Water rethink needed - council

On average, New Plymouth's residential usage is 334 litres per person per day. By comparison, the national average is 275.

OPINION: New Plymouth's water use is unsustainable and there's no simple fix.

The answer to x

Solving X without accounting for Tiger Woods Attention Trauma is a recipe for disaster.

Golf is part of the equation but it's not the answer.

Call me 'pom', you're allowed.

Mark Richardson called Danny Willett a Pommy Git and apparently that's fine.

Opinion: Danny Willett and me are pommy gits, and that's perfectly acceptable, apparently.

Independent the way to stay

It was Invercargill city Mayor Tim Shadbolt who got Stratford's Barrie Smith thinking about just how he wants local ...

OPINION: Merge Taranaki's four councils? No way, says Barrie Smith.

Farewell to Avogeddon

Avogeddon is over and Avoplenty is here.

OPINION: Rejoice, the season of Avoplenty is finally upon us after months of misery.

Sparing the interest doesn't spoil the child

Interest free student loans may cost a lot but they aren't without benefits.

Interest free loans have other benefits outside of making education affordable.

People in poverty easy trafficking targets

Sixteen-year-old Mohammed Savet, who was released from a human trafficking boat, shows the scars he got from being hit ...

As unbelievable as it may sound there are actually more people trapped in slavery today than at any other time in human history.

Whitecliffs stoush a sorry story

Parani and Russell Gibbs with their grand daughter Harper, 2. The Gibbs' are in the middle of a stoush with DOC that ...

EDITORIAL: If an apology is needed to get public access back, then an apology should be given.

What's the secret?

Sharren Read is the director of Secret Bridesmaids' Business currently on at New Plymouth's Repertory theatre.

Review: It's a secret that puts everyone in the stink.

Death on the tracks

Drivers are often the forgotten victims when it comes to level crossing crashes, Rachel Stewart says.

OPINION: I once worked with a guy who'd been directly involved in 11 deaths.

The importance of being literate

Problems with reading and writing are far more common than you think, Jim Tucker says.

OPINION: Why you're lucky, but thoughtless.

Petro-chemical industry has been good for Taranaki

The veteran Kapuni natural gas plant.

Natural gas production is the key to the economic success enjoyed in Taranaki.

Divorcing iPhone

Smart phones are clever but they can turn their users into jerks.

When being smart is saying goodbye to your smart phone.

Put 'daylight' between PIF and politics

The NPDC's investment fund and politicians shouldn't mix, Andrew Judd says.

OPINION: What I like most about the outsourced model is the clear daylight it creates between politicians and fund managers.

Governance takes special skills

New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young.

Governance role requires the strength and wisdom of a super hero.

Sage advice for digital Barbara

An issue with the rubbish one week got Jim Tucker thinking about how council can use technology for good.

OPINION: Councillors shouldn't attack bureaucrats, but Jim Tucker can give them a few tips.

An end to singing

Not everyone has what it takes to be a rock star.

Sometimes you should listen to your heart, other times you should listen to your son.

Tasmanian farms huge gamble

Neil Holdom says councils should not gamble with ratepayers' money.

Successive councils have pilfered from the investment fund.

Teach your children well

Dannevirke South School Room 3 students enjoy being back in the classroom after the school was given a facelift due to ...

Land confiscations still having an effect today.

Life and death with animals

What would goats, or any animal, have to say about humans if they could?

If animals could talk Rachel Stewart thinks we might not like to hear what they have to say.

Uneasy over 1080

Keeping people off the mountain while 1080 is dropped might be a good idea, says Dennis Ngawhare.

OPINION: Should people be kept off the mountain while 1080 is dropped?

Former mayor responds to criticism of PIF

Former New Plymouth mayor Harry Duynhoven.

The opinion piece on the NPDC Perpetual Investment Fund (PIF) by Councillor Handley, is accurately titled "Time to set the TIML record straight".  The picture he paints doesn't.

A send-off with a difference

Bill Marshall was a special man and Jim Tucker watched him get the farewell he deserved.

OPINION: A funeral that left all who attended uplifted.

Insider tips on local government

Over 19 years on various local government bodies, Barrie Smith has seen it all.

OPINION: Some tips on how to choose a representative to vote for.

Pokemon brings community together

Kirsten Green, 18, from New Plymouth was near the Wind Wand  catching Pokemon with her Pokemon Go game app.

New game craze is getting people off the couch and on to the streets.

You get what you pay for

Jim Tucker has questions about cheap tools. We all do.

Cheap tools aren't always all they are cracked up to be.

Addicted to pork

The things that make pork are called pigs.

If you're addicted to pork, it's not your fault.

Rilkoff Files: A step for the better

Online auctions can cause lead to stress and dissatisfaction with the world.

Getting off the Trademe train might just be the healthiest choice you ever make.

Stewart: Rates up, accountability down

The Taranaki Regional Council incurred $85,000 legal costs in their failed complaint to the Broadcasting Standards ...

Public bodies should expect a bit of scrutiny. Rachel Stewart is happy to provide it.

It's time to set TIML record straight

The PIF payments released to Mayor Peter Tennant's council  were in line with the expected returns from the fund.

Time to tell the truth about the Perpetual Investment Fund.

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