Time for new blood

Brad Markham is an award-winning journalist-turned dairy farmer. He moved to Taranaki with his partner in June. They ...

OPINION: Should relics of the past be allowed to determine our future?

News is good for Kiwi consumers

The dividends from electricity are higher after the government sold off 49 per cent of the power companies.

People often find good news difficult to believe, preferring to believe the bad.

My year in one pair of trousers

Matthew Rilkoff has been wearing the same pair of pants for a whole year and they have finally 'blown' out.

OPINION: I wore the same pair of trousers to work for a year - and no-one noticed.

Running to stand still

Barrie Smith says Rachel Stewart's comments about the dairy industry are an insult to our pioneers.

OPINION: Farming pioneers would turn in their graves if they could hear some of the derogatory comments.

Remember the price of liberty

Adolf Hitler epitomised the the age of demagogues. Are we heading there again?

OPINION: Our country is not immune from the winds of trouble blowing through the world.

Advice I never listened to

Kereru sounds far more regal than a wood pigeon.

Sometimes the best advice you can give your children is not to listen to you, but to themselves, writes Matt Rilkoff.

Country moves closer to Winston

The times are catching up with Winston Peters, says Rachel Stewart.

OPINION: Winnie is our very own Kiwi manifestation of the Trump and Brexit phenomena.

Rahui - it is about respect

A Rahui was announced from New Plymouth's Back Beach to the Mokau River after Matt Smith went missing after the boat he ...

Several weeks ago a call was made to establish a rāhui (ritual prohibition) over the Taranaki coast.

A letter to Rachel

Chief executive of Horizons Regional Council    Michael McCartney

OPINION: Dear Rachel Stewart, Horizons Regional Council's One Plan is a courageous and precedent-setting response to how pollution from farms into waterways is managed.

My risotto trumps your UFO

If aliens were visiting Earth it could never be a secret.

Seeing a UFO ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Retracing the same steps

Car keys can often go missing at the worst times.

Humans are funny, when we've lost something we always go back to the same place we've checked already.

Barrie on vaccination

Barrie Smith says those who have contracted diseases such as polio feel strongly about vaccination.

Barrie Smith remembers why he's glad for his vaccinations.

A broken promise of a better life

There are an estimated 21 million people currently trapped in slavery around the world.

"Restore Human Dignity. Fight Human trafficking"

Time for a better choice

There's been plenty of hooplah over Judith Collins' announcement police will personally attend all burglaries - but is ...

Editorial: Celebrating that police will attend all burglaries? Don't forget the opportunity cost.

Turning 40 is no turning point

Matt Rilkoff (not pictured here) reflects on why, in terms of important birthdays, 40 wouldn't even make the top five.

Matt Rilkoff reflects on why, in terms of important birthdays, 40 wouldn't even make the top five.

Horizons should have stuck with One Plan's intent

Horizons Regional Council, 2015

OPINION: I have reached an age and a stage where I simply will not accept an invoice for services I have not received.

We need to learn our history

Photo of Weymouth man Ken Ford in uniform, serving in the Vietnam War between 1965-1966.

OPINION: To my shame I was confronted with another example of my almost complete ignorance on a slice of New Zealand history, this time with respect to the Vietnam War.

Water rethink needed - council

On average, New Plymouth's residential usage is 334 litres per person per day. By comparison, the national average is 275.

OPINION: New Plymouth's water use is unsustainable and there's no simple fix.

The answer to x

Solving X without accounting for Tiger Woods Attention Trauma is a recipe for disaster.

Golf is part of the equation but it's not the answer.

Call me 'pom', you're allowed.

Mark Richardson called Danny Willett a Pommy Git and apparently that's fine.

Opinion: Danny Willett and me are pommy gits, and that's perfectly acceptable, apparently.

Independent the way to stay

It was Invercargill city Mayor Tim Shadbolt who got Stratford's Barrie Smith thinking about just how he wants local ...

OPINION: Merge Taranaki's four councils? No way, says Barrie Smith.

Farewell to Avogeddon

Avogeddon is over and Avoplenty is here.

OPINION: Rejoice, the season of Avoplenty is finally upon us after months of misery.

Sparing the interest doesn't spoil the child

Interest free student loans may cost a lot but they aren't without benefits.

Interest free loans have other benefits outside of making education affordable.

People in poverty easy trafficking targets

Sixteen-year-old Mohammed Savet, who was released from a human trafficking boat, shows the scars he got from being hit ...

As unbelievable as it may sound there are actually more people trapped in slavery today than at any other time in human history.

Whitecliffs stoush a sorry story

Parani and Russell Gibbs with their grand daughter Harper, 2. The Gibbs' are in the middle of a stoush with DOC that ...

EDITORIAL: If an apology is needed to get public access back, then an apology should be given.

What's the secret?

Sharren Read is the director of Secret Bridesmaids' Business currently on at New Plymouth's Repertory theatre.

Review: It's a secret that puts everyone in the stink.

Death on the tracks

Drivers are often the forgotten victims when it comes to level crossing crashes, Rachel Stewart says.

OPINION: I once worked with a guy who'd been directly involved in 11 deaths.

The importance of being literate

Problems with reading and writing are far more common than you think, Jim Tucker says.

OPINION: Why you're lucky, but thoughtless.

Petro-chemical industry has been good for Taranaki

The veteran Kapuni natural gas plant.

Natural gas production is the key to the economic success enjoyed in Taranaki.

Divorcing iPhone

Smart phones are clever but they can turn their users into jerks.

When being smart is saying goodbye to your smart phone.

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