Awards' value gives food for thought


OPINION: If there is a better Sunday night's entertainment in Taranaki than the annual Halamoana awards, we haven't seen it.

Caring drivers leave car parks for the disabled

Disabled car park

I discovered all the mobility parking spaces were occupied, so I parked as close as I could and went in, on crutches, to do my shopping.

Letter: Meds and suicide

Taranaki Daily News

We speak up not to scaremonger, but for the purpose of preventing treatment-induced suicides.

Awards' value gives food for thought


OPINION: If there is a better Sunday night's entertainment in Taranaki than the annual Halamoana awards, we haven't seen it.

Letter: Are we losing the family?

OPINION: ''You were made for me, I was made for you . . . The angels must have made you, and they made you just for me''. These are the words of a popular song of about 80 years ago.

Letter: Medicated suicide


Statistically we don't know how many suicides there are and how many were on medication.

Heart-stopping win over Auckland

Taranaki rugby training

OPINION: Should Taranaki win the NPC rugby premiership next Saturday night at Yarrow Stadium no-one will accuse them of doing it the easy way.

Chilling truth about water safety


OPINION: Having grown up with beaches nearby, most Kiwis don't give the sea nearly enough respect.

Letter: Happy homes

Builder, new house, generic

Hardly a week goes by without your paper running a story on housing.

Letter: Rates don't pay

bowl xmas tdn

Your correspondent Sue Verbeet (Taranaki Daily News, October 14) states ''Christmas at the Bowl is funded by the council, mainly for children . . .''. This is not true.

Cynical delay in documents' release


OPINION: Official advice to the Government on poverty was bound to raise hackles, once the documents were flushed into the open.

Careful seniors deserve a dignified life


OPINION: Yesterday's story in this newspaper about a couple of pensioners struggling to make ends meet would have struck a chord with many.

How to drive people crazy on roads

Oil drilling

Apart from Facebook, the next best way to demonstrate our gene pool depth and redness of the neck is on the roads.

Editorial: Politicians deluding us

Generic money

OPINION: Politicians are deluding us when they claim to be fostering prosperity by investing our money in high-tech sector.

Letter: Great work

Southland Times photo

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful work that the volunteer (not sure if there is more than one, if there is this includes you, too), does in the Te Henui Cemetery. She plants and keeps the garden areas in and around graves and headstones, and keeps them looking ever so nice. Thank you very much.

Letter: Missing camera

Canon EOS-1Mark IV DSLR

I hope some of your readers might help me. In October 2013 I was travelling through Wellington airport on my way to Nelson. I have a neurological condition, which on this day, was affecting me quite badly.

Letter: House of Debt


John Key is playing cards with the House of Debt! In offering young New Zealanders an election bribe to take on debt to buy houses, John Key is not acting as a responsible leader but as a Merrill Lynch banker pushing debt on to society like a drug dealer selling crack on the street.

What's the source of Fed funds?

William Rolleston

OPINION: Paying big money for political influence. Only happens in America, right? Think again.

Revert to diverse investments

New Plymouth ratepayers received some welcome news on Friday, not that many would have been aware of it.

Keep an eye on your kids online


OPINION: I'm a dad worried about my children growing up surrounded by social media and the dangers the darker side of the internet presents.

Little has backing for leadership

Andrew Little

The truth of the old saying "a week is a long time in politics" has been evident in the last seven days.

Government playing with a house of cards

Generic housing

OPINION: The Government is not being upfront about its plans for housing.

Limited options in countering Isis

OPINION: The history of failed interventions in Iraq is undeniable.

Analysis of mountain tragedy vital

Nicole Sutton and Hiroki Ogawa

OPINION: The inquest for two climbers on Mt Taranaki nearly a year ago brings back sad memories for friends and family.

On losers, the common good and poverty


PAT SCAIFE - Taranaki Daily News

OPINION: Losers are news this week: election losers, council vote losers, sport losers.

Moderation must be reciprocated

OPINION: Islamist terror has sometimes helped bring Islam and the West together.

Letter: Maori have rights

andrew judd

Does New Zealand really have to follow America in everything it does?

Letter: Learning curve

John McLeod

No doubt many hats will be thrown into the ring for the by-election.

Farmers with a lesson for all of us


OPINION: It is easy to be passionate about something if you do not actually have to do anything to advance or maintain your ideals.

Time for a new broom

Duncan Garner

OPINION: If I led a major party and 76 per cent of voters rejected me in a general election, I'd resign on the night.

Maori ward aims to heal our divided community

 New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd

OPINION: As you may have read by now, New Plymouth District Council resolved last week to create a Maori ward for the 2016 and 2019 local body elections.

Letter: Time for action

earth strap

The Gaia hypothesis holds that earth is a gigantic organism in which the biophysical components interact continuously to form a self-regulating system.

Letter: Like Minds saving more than it costs

depression bullying suicide

It is very sad to read of the impending cuts for Like Minds Taranaki and its sister organisations nationally, due to funding no longer being available.

Silence no way to address suicide


OPINION: Police receive 12,000 calls every year to deal with attempted or threatened suicides.

Letter: Second opinion


So, the Taranaki Regional Council executive committee approved the proposal for the next stage of Waitara's flood defences in the third week of September, and work is expected to begin in October.

Letter: Horse was no neighsayer

tdn horse strap

Horse's departure makes me think of a well-known country and western song.

Cricket snub a sad reflection

Pukekura Park

OPINION: Sky Television is rapidly eroding the pleasure of watching live sport in the provinces.

Don't blame the team, losers

David Cunliffe

Society functions better when its members work together for the good of everyone, when individuals tailor their opinions and actions towards others rather than themselves.

Labour must fix internal wrangles forthwith

David Cunliffe

After hesitating for a week, Labour leader David Cunliffe finally announced on Saturday that he will resign from the leadership of the party.

Cow sheds could solve housing bubble

cow shed Massey

OPINION: I've said it before and I'll say it again. If politicians are the answer, then it must be a very stupid question.

Curtains for Cunliffe

Duncan Garner

OPINION: It's beyond doubt that Labour's caucus doesn't like David Cunliffe. Voters don't either.


Toni Street

Unto-ward comments

Letter: Marriage no game

Elaine and Rong Hua

As a marriage celebrant I support heterosexual and same-sex marriage. What I don't support or endorse is winning a free trip to the 2015 Rugby World Cup as the direct result of a sham ''gay marriage'' competition held by a radio media outlet.

Letter: Maori ward

Howie Tamati strap

The decision by the New Plymouth District Council to have a Maori ward has been made, so councillors can now abdicate their responsibility to consult and interact with ratepayers of Maori descent.

Smaller players make the key difference


Saturday night's Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards may have clashed with the election, but the organisers, and the more than 300 attendees, obviously knew something the pollsters didn't.

Small players make key difference


Saturday night's Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards may have clashed with the election, but the organisers, and the more than 300 attendees, obviously knew something the pollsters didn't.

Letter: We can do better than frogs, surely


Are we more intelligent than frogs?

Letter: Homes for the old


The review process to retain, sell off on the open market some or all of the New Plymouth District Council's housing for the elderly has been poorly handled.

Brickbats and bouquets over Maori wards

tdn horse strap

This week's historic New Plymouth District Council vote to introduce a Maori ward, and the reaction to it, brought to mind that wonderful "big gay rainbow" speech by Pakuranga MP Maurice Williamson in April 2013.

Letter: Long-stay parking

parking meter

The issue of paying for a long stay in a car park has been brought to our notice and we are working on a solution.

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