Need for data on foreign ownership

OPINION: Recording who owns what will at least tell us how much land is already foreign-owned.

Call for vote a waste of hot air

OPINION: Not all commitments of troops have been put to a vote, and there is no legal requirement for Government to obtain Parliament's consent.

Skiing with foe not exactly crime

OPINION: Laila Harre and Matthew Hooton, enjoying a skiing holiday together?

Bennett: Cricket, oh, what a pleasurable war

OPINION: I made a promise to the dog. "I'll just watch the first five overs," I said. "Then I'll get back to work."

Charter school spotlight on minister

OPINION: Education Minister Hekia Parata has invested a great deal of political capital in proving the critics wrong.

Don't waste Kiwi lives

OPINION: More than 4000 US soldiers, and countless Iraqi civilians, have died in Iraq since 2003.

X-ray all airport bags

OPINION: It is tempting to wonder if our biosecurity system has gone to the dogs.

Turning boys into good men

OPINION: Not many people frighten me - but Celia Lashlie certainly did. Fortunately she was on my side.

Letters: Different viewpoint

Different viewpoint Waitara is a great place to live with a vibrant community and positive attitude, which contradicts the views of those of Joe Rauner (letters February 9).

Editorial: Afloat in a sea of corporate welfare

Fresh from having their fingers burnt at the SkyCity casino, Prime Minister John Key and Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce are musing on how much to sink into a fresh misadventure.

Letters: Tall poppies

Whatever possessed the combined wisdom of the editorial staff and past editor Lance Girling-Butcher to offer such ill-disposed comments around the extraordinary achievement of "New Plymouth boy" Anthony McCarten?

Bad day for Little

OPINION: He's principled, but Labour leader Andrew Little needs to get a hand on his housekeeping.

Show us the benefits of our megamillions

OPINION: Government-industry partnerships aim to transform the sustainability and productivity pastoral and food industries through innovation, but are we getting value for money.

Behaving nicely doesn't guarantee reward

OPINION: This is a long shot, said the woman's voice on the phone.

Chronic fabulist's untruths exposed

Do you ever feel that you would be happy if only you had a ton of money with a bit of eminence and fame thrown in?

SkyCity plays better poker

As Minister of Tourism, John Key has been peculiarly fixated on conference centres.

Hurled smack into a wall of writer's block

Writer's block. Who'd have it? Well, as it turns out, me. I feel like I've just admitted a common and private malady. Like erectile dysfunction.

Throw the book at parents

OPINION: One of the most powerful messages this week came from a District Court judge named Pippa Sinclair.

Underneath it changes little

OPINION: It is important to keep abreast of the modern world and the young who inhabit it.

Key to face the heat over SkyCity deal

OPINION: The parliamentary year has only just begun, but John Key already questioning over the SkyCity deal.

Reflecting on Treaty's moral promise

OPINION: The Treaty of Waitangi is more than just a simple document. It is more than just the sum of its articles, and its language of governance and property rights.

One law for all revisits Brash question

OPINION: Don Brash, when leader of the National Party, was widely criticised for raising questions about race relations.

Blunder will cost NZ

OPINION: Helped by the Kiwi dollar's decline against the greenback, the US becoming a major export market.

Get DOC's house in order

OPINION: After restructuring DOC has failed to achieve its goals of significant steps towards conservation gains.

Sex in high places

OPINION: Once upon a time you could get caught with your pants down and be the only one humiliated.

Midwives' response is telling

Two widely publicised lapses in standards have bruised the midwifery profession's reputation in recent days. Questions of professional ethics were raised in one case and of professional competence in the other.

We're in peak trouble

Peak oil is so last year. Now we can worry about peak everything: peak food, peak soil, peak fertiliser, even peak bees.

Mushrooms and the secret of a happy life

OPINION: Do you have breadcrumbs in the house? And garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese? If so, you are four-fifths of the way to happiness.

Two resignations, different stories

Mike Sabin and Russel Norman's resignations had some notable differences.

Rachel Stewart: Free speech for all

OPINION: Since my last column, some in the dairy farming community have been telling me, and everyone else, who I am.

Our backyard does us proud

OPINION: Concert-goers in New Plymouth on Saturday night know timing is everything, after rain lashed the region yesterday.

Time will tell on 'social' housing

OPINION: If state houses now are too big, too small or in the wrong place, how will they be more desirable under new ownership?

Sexualised threats a real low

OPINION: It's appalling how a Taranaki columnist was targeted after she mocked a Federated Farmers official.

My home, my castle

OPINION: The Sensible Sentencing Trust is pressing for "home invasion" to be established as a specific offence with a mandatory 10-year minimum jail term.

Garner: Issue is safer roads, not foreigners

OPINION: Another horror holiday road toll, another round of national angst about foreign drivers.

Good news and bad

OPINION: Economic forecast heralds good and bad news.

Watchdog asleep at switch

OPINION: The FMA's strategic risk outlook lists seven priorities that directs the authority's work in licensing, supervision, compliance and enforcement.

Letters: Water cuts

OPINION: Any time is a long time to wait without water when there is no information from council on a pending shut down.

RMA reform needs support

Concerns about the affordability of houses have been rekindled by a new report.

Don't count on current policies

OPINION: More improvement is called for when one in nine working-age Kiwis lack the means to independently support themselves.

Letters: Fluoride

OPINION: Correction - a poll of New Plymouth citizens has not taken place that might even confirm that the majority does not want fluoride in the water.

Farmers not exempt from country's laws

OPINION: There are a few tell-tale signs leading me to the conclusion that dairy farmers are very close to the brink.

Fishing drama all talk, no action

OPINION: Foreign Minister Murray McCully was talking tough last Monday.

Boost pay, help home buyers

OPINION: I'm not a big believer in New Year's resolutions. If you want to achieve something go and do it, any time of the year, I reckon.

'Not Beersies' missing the target

OPINION: The country's 32 primary health organisations, funded through district health boards, must work with community groups, public health service providers and regional public health units to plan and deliver health promotion programmes.

Letters: There must be limits

The brutal murders committed by terrorists on Wednesday of last week during the Paris attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical weekly, were a nightmarishly extreme and bloody form of censorship.

Unreported: Facing the farce

OPINION: It's always difficult coming back to work after a break and the small team at Unreported is not immune

Letters: Limit is 100kmh

100kmh speed sign

OPINION: The speed limit is 100kmh and an overtaking lane is provided to allow vehicles to pass others travelling below that speed.

Making an ass of the law

OPINION: Court proceedings are being delayed thanks to a law change around sentencing.

Not his problem? Not so fast...

OPINION: Police Minister is asking police to review the public messages they issued during the contentious summer road safety campaign.

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