Rilkoff Files: Courage under floor

Life is a jungle, even when you think you're safe at home.

OPINION: Sometimes you just have to look death straight in the eye and get out your tools.

Hikoi date clash makes you wonder

Was there more to the timing of Andrew Judd's peace walk than meets the eye?

OPINION: If you ever wanted an example of irony, look no further than the timing of two events related to race relations in Taranaki last week. 

Are you a doer or a soaker?

A soaker's approach to doing the dishes will infuriate a doer.

When it comes to doing the dishes, there are two types of people in this world.

Toxic post-All Black careers

Former All Black Richard Loe is now WorkSafeNZ's Safer Farms' ambassador. Rachel Stewart is not impressed.

It wasn't just sport that made these All Blacks well known.

Lead, follow or get out of the way

Chester Borrows believes that societies and communities get the representatives they deserve.

I received a photo of my two-year-old grandson last week. He was bawling his eyes out holding on to a half-eaten banana. He loves bananas as do I. The tears were because he'd just found that the more of his banana he ate, the less there was left, so he asked for another one because the one he had was "too small". When he was denied, the howling started. I got another of him in a similar condition yesterday because life had dealt him another cruel blow and I guess he'll soon find out that life isn't fair and he will just have to get over it.

Delayed action on rugby concussion

Scenes such as this - Hurricanes wing Matt Proctor stretchered off Trafalgar Park with a serious concussion - are ...

OPINION: All Black's vs Wales test showed the concussion message may have got through at last.

A chance to grab the olive branch

Parihaka pictured about 1881, before the invasion of the armed constabulary.

EDITORIAL: Few escaped what was, at times, New Plymouth's vicious war of words and wills over Maori wards unscathed.

Former councillor's submission puzzling

John McLeod at the New Plymouth District Council talking about the Maori wards.

John "Horse" McLeod wasted $80,000 of ratepayers' money.

Guides won't stop mountain deaths

Qualified guides working on Mt Taranaki can make it safer but people will still die on its slopes.

EDITORIAL: Guide or no guide, Mt Taranaki cannot be made safe.

Rilkoff Files: Light bulb moments

Buying light bulbs these days is not for the faint hearted.

OPINION: Sometimes life is easy. Sometimes you have to buy light bulbs.

Why we're going so gong-less

Dame Malvina Major, one of only two living Taranaki Knights or Dames Jim Tucker can think of.

OPINION: Statistically, Taranaki is twice as humble as the rest of New Zealand.

Judd's inspirational peace walk

New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd will begin his Peace Walk to Parihaka on Wednesday.

Dean Peter Beck is putting on his walking shoes and joining New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd's journey to Parihaka.

EDITORIAL: Cleaner, but not clean enough

Waitara's aspirations for its river are likely greater than ever before.

The Waitara river is cleaner than it's been for decades. But that isn't clean enough.

A brush with greatness

Muhammad Ali fighting Richard Dunn in Munich. Rachel Stewart recalls a trip to Las Vegas to watch "the Greatest" in the ...

OPINION: Ali in the flesh was like a watching a beautiful creature – a tiger, or bird of prey – perfect in its own skin.

A future of looking after ourselves

Gabriel Barrientos gets a heart scan from the old angiography machine at Taranaki Base Hospital in New Plymouth.

EDITORIAL: We've done it and we'll be asked to do it again. This is the new normal.

Air travel's cheap - while it lasts

Is this tarmac big enough for two?

OPINION: Is New Plymouth airport getting too big for its boots?

Rilkoff Files: Love your flies

Hating flies is just a short cut to irrelevancy.

If you can't learn to love flies you might just be left behind.

Bird havens now deathtraps

A  cat has caught a titmouse for a supper to the kittens.

Cat curfew would save native birds.

Bull-dust radar on high alert

Maryan Street,  former Labour list MP and minister of housing talks to a mother and her five children living in a garage.

More questions need to be asked of the homeless.

Backs get chance in All Blacks

Taranaki's Waisake Naholo, playing for the Highlanders, runs the ball during the Super Rugby match between the ...

Historically, Taranaki's strength upfront.

What's in Christ's budget?

Bill English talking about Auckland's housing market at his post-Budget breakfast.

I suspect most Americans would condemn any budget Christ produced as thoroughly socialist.

Rilkoff Files: Bought lunch weening

Bringing your lunch is not as exciting as buying it, but your rewards will accrue over time.

OPINION: Happiness can be yours with a homemade peanut butter and sultana sandwich.

Debate stifled over Maori engagement

Kaumatua Grant Knuckey, left, and Harry Nicholas's deputation on Maori representation was met with silence at Tuesday's ...

OPINION: Was the silence that met a deputation on Maori engagement the result of a backroom consensus?

Learned Facebook users bag Blenheim

Should Blenheim doff its name, would other beleaguered towns dare to follow suit?

OPINION: Should Blenheim decide to doff its name, would other beleaguered towns follow suit?

Navel gazing in the mainstream media

Rachel Stewart won Opinion writer of the year at the 2016 Canon Awards. It left her reflective on the state of the ...

OPINION: Mainstream media is not perfection personified, it's a mix of the good, the bad and even sometimes, the great.

Racist labelling gathers momentum

Chester Borrows says there are votes in paranoia.

Bandwagons are interesting vehicles to be on and just as interesting to watch drive past if only to see who is on board.

Opinion: Judd and the race debate

New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd has chosen not to stand for re-election in October.

Maori are accustomed to intense attacks whenever the subject of increased representation in local government is raised.

Editorial: Why the Warriors game is good news

The decision to upgrade Yarrow Stadium in 2002 has resulted in a boon of top class sport for Taranaki.

EDITORIAL: Whether you love rugby league or not you should take your hats off to those who have made New Plymouth's Warriors match a reality.

A man and his hedge

A good hedge isn't the answer to happiness but it is a sensible place to start.

OPINION: A hedge is better than a fence, if you know what you are doing.

The joke of reality TV

Whatever you might think about Naz Khanjani, she came out of The Bachelor a winner when no one else did.

It was utterly ridiculous and dominated headlines for a week. It was your fault.

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