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Your letters

Today's letters include an update on recycling and a tribute to young biscuit makers.

Faith in Taranaki - I submit: but what to?

''As followers of Christ we won't become doormats who tolerate abuse...''

The centenary of the Gallipoli campaign has caused me to ponder what a different world we now live in.  The virtues of honour, duty and especially 'knowing your place' were surely more highly prised a century ago.  This has further led me to consider the idea of 'submission'. 

Garner: Are manners sexist?

Wolf whistling is unacceptable, so why should the victims of it need to alter their behaviour instead of the perpetrators?

OPINION: I like holding doors open, to me it's a little sign of good manners. Or sexist. You decide.

Selling New Zealand by the pound

Dairy exports v human rights... the cash cow wins.

OPINION: Our notion of "human rights" seems to depend on whom we're talking to.

Another twist in the tail

John Key: Shouldn't have done it

Pony-tail pull shows how a silly prank becomes a gaffe and then grows to become a national embarrassment

What's so hard with three and four?

A reader takes issue with our recycling programmes.

Remembering Bob

Your letters

Readers recall those who went to war, lament Australia's decision to penalise those who won't vaccinate children, and discuss some old chestnuts

Letters to the editor

12122014 News Photo: Grant Matthew/Fairfax NZ

Rural delivery letterbox


OPINION: Readers discuss free health care for under 13s, mountain guiding issues and "pony tail gate".

Bigotry a game of musical chairs

24092013 NEWS CAMERON BURNELL/Taranaki Daily News. Taranaki Young Professionals TYP Mayoral Debate at Our Place Bar. Daily News Columnist Gordon Burnside

OPINION: I grew up knowing Maori were different, not as good as us.

The PM, ponytails and pratfalls

20042015 News. Cameron Burnell/Fairfax NZ. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott hold a joint press conference at Te Papa.

OPINION: He can be a fun guy, but this week Prime Minister John Key looked like a prize jerk.

War is hell, here's my family's story

270314. snl-features. photos. RSA Red Poppy WW100 Years commemorative logo. WW100logo.

OPINION: The men who came home from war were not always the men who left.

A peace of the action

The Anzac story is much more complex than the simplistic, "brave boys dying overseas for our flag" narrative.

Letters: Walkway reponse

Your letters

OPINION: Readers discuss the a walkway row, a bike tragedy and Anzac Day.

Letters: The spoils of war

Your letters

OPINION: More debate on what equality means, politics and good TV viewing feature in our latest letters

Your letters: Nice one council

12122014 News Photo: Grant Matthew/Fairfax NZ

Rural delivery letterbox


A happy NPDC customer and more words on trail bike safety feature in our latest batch of letters.

Faith in Taranaki: God and war

05112014 news photo: Viv Posselt/Fairfax NZ: POPPY: poppy pic for Armistice Day. generic

OPINION: ''To expect God to prohibit war from occurring is to ask him to prohibit the consequence of human behaviour''.

The mother of all dilemmas

Duncan Garner says his wife has helped their son, 4, move from a baby to a boy.

OPINION: My wife's three-month break from paid work ends on Monday – and she can't wait.

Bridges - and a bridge too far?

Transport Minister Simon Bridges.

OPINION: Labour politicians and political pundits have accused Transport Minister Simon Bridges of breaching Cabinet rules and demanded his sacking.

Cut the sarcasm

Your letters



Readers spring to the defence of Taranaki philanthropist John Matthews.

National's economic record not so rosy

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 15:  Finance Minister Bill English speaks while Prime Minister John Key looks on during the 2014 budget presentation at Parliament on May 15, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand. Bill English delivered his sixth budget which included a $493 million families package, which includes extending paid parental leave and will introduce free doctors' visits and prescriptions for under 13s. It was also announced that the Government Budget would run at a surplus of $372 million for the 12 months to June 30, 2015.  (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

OPINION: If one word has been over-used to the point of being meaningless since National first came to power in 2008, it is surely “surplus”.

Prisons are not job creators


OPINION: Lock ‘em up and throw away the key. That’s what we should be doing with prisoners. Or is it?

Money and rugby

Your letters



Rugby chief Michael Collins talks about funding the game, while other readers debate buses, trees and oil issues.

The culture of the council

Your letters

The debate over the Len Lye centre and what it will cost continues.

Surfers say thanks

Readers discuss a Waiwhakaiho controversy, international monetry issues and a surfing competition

Beatings, teachings don't change child's nature

Columnist Joe Bennett

OPINION: Education matters and there are good and bad ways to go about it. But let us not kid ourselves that it moulds a child's nature.

Talking about climate change

Sanford has announced major job losses are likely at its Christchurch mussel processing plant.

Climate change came into consideration, when Sanford announced the seafood processor was likely to close its mussel plant in Christchurch.

It's time to junk the junkets - and send the Speaker packing

Speaker of the House, David Carter.

OPINION: There's a cosy convention in Parliament that MPs should not publicly criticise the Speaker.

Letters to the editor: Show us the money

12122014 News Photo: Grant Matthew/Fairfax NZ

Rural delivery letterbox


Letters on a hunt for old friends, TRFU sponsorship, dieting, and council changes.

You may need more than bunting

Waitara's pohutukawa protesters may need more than bunting, Rachel Stewart says.

OPINION: Trees and chainsaws. When the former is perfectly healthy the latter should not go anywhere near them.

Are we winning the economy world cup?

130712 NEWS Andy Jackson / Taranaki Daily News.  Rival Columnists L to R Ross Henderson & Gordon Brown are all set to go head to head.

The headlines were as jubilant as if we'd won the Rugby World Cup again: dollar parity is coming! The Aussies are jealous of our dollar! We're kings of the world!

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