A democratic disservice

Politics 101. If enough people vote for a candidate then that candidate is the winner.

EDITORIAL: Is attacking a democratically elected President easier than making a real difference?

Time to step back

Letting kids take risks is all part of a good upbringing, Barrie Smith says.

OPINION: Let's inject some commonsense into this 'Nanny State' world.

How we treat 'others'

What does the election of Donald Trump have to do with the Bible? Andrew Callander explains.

OPINION: 2016's big political events echo the central theme of the Bible.

Our complaints tell us a lot

New Plymouth's Womad festival may be internationally renowned but that doesn't stop it copping noise complaints.

If a bit of noise at night is causing you pain, count your lucky stars.

Wide impact of a life begun here

Bruce Brown attended New Plymouth Boys High School, excelling in academia and sport, in particular rugby and boxing.

OPINION: The story of one of Taranaki's finest exports.

Hairdressers say 'It's not OK'

Hairdressers often know secrets - such as our real hair colour.

OPINION: Hairdressers can be entrusted with painful secrets.

Fat & thin in the food aisles

Where you linger in a supermarket while food shopping depends on whether you're overweight or thin, says John Sargeant.

OPINION: Can body shapes can determine where shoppers spend the most time in supermarkets?

The world is coming

The Pouakai Crossing is the region's newest attraction and now described as one of New Zealand's great day walks.

OPINION: Let's stop thinking small and locally – let's start thinking expansively and internationally.

Missed opportunity for Naki

New Plymouth's Pukekura Park is almost universally admired as a gem. Should it be on the international cricket schedule?

OPINION: Pukekura Park's absence from the international cricketing schedule is a lost opportunity for Taranaki.

All Kiwis should be quake aware

The Kaikoura coastline following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

 Quake damage is a strong reminder of importance of being prepared for any disaster.

Hail the early pioneers

Life was tough for Taranaki's earliest pioneers.

OPINION: Going back in time to briefly forget all the bad news in the world.

What slogan for unaffordable city?

Auckland - not a cheap place to live.

EDITORIAL: Wherever you go in your free time these days, it usually has a slogan.

Let there be peace on earth

I don't know about you, but my heart is full of tears when I see the images of the children of Aleppo on my TV screen ...

OPINION: We are not helpless in the face of all the gone wrongness in our world!

Nightmare fireworks warning

Wayne Boss was left with a severely damaged eye after being hit by debris at the Dunedin City Council fireworks.

EDITORIAL: A cautionary tale for fireworks display organisers has come out of Dunedin.

A way to avoid past mistakes

Jim Tucker recalls his education - with few opportunities to speak - and the subject that he wasn't taught.

 OPINION: The new app bringing Taranaki and New Zealand's early history alive.

Cash in a cashless world

Cash is legal tender. But the rules around legal tender aren't straightforward. The Reserve Bank website says cash ...

OPINION: When was the last time you went into a bank? I've been in once in the past two years and I run a small business.

Honouring Taranaki's finest folk

Our 2016 Person of the Year, Patea Area School principal Nicola Ngarewa, exemplifies everything that is good about our ...

EDITORIAL: What better way to end a year than by remembering the best of it.

Still a way to go on 2016's bugbears

New Plymouth got a new mayor and we perhaps shouldn't have been so surprised, by Neil Holdom's rapid rise.

OPINION: Jim Tucker tackles a traditional media favourite at the year's end - a reflective year ender.

Time to lose the PC

Barrie Smith says road carnage will continue unless some serious measures are put in place.

OPINION: The carnage will continue on our roads unless tighter restrictions are put in place.

A Boxing Day tradition

Shopping is a legitimate hobby, especially on Boxing Day.

Opinion: Boxing Day shoppers are our economic patriots and we should be grateful for them.

These things that annoy me

This traffic jam was almost certainly caused by someone clogging up an intersection 100km away.

OPINION: Dogs pooing on berms, bad drivers, pop corn munching cinema goers. Today, I'm not going to do anything.

Water clean enough to drink

Across Taranaki, there are nearly 2500 riparian plans covering 14,500km of streambank.

OPINION: Taranaki farmers getting hi-tech in support of waterways

A new approach

Andrew Little says Labour will tackle five big issues affecting Taranaki.

OPINION: I think we can be an ever better country where more of us have the chance to be the best we possibly can.

Time the best Christmas gift

Time spent with family is what Christmas is really about says Chester Borrows.

Chester Borrows remembers what he liked best about his childhood Christmases.

Playing our part in road toll

Stay safe this Christmas everyone - it should be one of the happiest times of the year.

EDITORIAL: Using the experience of those, both literally and figuratively, left to pick up the pieces.

Joys and pitfalls of the net

There are befits from the rise of iPads, Kindles and e-readers - but some drawbacks as well, as Jim Tucker has discovered.

OPINION: When can be everywhere and anywhere. But are we better off?

Taking Taranaki to the world

The trip to Aotuhia Station, east of Stratford, is one of Smith's favourites.

OPINION: "I want to see us share our beautiful province as much as Lonely Planet does."

Inner city animal farm

Hedgehogs look like your Uncle Graham which makes them hard to kill.

Suburban life is a dangerous jungle.

The poison we love to hate

The 1080 debate involves some interesting characters on either side.

OPINION: This is a controversy with some very gnarly characters involved.

The origin of NZ's sandbars

Eight people died last month after the Francie capsized attempting to cross the Kaipara bar.

Sandbars are part of what makes the New Zealand coast line so dangerous. But where do they come from?

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