Landlords want healthy rentals too

060814. News. PHOTO:LOREN DOUGAN/FAIRFAX NZ. Tuihana Babbington and her 2 daughters Tira Babbington-Paki and Meretini Babbington-Paki, in a state house, Masters Crescent in Masterton. Trust housing story.

OPINION: An uninformed bystander could be forgiven for thinking every rental property in New Zealand is in dire need of a 'warm and healthy' makeover.

The parable of the geese

Geese and their interactions can have some powerful messages for mankind to take on board.

OPINION: Lessons mankind can learn from geese.

Devices have stolen my life, my wife

121212. TV Week -Screen Test. Photo. supplied to Dominion Post.
Duncan Garner which is to go with the TV Week Screen Test for Tuesday 22 Jan.

OPINION: I start with a confession – I'm as guilty as sin on this one. My wife is too.

Rilkoff Files: Handling a loaded gun

Sweet as they are when they are asleep, the real trick is getting them there.

OPINION: Getting a baby to sleep has many similarities to playing with a loaded high calibre pistol.

Love your place in the world

Ignoring, or making your own, public service announcements in emergencies helps no-one, says Gordon Burnside.

OPINION: Big flooding over the weekend proves that social media has improved the bush telegraph no end. 

Garner: Parents should be in dock

Dairy owner Arun Kumar, 57, was stabbed to death at his Auckland dairy.

OPINION: There's an issue that has more than bugged me all week - it’s made me bloody angry.

You think sheep are dumb?

14012015 News photo: Robert Charles/Fairfax NZ. Taranaki Ewe, Lamb and ram Fair at the Stratford Saleyards. Sheep.

Don't believe anyone who tells you that sheep are dumb. It's only a dumb person who says such rot.

Road rules are for cyclists too

18052015 News Photo: Grant Matthew / Fairfax NZ

Cyclists have been complaining about the new gravel seal that the council have been using on the roads in Palmerston North. cycle path generic bike ride traffic transport

OPINION: Editorial: Motorists are still failing to see cyclists on the road, but there are also cyclists who ignore the road rules.

The cost of doing nothing

040615 News Photo: Supplied Latisha Bourne, mother of deceased toddler Emma-Lita Bourne, resents the poor conditions of their former family home after a coroner found them to have played a in the child's death last year. Photo of Emma-Lita Bourne.

OPINION: There's a lot of wisdom in proverbs. A stitch in time saves nine. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Prevention is better than cure.

Too easy to lay blame

7STL-Photo---Supplied---Southland Times- Fairfax Media------One of the Southland state houses for sale under the Housing New Zealand FirstHome initiative.


OPINION: As the coldest months of the winter arrive, the myth of New Zealand having a sub-tropical climate looks ever more flimsy and, like some houses, the cracks are showing in our ability to prepare for the polar blasts.

Rilkoff: The 48 Special

Brutal as they may be, simple, easy to explain, haircuts are best for everyone.

OPINION: After decades of searching, about five months ago I thought I had finally found the answer. It was 48.

Not so old I'm stupid

240415 News. Photo: Paul Easton/Fairfax NZ. Protesters  march on TV3 headquarters in Auckland to show their support for Campbell Live.
Campbell Live presenter John Campbell greets marchers at TV headquarters in Auckland.

OPINION: I've been wondering why I'm so grumpy lately.

Garner: Cold-hearted Nick Smith

Environment minister Nick Smith says new measures to reduce plastic bag use are not justified.

OPINION: This week I met Amelia Tovo. She lives in a cold, damp state house with her six children.

Channeling Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks

OPINION: Lecretia Seales has become the face of the right to die movement in New Zealand, John Sargeant says.

Choosing death or avoiding it

Lecretia Seales

OPINION: Ross Henderson examines a few contentious topics which have been in the news recently: the right to assisted suicide, in the wake of Lecretia Seales' tragic death and court case, and workplace Health & Safety.

Renewed pressure for housing warrants

Two deaths linked to cold, damp houses has seen renewed calls for the Government to look at ways to ensure housing meets a certain standard.

OPINION: There is renewed pressure for warrants of fitness on all rental properties.

Garner: Death in a state house

Emma-Lita Bourne died from a brain haemorrhage at the age of 15 months.

OPINION: Many of my friends have returned home from overseas in recent years because they say this is still the best place to raise children.

Stewart: Wishing the Greens luck

James Shaw

OPINION: Does anyone truly believe that the new leader of the Greens is the answer to all of their electoral, or the planet's, prayers?

John Sargeant: Don't gamble on mental health

230714 NEWS Charlotte Curd / Taranaki Daily News. John Sargeant from Hawera Council is in charge of the Grave site in Hawera. Feature on Hawera Grave yard.

It’s quite appropriate for NZ to be one of the first out of the blocks with social bonds. Or is it?

Ross Henderson: Hitting targets isn't healthcare

130712 NEWS Andy Jackson / Taranaki Daily News.  Rival Columnists L to R Ross Henderson & Gordon Brown are all set to go head to head.

OPINION: Why we shouldn't turn people's health and wellbeing into "targets" and "outcomes".

The facts about those comments

30052014  123rf.com
an ancient typewriter isolated on a white background
Image ID : 7087248
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Copyright : nito500

OPINION: Ross Henderson springs to the defence of Andrew Little on the superannuation debate.

Kindness is catching

Kindness is catching, as Gabby Devine showed during her brave battle with cancer.

OPINION: Let's go viral - for good.

Farewell to John Campbell video

290515 News Photo: Peter Meecham/ Fairfax Media
John Campbell gets a selfie taken with a fan outside TV3 after the last Campbell Live show went to air.

OPINION: Go take a bloody well-deserved break, you marvellous bugger.

The Right to Die

Your letters

A reader warns of the consequences of allowing assisted dying, and others keep there eyes on city hall.

What's up Doc?

Readers take issue with the Conservation Department and suggest it's time to remove some power lines.

Superannuation sting for Mr Little

Comment, by  John Sargeant

John Sargeant suggests Labour Leader Andrew Little has blundered on superannuation.

Let's hope the lessons were learned

Tuesday night's missing teen incident on Mt Taranaki has brought back memories of the Topec Paritutu Rock tragedy.

OPINION: A second major incident in the space of just three years is bound to lead to intense scrutiny over the future of Topec.

Letters: Tuesday, May 26

29012013.News.Photo:Scott Hammond/The Marlborough Express.
Colin Draper ( NOT SHOWN ) (Grey Power President) post's a letter.
NZ Post want to reduce deliveries.
Stock photo
Mail Box in McLauchlan

OPINION: Readers continue the debate over wards and a footpath.

Dying Dad taught me how to live

Duncan Garner says we let work distract us from what really matters: family, friends and the joys of new experiences.

OPINION: Duncan Garner: So, Dad, it's five years ago this week that you died of cancer.

Angry Andrew needs to chill

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 21:  Prime Minister John Key speaks to media after the 2015 budget presentation at Parliament House on May 21, 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand. English announced the New Zealand 2015/2016 Budget today, unveiling a $790 million child poverty package, axing of Kiwisaver $1000 kickstart payments and $52m allocated for developing spare Crown land in Auckland for residential housing.  (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

OPINION: I'm not sure if it's coincidence or not but last week John Key described Labour Leader Andrew Little as 'Angry Andrew'.

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