What to do with a wayward son

Max Key in hot water again after yelling ‘Real men ride women!’, at groups of cyclists.

EDITORIAL: Max Key, an inappropriate joke, and the parents who chained their son to a bed for 20 years.

Age angst is not what it seems

In New Plymouth only one young woman and a youngish mayor were elected to join Shaun Biesiek and his old boys, Tucker says.

OPINION: The recent election appeared like never before to bring ageism to the fore in Taranaki.

Growing up is hard to do

Sure, rivers and lakes are good for swimming, but they are better for throwing stones into.

Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to act like one.

Streaker exposed more than just himself

Streaker Charl Jacobs goes in under the posts during the Mitre 10 Cup premiership semi final, between Taranaki and ...

EDITORIAL: Sporting history is full of occasions when crowd interactions have gone badly wrong.

When it comes to crime everyone is an expert

Police are keeping a lid on crime.

 Some people love bad news when it comes to the justice sector.

Lifeline needs saving

The Lifeline service has never been more critical, Brad Markham says

OPINION: It is not the time for the Government to stand idly by while Lifeline Aotearoa faces its demise.

Children getting mixed messages about stranger danger

Children are told it's all right to dress up and ask strangers for lollies.

Halloween is the time of year that children are encouraged to ask strangers for lollies.

'Focus on the ability to make peace'

Dr Dennis Ngawhare responds to letter writer Bruce Moon in his latest column.

In 1840 the ahikāroa (long burning fires) of native sovereignty were still burning in Taranaki.

Non-iron no liberation

Ironing shirts is hardly enjoyable but it just might be on the path to true happiness.

Not wanting to waste your life ironing shirts could just be the biggest waste of all.

Taking care of our Eskimos

Hospice Taranaki chief executive Kevin Nielson welcomes people outside our Te Rangimarie Hospice.

OPINION: Death is an inevitability, Jim Tucker writes. How do we handle it in Taranaki?

We need to engage the non-voters

Neil Holdom is the New Plymouth district's new mayor.

OPINION: There is a large group of potential voters out there who seem not the least bit interested in our local politics.

Summer means BBQs, beaches and dog bites

Summer means may things to John Sargeant - including dog bites.

Spring is well and truly here and we can look forward to the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

When losing is winning

Jim Tucker's, back, Facebook coverage of his council electioneering may have been more help to other candidates, such as ...

What happens when what you want isn't what you want at all? Jim Tucker has found out.

A chicken and rat dilemma

Owning chickens means you own ongoing problems.

Rats are one of the world's most hated animals but killing them should never be done flippantly.

Three years to get the job done

Chester Borrows says new councillors will find pace of change is very slow.

The local body elections are over and the dust is settling. Those who were never interested, about 60 per cent of the eligible voters have already gone back to sleep but reserve their rights to grizzle in spite of the fact they never got off their collective chuff to bother voting.

A very rural welcome

Contract milker Brad Markham has been more than impressed with the welcome he and his partner have received on moving to ...

Contract milker Brad Markham has found a lot to love about Taranaki.

Grieving for my twin boys

A bench placed at Pukekura Park in 2015 is a memorial to the Rilkoff twins Fred and John.

Grief is not about what you have lost. It's about what you can never have.

'Words could not say enough'

Tony Renshaw, 19, was found dead in September and the community swarmed to the parents' side.

LETTER: The parents of Tony Renshaw pay tribute to their community, whanau and friends.

Don't talk of love show me

Jesus Christ The Redeemer is seen during sunrise in Rio de Janeiro.

'Love one another as I have loved you' - it's what Jesus did and it's what successful council candidates should do too.

Brash grasping for relevancy

Don Brash is back in the spotlight but well off the stage.

OPINION: Don Brash has no idea what being a New Zealander means.

Wrong answer over seawall

The coastline at Urenui beach camp which remains unprotected by a seawall has heavily eroded during storm events this year.

EDITORIAL: The decision by the outgoing New Plymouth District Council to finally fund the completion of the Urenui Seawall was interesting for two points.

A life of losing (things)

If you haven't lost your scissors lately it might be time to consider whether you are human or not.

If you can never find them when you want them, are scissors even real?

Time for new blood

Brad Markham is an award-winning journalist-turned dairy farmer. He moved to Taranaki with his partner in June. They ...

OPINION: Should relics of the past be allowed to determine our future?

News is good for Kiwi consumers

The dividends from electricity are higher after the government sold off 49 per cent of the power companies.

People often find good news difficult to believe, preferring to believe the bad.

My year in one pair of trousers

Matthew Rilkoff has been wearing the same pair of pants for a whole year and they have finally 'blown' out.

OPINION: I wore the same pair of trousers to work for a year - and no-one noticed.

Running to stand still

Barrie Smith says Rachel Stewart's comments about the dairy industry are an insult to our pioneers.

OPINION: Farming pioneers would turn in their graves if they could hear some of the derogatory comments.

Remember the price of liberty

Adolf Hitler epitomised the the age of demagogues. Are we heading there again?

OPINION: Our country is not immune from the winds of trouble blowing through the world.

Advice I never listened to

Kereru sounds far more regal than a wood pigeon.

Sometimes the best advice you can give your children is not to listen to you, but to themselves, writes Matt Rilkoff.

Country moves closer to Winston

The times are catching up with Winston Peters, says Rachel Stewart.

OPINION: Winnie is our very own Kiwi manifestation of the Trump and Brexit phenomena.

Rahui - it is about respect

A Rahui was announced from New Plymouth's Back Beach to the Mokau River after Matt Smith went missing after the boat he ...

Several weeks ago a call was made to establish a rāhui (ritual prohibition) over the Taranaki coast.

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