Medicinal horseradish and garlic

Winter's here, and with it the dreaded lurgy.

OPINION: The trick to beating a cold - and worse.

Sacrificing self for relationships

A longing for relationships is hard wired into our DNA.

To be in community we need to sacrifice some measure of individual right and freedom.

The many risks of nostalgia

Yay, the future is here and it's...not quite as awesome as I imagined.

OPINION: Life probably wasn't better in the olden days, even if it sounded that way.

Farmers' immigration fears

There are an estimated 50 Filipino farm workers around Taranaki.

OPINION: Immigration policy changes could leave farms left short-staffed.

Beware league tables

Bali Haque helps explain how NCEA is designed and why league tables aren't a helpful tool any more.

OPINION: Looking at NCEA pass rates on their own in a "league table" is a dangerous activity.

'Flaws in suicide prevention plan'

Taranaki mental health advocate Gordon Hudson is concerned about a Ministry of Health strategy to reduce suicide .

Suicide prevention plan ignores at least 10 crucial problems, says one of Taranaki's most experienced mental health advocates.

Keeping a lid on ineptitude

In speaking out against the Ministry of Health's new suicide strategy, Mike King may have done himself out of income.

OPINION: Why it's rare to hear strong criticism of a Government by a non-politician.

Forget free will, Mum made us do it

It's a mothers instinct that a healthy child must never have more than two biscuits per day.

OPINION: It is mother's shame that stops you leaving the house with dirty hair, a stain on your shirt or unpolished shoes.

Foran decision, coverage shows maturity

Kieran Foran has made the right choice - hard as it is for Warrior's fans to watch him go.

OPINION: The man who so often makes the right call on the field has made the right one off it too.

The age old debate

Jim Tucker says a political conundrum resides in using the word "aged" because of resentment that bubbled up in comments ...

Opinion: Will the aged lose out in young a 'people friendly' approach to planning?

As Fred Dagg says 'We don't know how lucky we are'

Mt Taranaki with a fresh covering of snow on Monday, May 1

Coming home is a reminder of how much we have in our own backyard.

The poverty of wanting the best

You shouldn't do overtime at work to buy a new kitchen. That's just scrambled.

OPINION: We're doing overtime at work just to buy new kitchens and that's as scrambled as my eggs.

Cashing in on agri-tourism

How could a tourist not want to experience sights like this?

OPINION: Some farmers are already offering tourists a memorable, hands-on kiwi experience.

A storm of naked power

Jaylene Cook, Playboy model who climbed Mt Taranaki for a nude photo shoot.

OPINION: A matter of respect for those who have come before.

Getting more out of the walkway

A couple bars and/or restaurants on the waterfront could add to the value of New Plymouth's Coastal Walkway.

Sure it's great. But could New Plymouth's Coastal Walkway be better?

A return to the past

Dr John Harvey Kellogg, the father of flaked cereals, had some interesting ideas on how to be healthy.

Graeme Duckett gets nostalgic for the days of old.

Tracing your roots

OPINION: I now know where the modern version of my surname originated.

The games people play

The new rock hiding craze sweeping the country is too serious to leave it all up to the kids.

Life is simple. You're either a player or dinner for a saber toothed tiger.

The relevance of higher education

University may no longer be the best way to stand out from the crowd, Lisa Tamati says.

OPINION: I admit to being one of the people who completed their degree for the qualification, not the learning.

Waitara responds to anti-violence message

Waitara's Community Champions from left, From left to right: Joe Rauner, Vicky Dombroski, Wayne Samways, Lesley Purdie, ...

Numbers of anti-violence volunteers in Waitara doubles in six months.

The regions' small advantages

Joe's Garage general manager Candice Matthews's attitude towards a theft that took place at the business is typical of ...

EDITORIAL: There are plenty of advantages to living in regional New Zealand.

A church of relevance

The plan to make St Mary's Cathedral a centre for the community is a good one to ensure its continued relevance. But ...

St Mary's Cathedral is in for an upgrade but the real work will keeping it relevant as an institution.

Time that land war dead were remembered

The Dawn Service in New Plymouth, Anzac Day 2017.

Perhaps it is time we started remembering the wars at home as well as overseas.

A procrastinated paradise

They're happy now, but what trials did they go through to get that seat attached to that bike.

Putting off today what you started yesterday is the only way to live a fulfilled life.

The art of the deal

The best example of a covenantal relationship is the relationship between parent and child. Behaviour is not the basis ...

OPINION: Letting a contract mentality drive personal relationships.

Geez we need an epiphany

Len Lye had a different way of seeing things.

Sometimes you just have to take a risk and think of something you never have before.

An old fashioned 'stitch up'

Brad Markham takes aim at Sunday journalist Cameron Bennett's story The Price of Milk, calling it "gutter" journalism, ...

 OPINION: Sunday has an anti-dairying agenda and it's time its funding was cut.

Historic pay deal just part of the story

Wellington rest home worker Kristine Bartlett campaigned for equal pay.

Care-givers' work is mentally and physically demanding and they have been underpaid for generations.

Daily commute a dangerous exercise

There have been a spate of crashes on Taranaki roads this month.

Taranaki, I think we have a problem.

The maunga can bring us together

Mt Taranaki unites those who live in the region.

New Zealand in the 1840s was a fascinating time period, when there was early potential for a real partnership and collaboration between Māori and Pākehā. 

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