Getting on with what really matters

OPINION: While politicians and the news media focus on the upcoming election, we here in Taranaki get on with real life and what really matters.

No more Mr Nice Guy

Duncan Garner

OPINION: John Key won't last forever. At his best he was unbeatable. But time marches on.


Unreported starts this week with a little bit of New Plymouth District Council history.

Letter: Seal attack warnings


It is great to see that Mr lester is healing well after the seal attack.

Letter: Quite alien to Kiwi way of life

robert muldoon flipboard

Since I had my first vote in a general election in 1946 I have experienced many campaigns over the years.

School pressure will not be tolerated

School classroom

Schools are constantly trying to persuade parents to pay their "voluntary" donations, but sometimes they go too far.

Letter: Points to ponder

Mt Taranaki

I'm home for a short visit in New Plymouth and then back to Aussie for work again.

Letter: Simple rule on division of wealth

Green Party

The Green Party wants to tax higher earners 40 per cent because they earn more money.

Housing policies offer genuine choice

OPINION: National plays its housing card and hopes it can get the election back to arguments about policy.

Letter: Email ignorance

Is it not time to prosecute hackers for theft?

Letter: That's no forum

I am blocked from three Taranaki current MPs' personal and party electronic media forums, with poor manners being given as the reason.

Happy consequence of illegal downloads

bowl xmas tdn

Yesterday's announcement that both Paul Simon and Sting will be bringing their On Stage Together tour to the TSB Bowl of Brooklands next January is good news for fans of both superstars.

Letter: Not a good look

fuel truck, tanker

Taranaki Daily News

If ever there was an argument for protecting people against themselves, it is the front page of Thursday's Daily News.

Letter: Story shows all not as it seems

Tikorangi drill rig site

Thank you for your report on the petition to reinstate the speed limit at Tikorangi and congratulations to those Tikorangi folk who once again prove that there are two sides to every story.

Letter: Fluoride propaganda


I am once again flabbergasted to read in your paper an article stating ''No health risks in fluoride - review''.

When do we question materialistic priorities?

family generic

"Relationism." At a very basic level it asks questions like "should a young couple really leave family, friends, familiar community and support networks simply for a job that earns more money?"

Iti's list decision adds more election spice

Tame Iti

Tame Iti's decision to stand as a list candidate for the Maori Party in next month's general election adds yet another ingredient to a strange cocktail. Interest in the election is already higher than expected thanks to the unexpected Harawira-Dotcom alliance.

Letter: Mudslinging over speed limit

Abbie Jury

Why whinge to the newspaper rather than picking up the phone?

Competition needed at pumps

Petrol, fuel, gas

OPINION: It seems more than a tad unfair that residents of Taranaki have to pay more for petrol.

Key punching at shadows

Duncan Garner

John Key can hardly sack a minister for something he's neck deep in as well.

Letter: Grand final at Pukekura special

Pukekura Park

There's something very special for the rugby league community in playing the game we love at Pukekura Park.

Letter: Walk the tracks

tdn mt strap

I write after reading ''DOC defends leaving timber in park'' (Daily News, August 20).

Letter: Let democracy rule

Has Mayor Judd completely forgotten what democracy means and is he trying to find some back-handed way to ensure that Maori are given undue influence on the council by setting up a Maori Ward?

Letter: Why so anti-business?

no vacancy

How do we rate someone's opinion?

Finding acceptable monikers for other worlds


OPINION: What would you name a new world?

Big egos dominate stale battle

economy generic

The Government's books do not reveal a rock-star economy.

Letter: Cows should not graze on drilling waste

Dairy cows

Why, I wonder, would foreign consumers pay a premium for milk imported from thousands of miles away if it's no better than what they can get at home?

Price of ignorance and arrogance


Yesterday's heart-breaking story in the Taranaki Daily News once again draws attention to childbirth and its inherent dangers.

Letter: Beating ignored


OPINION: Shame on all of you who drove past the NPBHS student who was being beaten up by two other students in Devon St on Tuesday.

Letter: Stick to the road rules

Speed limit.

OPINION: Murray Jones speaks of ''police entrapment'' and ''revenue gathering'' despite admitting that he was speeding. Twice. On the same day.

Getting to the bottom of a killer problem

Megan Smith, chief executive of Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa, shows off a pair of

OPINION: A person I know cleans the facilities at a major local company which has more than 130 employees and regularly finds a bloody mess.

Renting a bach part of Kiwi can-do

Coromandel bach

Taranaki Daily News

OPINION: Kiwis have a reputation throughout the world as people who attempt to solve their own problems with our "can-do" attitude.

Letter: Bait a big question

Palmerston whitebaiter Jason Bungard packs up his nets after

OPINION: I am watching the first whitebaiters of the season at work from my house above the Mimi River estuary, and looking forward to an occasional catch of my own.

Letter: Opunake needs this doctor


OPINION: What is happening to our health system?

Hager book's impossible to ignore

Nicky Hager

Late last year I attended a meeting and found to my surprise that Nicky Hager was also there.

Politics is a sleazy business

Duncan Garner

OPINION: Linda Clark once warned me that Parliament turns you feral. She was so right.

Letter: Mayor needs to think of whole province

Tikorangi drill rig site

Taranaki Daily News

Mayor Judd has expressed anger at central government and its political leaders for giving Taranaki roads what he describes as only the crumbs left over from funding budgets.

Letter: Great treatment


Taranaki Daily News

I have just had major neck surgery at Taranaki Base Hospital and I cannot thank the staff enough for their care. From Simon Hadlow and his team to Bridget, house surgeon, and all the nursing staff.

Blazing effigy appeals to our inner savage

OPINION: Burning the prime minister in effigy is evidence of some pretty serious political disaffection.

Depression - it's our problem too

Robin Williams

Taranaki Daily News

OPINION: Robin Williams was a constant presence on screens around the world for 30 years, best known for his hilarious and distinctive motor- mouthed comic style.

Letter: Bach erosion

Rob Bailey's Beach Rd bach strap

The council say they can't do anything about the continuing erosion but I dont think they have even tried, it's put in the too-hard basket.

Letter: Solar electricity


If you went to Germany these days, you would see a country whose government has keenly invested in solar energy over the past 10 years.

Letter: Get real and lighten up


Taranaki Daily News

Dotcom's techniques make some of us uncomfortable, but they are hardly those of another Hitler.

Espionage conclusion is clear

Bill Sutch

OPINION: The agent codenamed "Maori" was not named but his biographical details match Bill Sutch's.

Letter: Valid voice

Voting station

OPINION: I hope, Mayor Judd, you continue to stand by your principles on Maori representation on the New Plymouth District Council.

Personal touch out in computer age

power bill

OPINION: The front-page story in yesterday's Taranaki Daily News about an Inglewood woman's problems with Contact Energy will strike a chord with many readers.

Letter: Liquor licence woes

Shady Sheep Baa

Don't even think about applying for a liquor license, Brock, not even in your worst nightmare! Mr Chris Hinces' advice is seriously misguided.

Letter: Just like Hitler

World War I exhibition

I saw a flash of it on our television the other night. It wasn't Hitler . . . Hitler was not as huge. But there were remarkable similarities.

File failure under E for Experience and learn

Corey Main


The recent Commonwealth Games provided a great opportunity for 237 members of the New Zealand team to get a taste of competition in 17 different sports.

Good news amid the shame

Southland Times photo

Taranaki Daily News

OPINION: Getting something for nothing is no longer unusual; it is just the way things are.

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