out by chance."

His favourite painting was in Argentina where Jones painted a photo of his daughter Devaux Fabish-Jones as a cherub.

Now Jones is back in New Plymouth he's itching to find a studio and release some of his new ideas.

"I'm full of motivation and full of inspiration. My brain is brimming with things I need to do. I've come back with all these ideas," he said. "I'm already working on an exhibition just before Christmas."

His work will be in an upcoming exhibition in Kina NZ Design and Art Space and several summer festivals.

Jones also doing a commission work for Powerco.

"It will be very public, very soon."

He plans to go back to Mexico in 2015 where he has more artworks to complete.

"I'd like to go there again for a month and take my daughter," he said.

 - Taranaki Daily News

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