A little fairness please?

Conditions in Australia's detention centers are no laughing matter, says Ross Henderson.

OPINION: Maybe opening the door to a little bit of compassion sounds too dangerous to the Australian government.

Having our say on the world stage

Among the diverse geological features of the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary are black smoker hydrothermal vents

OPINION: International politics have certainly been the focus this week with Prime Minister John Key attending the 70th United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Fair suck of the sav Aussies

Australia is keeping many New Zealanders (by name only) in detention centres.

OPINION: Mean. Hostile. Unforgiving. Harsh. A breach of the most basic of human rights. But legal all at the same time.

A brush with childhood stardom

Selwyn Toogood with Sue Scot on It's in the Bag.

Stage fright. And I wasn't even on the stage yet!

Saudi appointment act of 'psychosis'

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr says he was tortured and coerced into signing confessions for crimes in a trial that has been condemned by the UN.

OPINION: OPINION: Just when you thought the world had reached maximum insanity along comes even more evidence of extreme psychosis.

Parental leave already too generous

John Sargeant's baby making days are over after  Sue Moroney's plan to extend parental leave failed.

OPINION: I've decided not to have any more babies.

National on knife edge

Ross Henderson wonders if Greens co leader James Shaw may help usher in  a National/Greens government in 2017.

OPINION: When John Key's government swept back into power this time last year, it seemed to herald a massive change in New Zealand politics.

The case for sorting the crosswind issue

An Air New Zealand Q300 lands at New Plymouth airport.

OPINION: Come on airport owners, please reconsider your decision not to seal the crosswind runway.

Govt stumbles, but do voters care?

Duncan Garner was "inadvertently caught up" in the Ashley Madison scandal, TV3 reported on Tuesday.

OPINION: National has done everything possible this year to set itself up for the opposition benches.

Prioritising human misery

Refugees climb a border fence that separates Serbia from Hungary before violence broke out.

OPINION: Whatever you call them, how do you respond?

Lowers prices for food, drink

Taranaki fans are well catered for at Yarrow Stadium.

We don't know how lucky we are. Prophetic words, and for so many occasions in this country.

We don’t know how lucky we are

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is an extreme Left wing, old school, socialist Trotskyite says John Sargeant.

OPINION: The United Kingdom's new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is an extreme Left wing, old school, socialist Trotskyite. A throwback to the Britain of the 1960's.

Garner: Are the ABs too old to win?

They may be a step or two slower than in 2011 but All Blacks stalwarts such as Richie McCaw and Ma'a Nonu have crucial experience, writes Duncan Garner.

OPINION: Too old - or the perfect blend of experience and exuberance?

Lessons for Labour in Corbyn's victory

There are lessons for New Zealand's Labour Party in Jeremy Corbyn's rise to the leadership in the UK.

OPINION: It takes a pretty big shake-up for UK politics to make headlines over here.

Players often forget the finer points

Famous "underarm" bowling incident by Trevor Chappel to Brian McKechnie during match New Zealand V Australia in Melbourne, 1981

So much is made of those five words, and yet, despite all my searching, I can find only one sport that comes close to defining it. Many sports make mention of it, even in their laws, but stop short of actually defining it. Ironically, the one sport that comes close to a definition is golf, a sport that relies heavily on the players to know the rules and police them themselves.

Anti-Muslim propaganda prevailing

Fear of Muslims has been carefully cultivated, Gordon Burnside says.

OPINION: I've been watching over the past couple of years as our natural fear and distrust of Muslims has been cleverly nurtured and intensified.

Garner: Don't give cops guns

The police response to a gunman in Upper Hutt proves officers have ready access to firearms, Duncan Garner says.

OPINION: OPINION: Is it time to arm New Zealand's police?

Greens now neoliberals

Columnist Rachel Stewart

To my chagrin I've discovered that there are still people who don't appear to have a handle on what the word 'neoliberalism' actually means. 

Pay them what they're worth

We shouldn't assume women enjoy doing the jobs such as midwifery because they're naturally more caring and nurturing. We should pay them what they're worth, says Ross Henderson.

OPINION: The same money for the same job: that's just basic fairness, isn't it?

Gender inequality popping up everywhere

The midwive's pay claim is frivolous, says John Sargeant.

OPINION: Midwive's claim is frivolous, says John Sargeant.

Take the time to abide

We're all in such a hurry these days. It's time to slow it down a notch.

OPINION: Slowing down, and abiding, are important markers for us today.

Garner: Modern family dilemmas

Duncan Garner and his wife have a total of six children in their lives.

OPINION: Life in a blended family can have its ups and downs.

Solving a ticking time bomb

Teaching kids about money before the financial horse bolts is a wise move.

They say money talks – mine mostly says ‘goodbye’.

Money Week pointless for poor

Financial literacy is a laudable goal but for many it's an irrelevance.

Financial literacy is a laudable goal but for many it's an irrelevance.

Guns, phones and a Filipino jail

Life inside a Filipino jail throws up some interesting encounters.

A tale from a South East Asian jail.

Answering that inane question

A conversational experiment has Jacqui Paterson questioning how to answer the internally inane "how are you?".

OPINION: Is anything other than "I'm fine" worth the effort?

Flag change another National disaster

Protesters carry the New Zealand flag at a TPPA demonstration.

OPINION: This flag debate feels like it’s been going on forever – but what have we achieved?

Garner: The important lesson for cheaters

The Ashley Madison data dump included more than 90,000 New Zealand email addresses.

OPINION: Oh what a tangled worldwide web some people weave when they're planning to deceive.

Changing mind on changing flag

Variations on a theme - one of the 40 possible flag designs.

OPINION: I have to admit some months ago when the changes to the national flag were proposed I was horrified. Why change it?

We're too complacent about workplace safety

07082015 NEWS Charlotte Curd/Fairfax NZ. Protest over health and safety Bill outside Len Lye building. White crosses around the Len Lye are demonstrating loss of lives in the work place. Taranaki Family and father of three lost their dad,  Michael Joseph Kane, 33 when he was seriously injured in a fall in 2012 at his workplace on Paraite Rd, Bell Block. Former partner, Carly Gordon still very hurt over the loss of her partner in 2012.

OPINION: On November 14, 2012, my brother Michael was killed in a workplace accident. He was 33.

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