Farmers cut back on palm kernel

Fonterra will roll out nationwide testing for the use of palm kernel expeller (PKE) from April.

OPINION: Farmers need to reduce palm kernel use, but changing how a farm's run is a bit like trying to turn around the Titanic.

The powhiri process

Womad 2015 performers welcomed to Taranaki with a powhiri held at Owae Marae in Waitara.  Pape Moussa Sonko from Senegal ...

OPINION: As a culturally unique ceremony it sets us apart from the rest of the world.

Judgement day for rugby stars

Dan Carter is in hot water with French authorities for drink driving.

OPINION: On Dan Carter, Ali Williams, judgement and redemption.

Why planning your life makes sense

Have you thought about how you'd like to live out your later years?

OPINION: Adopting a strategic approach to your later years.

The humble sharemilker

Sharemilking is a perfect stepping stone to reach that goal of ownership.

OPINION: An industry/system the envy of the world.

Baby less important than a river

The Whanganui River now has all the rights and duties of a legal person.

OPINION: How many times have we heard the expression "What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, people, people."

A river, a mountain and a new perspective

Changing the mountain's name to Taranaki created a furore at the time.

Whanganui River's legal personality is not a new idea or practice.

The new bogan baby names

Being a bogan can be fun but should babies be landed with bogan names?

OPINION: Bacardi, Dijon, Brie - is a name just a name or can a bogan baby name scar a kid for life?

Places names recall tūpuna and events

Oakura (the river and the town) takes its name from the kuia (elder) Akura-Matapū.

Mispronounced [Maori] place names literally hurt my ears, like fingernails dragged down a chalkboard.

A man and his singlet

The unwritten rules about where and when a man can safely admit to wearing a singlet are incredibly complex.

Jim Tucker has a confession to make and you might not ever think of him in the same way again.

A burning desire best unfilfulled

The black back gull is a bird of underappreciated majesty.

If you could have one thing in the world, what would it be?

Enlightened economics 101:

We live in a time where over 7 billion people are consuming Earth's resources like there is no tomorrow.

OPINION: Don't just focus on having a big bank balance and to hell with the rest of the world.

A dream to fruition

Suzy and Jamie Allen stand in front of the 'Taranaki Retreat' which is near completion. An open

OPINION: A plot of empty land has been transformed into an oasis of tranquility and beauty.

Burning fossil fuels is fun

The airshow at Ohakea was brilliantly organised and provided a dazzling display.

Ohakea Airshow was a dazzling display of power, speed and grace.

Boomers vs the world

Boomers aren't even a generation, Jim Tcuker says, rather a cohort, invented by social scientists for research purposes, ...

OPINION: Jim Tucker takes on the task of defending the Baby Boomers.

The real centres of power

Prime Minister Bill English may have the title as the country's ruler but he definitely doesn't hold the true reins of power.

Who do you go to when you want something to happen?

Pay rise beyond the pale

Adrian Orr - CEO NZ Super Fund is New Zealand's highest paid public servant.

The man who manages our super fund received a 23.4 per cent pay rise, giving him more that twice as much as the PM earns.

Patients' patience wearing thin

Scenarios such as the retirement of Starford doctor Manmohan Singh are set to play out multiple times in communities ...

OPINION: The importance of solving the GP shortage.

Chamber chief says Witt report unfair

As many of you would be aware, the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce acts as an advocate for the Taranaki business community.

Te Reo Māori is not dead

Why shouldn't children learn  Te Reo Māori? asks our columnist.

Restricting tamariki (children) to only one worldview limits their education, writes Dennis Ngawhare.

Living and dying with Le Creuset

There are things a Le Creuset pot cannot do. They just haven't been discovered yet.

You can't expect to leave much of a mark on this world but you can leave your Le Creuset.

Disaster prep delays

Have you got your survival kit ready?

OPINION: Getting round to getting ready.

Barrie talks back for Fonterra

Semi-retired farmer Barrie Smith thinks Fonterra is doing just fine, thank you very much.

Semi-retired farmer Barrie Smith has a few things he wants you to know.

And the race is on

OPINION: The Whanganui electorate is in a unique situation with the selection of candidates for the two biggest political parties running concurrently and it being such a long time since the last selections for either party.

Most freedom campers care about our country

Many freedom campers young foreigners wanting to see the world at a cost they can afford.

A pickle of a situation

This skyscraper in London is affectionately called the gherkin. If you leave a real gherkin on the vine for a couple of ...

If you want a happy life you should think about saying no to gherkins.

Jim Tucker: Is it time to legalise performance drugs?

Could the Patrick Tuipulotu case be a tipping point in a change of public opinion about the legality of drugs in sport?

 OPINION: People find a way around most prohibitions if there's enough money in it.

Crimes down but police numbers rise

The Government has increased the number of police even though figures show that crime is down.

OPINION: You'd be excused for thinking I had a vested interest in seeing fewer police on the streets given the criminal proceedings in my name, but I think it is a bit sad to see an increase in numbers so well applauded for other reasons.

A new way to kill your brain

Reckon anyone would watch a live stream of people milking cows? These days, you never know.

OPINION: Would you watch a video of me milking cows? It wouldn't be glamorous, but it might make a shedload of moolah.

Editorial: If the court was a parent...

In the New Plymouth District Court this week we saw an example of a criminal (read child) escaping their punishment from ...

...it might be the one whose kid never actually got punished.

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