What's in Christ's budget?

Bill English talking about Auckland's housing market at his post-Budget breakfast.

I suspect most Americans would condemn any budget Christ produced as thoroughly socialist.

Rilkoff Files: Bought lunch weening

Bringing your lunch is not as exciting as buying it, but your rewards will accrue over time.

OPINION: Happiness can be yours with a homemade peanut butter and sultana sandwich.

Debate stifled over Maori engagement

Kaumatua Grant Knuckey, left, and Harry Nicholas's deputation on Maori representation was met with silence at Tuesday's ...

OPINION: Was the silence that met a deputation on Maori engagement the result of a backroom consensus?

Learned Facebook users bag Blenheim

Should Blenheim doff its name, would other beleaguered towns dare to follow suit?

OPINION: Should Blenheim decide to doff its name, would other beleaguered towns follow suit?

Navel gazing in the mainstream media

Rachel Stewart won Opinion writer of the year at the 2016 Canon Awards. It left her reflective on the state of the ...

OPINION: Mainstream media is not perfection personified, it's a mix of the good, the bad and even sometimes, the great.

Racist labelling gathers momentum

Chester Borrows says there are votes in paranoia.

Bandwagons are interesting vehicles to be on and just as interesting to watch drive past if only to see who is on board.

Opinion: Judd and the race debate

New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd has chosen not to stand for re-election in October.

Maori are accustomed to intense attacks whenever the subject of increased representation in local government is raised.

Editorial: Why the Warriors game is good news

The decision to upgrade Yarrow Stadium in 2002 has resulted in a boon of top class sport for Taranaki.

EDITORIAL: Whether you love rugby league or not you should take your hats off to those who have made New Plymouth's Warriors match a reality.

A man and his hedge

A good hedge isn't the answer to happiness but it is a sensible place to start.

OPINION: A hedge is better than a fence, if you know what you are doing.

The joke of reality TV

Whatever you might think about Naz Khanjani, she came out of The Bachelor a winner when no one else did.

It was utterly ridiculous and dominated headlines for a week. It was your fault.

We all pay for the common good

Thousands of people enjoy New Plymouth's Coastal Walkway, whatever the season.

Paying our fair share makes us a community.

Life, death, flesh, spirit

Some see their personal inner struggle as a bit like Star Wars, says Dean Peter Beck.

Life can be abundant and rich or dangerous and intense. It's your choice.

Is racism more than skin deep in New Zealand?

New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd.

OPINION: Is New Zealand a racist country? A lot of urban liberals, myself included, as well as many Maori,were saying a big fat 'yes'.

Rilkoff Files: Wiggling in Waikanae

Individually The Wiggles are strange enough that you'd set the dogs on them. Together they are a parent's dream come true.

OPINION: The Wiggles are the richest music group Australia has ever seen. They deserve every cent.

Getting elected just first step

Andrew Judd's proposal for a Maori Land Wars memorial for the Maori fallen at Te Kohia Pa near Brixton is a good ...

OPINION: Successful mayors have operated in accordance with their ability to hold alliances together when it really counted.

Racist an ugly accusation

The wreckage of Andrew Judd's mayoralty provides an excellent opportunity for community self reflection

EDITORIAL: Andrew Judd's campaign for a Maori ward has brought out some of the worst New Plymouth has to offer. But was it ever racist?

'Redneckery' causes reputational damage

Andrew Judd's announcement he would step down from the mayoralty has thrust New Plymouth back into the spotlight, for ...

OPINION: Is Taranaki really the most racist province in New Zealand?

The gift of water

Rivers are a part of our pepeha, how we introduce ourselves

OPINION: My awa is a story. Today the awa is begrimed and dirty, fouled and filthy.

High price for sudden insight

Mayor Andrew Judd's handling of the Maori wards issue has been politically naive, says Jim Tucker

OPINION: Sadly, it's politicians with guile who tend to succeed.

Len Lye Centre lacks Len Lye

Notwithstanding such a promising start, there is growing unease that the Len Lye is shy of..well...Len Lye, says Jim Tucker.

It's had a promising start but there is a growing unease about the Len Lye Centre, says Jim Tucker.

Mowing at night can be fatal

You can mow your lawns semi-naked if you want, but you must never mow them at night.

If you mow your lawns at night you take your life into your hands.

Family violence is not okay

The most effective way of preventing family violence is by changing the behaviours of the perpetrators, says Anne Knox.

Domestic violence is not found exclusively in one particular group in society. It's insidious tentacles reach into all walks of life.

Fans struggle to support Chiefs

Crowd shot from the Chiefs v Sharks game played at Yarrow Stadium.

Sports writer pays for his own ticket.

Congratulations, council, for consultation

Kids enjoy the last of the Summer heat at Todd Energy Aquatic Centre swimming pool. Byron Knowles, 13, from NP, on the ...

Ratepayers should say yes to everything.

Easy to get caught fouling

Willie Le Roux (R) of the Sharks and Jason Emery of the Highlanders clash in the Super Rugby match between the ...

With all the cameras at sporting events these days, and considering their zoom quality and picture definition, it is beyond me why players still continue to commit serious fouls and also take dives

Individual tragedies in every war

Each death in war is a tragedy, despite what it might help achieve.

The greatest honour we can pay fallen soldiers is doing everything we can to make sure their tragedy is the last.

Banning dogs a slippery slope

If a dog attacks a person, look to the owner not the breed as the reason, says Rachel Stewart.

OPINION: Like a gun licence, owning any dog of any breed should be a privilege, not a right.

OPINION: Dogs reflect their owners

#### Dog. PIT BULL  An American Pitt Bull Terrier X. Picture by David White... 01/12/2004 29452 Photographers Auckland  ...

OPINION: Hysteria is defined as 'exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement' and has been known, if used well, to serve a useful purpose.

The best of our community spirit

Members of the Joe's Garage Charity Cycle Riders, from left, Nicola Luxton, Ernie Blom and Jo Gibbs. The group has ...

"What makes the difference is that somebody said, 'Yes' when we asked for help."

Fluoride decisions in right hands

Fluoridation - either it's the right idea for good dental outcomes, or it isn't.

OPINION: The government actually made a good call this week, says Ross Henderson.

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