Latin twist to new Access Radio show

Julia Collier is hosting a new Spanish language Access Radio show.
Petra Finer

Julia Collier is hosting a new Spanish language Access Radio show.

A new Spanish language radio show is designed to bring Taranaki's Latin community together.

Rural Eltham resident Julia Collier is hosting the Access Radio "En Familia" show twice a week and hopes it will help other Latin people connect with one another and understand their new home better.

Collier moved to Taranaki 11 months ago. She lived in Auckland prior to that but is originally from Mexico City. She has found the country, culture,  laws and the health system very different from her home. It is learning to live within that new structure that inspired her to volunteer to host the show.

"You have people who have been living 25 years in this area and I think they have this knowledge. So it's more about having this space to share this knowledge or experience for the new people like me," she said.

"People who have recently come in, they don't know about Taranaki, they don't know about New Zealand, where abouts to go, about immigration services, Kiwisaver, and maybe these people will stay here forever but they don't know the system."

Living 20 minutes away from her nearest town can be isolating and since Collier hasn't lived in her home country for 10 years, the programme is also a way for her to connect with her culture.

She said it was also designed to help people learn the language.

"When you learn Spanish you can also go to Argentina, Mexico, Peru, somewhere different," she said.

"What I would also like to do is have different accents ... the main reason why I'm trying to do this programme is the connection between people."

Collier said there were "quite a few" Spanish speakers living in South Taranaki as well as the wider region.  Because many worked on farms they were often quite isolated from one another.

"You have nearly 10 million people over there (in Mexico City) so it is a big change from Auckland to a very small village."

En Familia is a weekly half-hour show on ART at 7.30pm Tuesday and on demand on

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