Let's hope the lessons were learned

Tuesday night's missing teen incident on Mt Taranaki has brought back memories of the Topec Paritutu Rock tragedy.

OPINION: A second major incident in the space of just three years is bound to lead to intense scrutiny over the future of Topec.

Letters: Tuesday, May 26

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Colin Draper ( NOT SHOWN ) (Grey Power President) post's a letter.
NZ Post want to reduce deliveries.
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Mail Box in McLauchlan

OPINION: Readers continue the debate over wards and a footpath.

Dying Dad taught me how to live

Duncan Garner says we let work distract us from what really matters: family, friends and the joys of new experiences.

OPINION: Duncan Garner: So, Dad, it's five years ago this week that you died of cancer.

Angry Andrew needs to chill

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 21:  Prime Minister John Key speaks to media after the 2015 budget presentation at Parliament House on May 21, 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand. English announced the New Zealand 2015/2016 Budget today, unveiling a $790 million child poverty package, axing of Kiwisaver $1000 kickstart payments and $52m allocated for developing spare Crown land in Auckland for residential housing.  (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

OPINION: I'm not sure if it's coincidence or not but last week John Key described Labour Leader Andrew Little as 'Angry Andrew'.

Why I care about Campbell

John Campbell

OPINION: This is dedicated to those of you who are cheering about the demise of Campbell Live.

Unnecessary comment you need

The Whisper: scare campaign over lifting GST

OPINION: Maori wards are out, paying for night parking isn't popular and people miss John Campbell. Are we surprised?

Have the Nats got it right - or left?

20/05/11 pic Jonathan Cameron -- - Taranaki Daily News : New Plymouth , EPMU organiser , Ross Henderson . story  LK

Ross Henderson reviews this week's budget.

Another 400,000 ways to help waterways

David MacLeod

Taranaki farmers will again start planting almost half a million plants on May 25, signaling the end is in sight for New Zealand’s biggest environment project on private land, writes David MacLeod.

Where now Mr Mayor?

Your letters

The fall out from last week's Maori ward vote continues in our latest batch of letters.

Cultural when it suits

Your letters

Just one issue has our readers in debate mode this week, and it all relates back to the Treaty of Waitangi.

Beauty is in the psalm of His hand

How much time do we spend on selfies?

Not so very long ago, I attempted to join the ranks of those many many gorgeous and talented people who manage to take flattering photographs of themselves. And I am very proud to say, I not only attempted it- I achieved it!

Dairy industry critics need to tell both sides

Federated Farmers dairy chairman Andrew Hoggard.

OPINION: Recent report on the cost of NZ's dairy industry needs to look further than evidence that suits its needs.

Len Lye: the costs issue

Your letters

In letters to the editor the New Plymouth District Council explains some funding issues and a reader takes issue with in-store sounds.

Maori ward decision made - where to now?

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Columnist Dion Tuuta reviews New Plymouth district's rejection of Maori wards.

Time to end sweet nothings and act on child obesity crisis

Duncan Garner believes the flag referendum is a huge waste of money.

OPINION: Don’t expect an assault on obesity and its related killer diseases in next week’s Budget.

Why the spotlight is on a surplus

Ross Henderson

It may finally be here: the National government's long-awaited budget surplus. Since they gained power in 2008 they've held it up as the Holy Grail of good government, the ultimate symbol that the Global Financial Crisis which nearly brought the Western world to its knees was well and truly behind us.

Listing the opportunities

Your letters

Readers welcome the return of a town v country soccer rivalry and continue the debate over the treaty of Waitangi.

On the warpath: some can’t see the wood for the trees

The Devon St pohutukawa.

Philanthropist and Technix owner John Matthews puts his side of New Plymouth’s Devon Rd pathway debate.

What level playing field?

Your letters

 There is further condemnation of earlier letters in the latest offerings in the mailbox, and concern at the approval of a liquor permit

Over 65s show their mettle in the workforce


OPINION: They can draw the pension, but they are still drawing a wage

The councillor strikes back

Your letters

More on the Real Tart Gallery funding and Peter Moeahu responds to a three letters at once.

Training: let's see the effort

Your letters

Readers keep debating Maori issues in the latest batch of letters to the Taranaki Daily News

Tart's too good to lose

Your letters

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OPINION: Readers lament the perilous position of the Real Tart Galley in letters to the editor.

Better the devil they didn't know?


The timing of a news story at the weekend from the Bay of Plenty gives more food for thought to those who have yet to vote in the New Plymouth District Council referendum on Maori wards.

The challenge of owning our errors

A coffee brought back warm, not hot,  memories....

Getting the coffee right - therein lies a lesson

Flag debate, spend $26m on kids

Duncan Garner believes the flag referendum is a huge waste of money.

OPINION: I couldn’t give a toss about changing our current flag. I just can’t get excited about the debate.

The quad bike issue: why rules are good

Quad bikes are involved in more than a quarter of  work-related farm deaths

Bad rules? Rachel Stewart begs to differ.

The numbers and stories don't match

Ross Henderson

There were breathless headlines proclaiming that dollar parity with Australia was just around the corner – and the implication, though no one ever spelled out exactly how this would happen, that this would mean good things for our economy. Those of us fortunate enough to have the spare cash to holiday on the Gold Coast would be able to buy more stuff – as long as we ignored the impact the ongoing high Kiwi dollar had on our manufacturing exporters. And boy, we'd stick it to the Aussies!

Plastic news is fantastic

Your letters

Today's letters include an update on recycling and a tribute to young biscuit makers.

Faith in Taranaki - I submit: but what to?

''As followers of Christ we won't become doormats who tolerate abuse...''

The centenary of the Gallipoli campaign has caused me to ponder what a different world we now live in.  The virtues of honour, duty and especially 'knowing your place' were surely more highly prised a century ago.  This has further led me to consider the idea of 'submission'. 

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