What goes up, must come down

230714 NEWS Charlotte Curd / Taranaki Daily News. John Sargeant from Hawera Council is in charge of the Grave site in Hawera. Feature on Hawera Grave yard.

The naysayers have it that we are heading for a downturn or maybe the dreaded 'R' word.

Polling promises are fickle

190214. Generic. Photo: ALEX LIU/FAIRFAX NZ
The Beehive and the statue of Richard John Seddon in Wellington, NZ. generic parliament government beehive wellington

Even political journalists must feel a bit of fatigue with margins of error and seat projections and declaring that, as always, Winston Peters will hold the balance of power.

Seeing art everywhere

You can find and be humbled by art anywhere, even Pluto, says Dean Jamie Allen.

OPINION: OPINION: Art, whether found in galleries, the Solar System, or a sick child's CT scan is a humbling experience, says Dean Jamie Allen.

Why Whanganui wants to lynch me

Duncan Garner: Positive and negative comments

OPINION: The good people of Whanganui want my guts for garters.

Len Lye Centre vs Mt Eden prison

Art for art's sake doesn't always make it in a world where every dollar is meticulously counted, says Ross Henderson.

OPINION: There's one thing everyone can agree on when it comes to the Len Lye Centre. It gets your attention. It's literally a beacon, and it's had photographers lining up around the block to get a snapshot.

Who knows what you'll discover

Take a look inside the Len Lye Centre and "wash the dust off your soul", John Sargeant says.

OPINION: "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life".

Is it all too dazzling?

New Plymouth's dazzling new Len lye Centre is unlikely to cause issues similar to those of London's "Walkie Talkie" building in 2013, Roger Hanson says.

The Len Lye Centre has spectacularly achieved its goal of being eye catching but some are asking if it might be too dazzling.

On behalf of the trees

Peter Barker (left) with  Maida Vale Retirement Village residents Neville Rowley, left, and Alister Imrie.  Scooter riders are asking for better walkway access on the side of Devon Rd so they can drive their mobility scooters into the Waiwhakaiho Valley safely.

OPINION: Senior citizens have protested for a year about the dangers of an unpaved section of footpath, but the council says an upgrade is not a priority.

Filling in the blanks

Justice is blind, but sometimes that's just not right, says Gordon Burnside

OPINION: Armies march "in column a route" or at least that's what I used to hear the drill instructors command.

Garner: One people, two NZs

We now have the tale of two New Zealands, writes Duncan Garner.

We have two New Zealands. The difference has never been so stark.

Media should have seen it coming

The mainstream media should have seen tough times coming in dairying, says Rachel Stewart.

OPINION: In case you missed it, that streak of white smeared across the night sky was the New Zealand dairy industry.

Watered down bill makes no sense

Small, but often dangerous businesses such as farms or forestry should not be exempt from new labour laws, says Ross Henderson.

OPINION: After Pike River something had to be done. It would be done. But is the response coming undone?

Gaffes pave the road to obscurity

The only thing Phil Twyford has proved, says John Sargeant, is that Andrew Little has no more control over his caucus than David Cunliffe ever did..

OPINION: Labour's blundering on Asian housing and zero hour contracts.

The Rilkoff Files: Peanut butter nutter

Peanut butter goes with toast like peas go with carrots.

OPINION: At this very minute there are three jars of peanut butter in my pantry. They are unopened jars. Reserve jars.

Climate is a complicated thing

Kiwi scientists say predictions of less solar activity on the sun will not result in significantly colder temperatures.

OPINION: Climate sceptics would be well advised to go easy on saying, “I told you so”.

Suffer little children

The sight of beggars is common overseas, but there's plenty of work to do in New Zealand too, Anne Knox says.

On a recent trip overseas, seeing beggars on the streets was a regular occurrence - but there's plenty of poverty at home too.

Let's raise the refugee quota

Refugeed Polish children at Pahiatua in 1945. They fled war torn Europe to seek safe haven in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a nation of people who all came from overseas at one point, Ross Henderson says.

Taking refugees a moral obligation

The story of Ahmed Zaoui should encourage New Zealanders to accept refugees, John Sargeant says.

Who better to boost our population than those with the hunger to make it here?

The problem with a school report

School Report 2015 logo

OPINION: A Taranaki principal takes aim at how NCEA results are being reported.

Call it the festival of awesome gigs

18062015 News Photo Andy Jackson/Fairfax NZ.  The Pohutukawa trees that line the Waitara river bank have been cut down by the (TRC) Taranaki Regional Council's contractors.

No country for old men, was a movie made by the Cohen Brothers a few years ago and if you haven't seen it, you should definitely make the effort.

Garner: Can the Canes finally do it after 20 years?

Will Conrad Smith and Ma'a Nonu have a fairytale ending to their time in the Hurricanes jersey?

OPINION: I've waited nearly 20 long and painful years to write this.

No laws protect eels says Stewart

Long fin eels deserve protection says Rachel Stewart.

OPINION: 'Allo 'allo 'allo. What have we here?

Boom and bust cycles

Auckland's housing bubble will inevitably burst, says Roger Hanson.

OPINION: The meteoric increase in Auckland house prices is an economic bubble and bubbles, “always, always burst”.

Landlords want healthy rentals too

060814. News. PHOTO:LOREN DOUGAN/FAIRFAX NZ. Tuihana Babbington and her 2 daughters Tira Babbington-Paki and Meretini Babbington-Paki, in a state house, Masters Crescent in Masterton. Trust housing story.

OPINION: An uninformed bystander could be forgiven for thinking every rental property in New Zealand is in dire need of a 'warm and healthy' makeover.

The parable of the geese

Geese and their interactions can have some powerful messages for mankind to take on board.

OPINION: Lessons mankind can learn from geese.

Devices have stolen my life, my wife

121212. TV Week -Screen Test. Photo. supplied to Dominion Post.
Duncan Garner which is to go with the TV Week Screen Test for Tuesday 22 Jan.

OPINION: I start with a confession – I'm as guilty as sin on this one. My wife is too.

Rilkoff Files: Handling a loaded gun

Sweet as they are when they are asleep, the real trick is getting them there.

OPINION: Getting a baby to sleep has many similarities to playing with a loaded high calibre pistol.

Love your place in the world

Ignoring, or making your own, public service announcements in emergencies helps no-one, says Gordon Burnside.

OPINION: Big flooding over the weekend proves that social media has improved the bush telegraph no end. 

Garner: Parents should be in dock

Dairy owner Arun Kumar, 57, was stabbed to death at his Auckland dairy.

OPINION: There's an issue that has more than bugged me all week - it’s made me bloody angry.

You think sheep are dumb?

14012015 News photo: Robert Charles/Fairfax NZ. Taranaki Ewe, Lamb and ram Fair at the Stratford Saleyards. Sheep.

Don't believe anyone who tells you that sheep are dumb. It's only a dumb person who says such rot.

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