VDL sale could be best deal ever

The New Plymouth District Council's investment in Tasmanian dairy farms could yet turn out to be their most savvy commercial decision yet.

EDITORIAL: One of the greatest risks of playing politics is the words you choose as weapons against your opponents coming back to haunt you. 

Getting the right entertainment mix

Are criticisms of a perceived lack of big-name musical acts for the Bowl of Brooklands this summer fair?

EDITORIAL: Great news for sports fans - but are Taranaki's musically inclined missing out?

Taking our society back

A small handful of twisted human beings are stealing our society's childhoods, says Gordon Burnside

OPINION: What have we allowed these so infinitely few twisted paedophiles to steal from us and our children and grandchildren?

Rain ruins sporting fixtures

Rain is not the big problem to golfers as it is to cricketers and tennis players

This last weekend has certainly reminded us of the frailty of our traditionally recognised summer sports of cricket and tennis. Now I know many will put forward other sports, even my year-round golf, but cricket and tennis remain the big two … for now.

Garner: Jonah was simply unstoppable

Jonah Lomu was mobbed by fans playing for Wainuiomata in 2000 - and spent two hours signing autographs after the game.

Duncan Garner: It's not that Jonah Lomu was a great rugby player, he was a great human being.

Cultural differences feel good

Justin Trudeau is making Canadians feel good about themselves again.

OPINION: If you want to take a country with you then Canada's Justin Trudeau provides a masterclass.

Standing as one globe

It's Paris, the City of Light, and the City of Love that leads the way in the fight to stem those who would not hesitate to cause destruction and destroy the values and beliefs of humanity and the ability to love.

OPINION: Radical young men determined to cause mayhem and death in the name of Islam make a mockery of the peace loving Muslims who follow the Koran.

Don't fall into Isis' trap

A military response is exactly what Isis wants, says Ross Henderson

OPINION: It’s a mistake to blame all Muslims for what happened in Paris, unless you want to blame all Catholics for IRA bombings, or all Protestants for the KKK.

Ditching the bikinis a good move

Ogling a bikini-clad beauty queen is a thing of the past in Taranaki.

EDITORIAL: The internet has introduced a strange paradox around sexuality to the modern world.

Chong doesn't get it

Murray Chong's online posts continue to insult and irritate but that we bother giving them any attention is part of the problem.

EDITORIAL: New Plymouth District Councillor Murray Chong's latest online gaffe is the opposite of surprising. 

Searching for the common-good

Don't ignore the competing voices in the Australian deportation stoush - just listen for the common-good.

OPINION: Where's the common good in this Australian deportation stoush?

Cheats prosper, fans miss out

Activists from the All India Democratic Youth Organisation set fire to the cardboard replica of a cricket bat during a protest against the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament and spot fixing in Kolkata May 26, 2013.

Cheating seems to be taking so much of the sports headlines at present, mostly of course because of the court case against Chris Cairns.

Everyone stands for a 'good life'

Andrew Little talks to the public at the Labour party conference in Palmerston North.

OPINION: In my experience when people are dreaming they are usually asleep

Ending parliamentary parlour games

Andrew Little has been patiently rebuilding the Labour Party into a party poised to become a real political force.

OPINION: Just wait until New Zealanders see the Andrew Little that Labour Party members saw at its recent conference.

Americans flock to cricket

Fans react during a Cricket All-Star exhibition match at Citi Field in New York, November 7, 2015. The event was the first of three games to be played for the first time in American baseball parks.

Now that we've held the cup for more than a week it's time to start thinking about other sports.

Life changing moments

It's not impossible to describe what you see in India but it is impossible to come to terms with the how and why.

OPINION: I've seen a few things, but nothing prepared me for what I found in a small room reserved for totally dependent women.

A collaborative process can be a sham


You know that feeling when you’re part of a ‘collaborative’ process?

Let's learn from Chinese 'conservation' efforts

How our conservation efforts will get on with DOC's new structure is beyond John Sargeant.

OPINION: Whole species being put at risk and if nothing is done to reverse this trend the only place our children will see them in is online

DOC workers taking a stance

DOC workers are making a stand - saying they will "work to rule" in the future.

OPINION: DOC workers make a stand and management and politicians should take notice, says Ross Henderson.

Even Jesus needed R and R

We all need a break from our ever busy lives sometimes, Anne Knox says.

OPINION: Just as Jesus needed time away, so do we.

Pause for thought over panda plan

A cute animal will always upstage a politician, says John Sargeant.

They say never work with animals and small children. The reason is no matter how good you are, you will be upstaged by the woolly, the furry and the cute.

Why I'm a rugby buzzkill

John – stop hanging around like you're waiting for the prom queen to ask you for a dance, says Ross Henderson.

OPINION: It's "blasphemy" to not be a fan in NZ, but Ross Henderson just isn't that into it.

Garner: All Blacks are our culture

Prime Minister (and chief hobbit) John Key knows rugby shapes our culture, which is why he's always mobbing the All Blacks.

Cringe if you must, but a World Cup final helps define our national identity.

Sorry boys, it’s just not acceptable

Tony Veitch's comments on a punch in a rugby game were was a poor choice of words considering his past says Rachel Stewart.

OPINION: OPINION: There's no doubt that New Zealand's epidemic of domestic violence lies firmly at the feet of men.

Refs under pressure

Who would be a referee? Well I was actually and in quite a number of sports. It takes a certain type of person to be a referee and hard as it is to believe, dealing with abuse is just a minor part of the job.

The Attorneys General and the panels

The Motunui 'epa' Panels have a story worthy of a novel, say two Attorneys General who played key roles in their tale.

OPINION: The story of the Motunui Panels or ‘epa’ is so fascinating it should be the subject of a novel.

Unveiling a window to eternity

Taranaki Cathedral's All Souls memorial service celebrates and remembers those who's souls have already taken flight.

OPINION: God's house is not built of trillions of atoms; it is built on the foundations of love.

Sky serves Kiwi customers poorly

New Zealand subscribers to Sky were unable to watch Lydia Ko win her first major.

I've just returned from a week in Fiji and I really wonder now what on earth we get from our Sky Television subscription, especially the sports part of it.

New union provides platform for change

Don Pryde, national president, EPMU, left, and Muriel Tunoho, president of SFWU, celebrate the formation of the new E Tu union, a merger of the EPMU and SFWU.

OPINION: The new union E Tu isn't a scary outside force, Ross Henderson says.

Call it the 'Yellow Peril' already

Labour may as well bite the bullet and start screaming "Yellow Peril", John Sargeant says.

OPINION: 'Ghost houses in the sky'' is the latest piece of misinformation from a Labour party that's going down a slippery slope of racism.

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