Spotswood High School students host show on Access Radio

Spotswood College students Sam Raumati and Jacques McCallum-Lind, both 16, tune their talents on the 104.4 FM show, ...

Spotswood College students Sam Raumati and Jacques McCallum-Lind, both 16, tune their talents on the 104.4 FM show, 'Talk Is Cheap'.

Spotswood College students Sam Raumati and Jacques McCallum-Lind are playing the tune of success.

The 16-year-olds host the 104.4 FM 'Talk is Cheap' show on Tuesdays at 4.30pm and are doing so well, they may continue with their own segment through Access Radio.

"We're having an informal conversation about getting them a live show," production engineer Chris Forman said.

Nothing was set in stone, but there could be strong opportunities for the young talent, Forman said.

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Known as their radio personalities, "The Rock Goddess" and "The Man", the pair impressed Forman with their confidence.

"They work really well together. They're always prepared and keen as."

Raumati and McCallum-Lind had performed on the station's 'Sounds of Silence' - a monthly jam session for local musicians - and Forman said the pair stood out.

"They're just high energy and truly take on their on-air personalities. They understand the creative industry is highly competitive and the station is a nurturing environment for them."

Raumati, who considered herself a punk rocker, was hosting 'Talk is Cheap' by herself before McCallum-Lind joined.

"I volunteered myself for the show. Then I had Jacques on air with me and it went well, so I asked him to stay," Raumati said.

"We made the show popular. They started to rebroadcast it on Fridays at 2.30pm. It's opened up so many opportunities for us."

Access Radio asked Raumati to teach in the song-writing holiday programme that starts July 11.

"I haven't done anything like this, but I love to write lyrics. I think it'll be pretty cool."

Although neither student was in a band, they each performed in this year's Smokefreerockquest. 

Raumati won "Best Style" and McCallum-Lind's band, 'Tightrope', placed second.

"We had only played for a few weeks before the competition," McCallum-Lind said.

As for the students' future, Raumati said she was looking at the University of Otago's rock programme while blues rock musician McCallum-Lind said he was deciding between Massey University or Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand (MAINZ).

"Radio, music, broadcasting - it's all intertwined. But, music is the end goal. We both love to perform," McCallum-Lind said.


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