A send-off with a difference

Bill Marshall was a special man and Jim Tucker watched him get the farewell he deserved.

OPINION: A funeral that left all who attended uplifted.

Insider tips on local government

Over 19 years on various local government bodies, Barrie Smith has seen it all.

OPINION: Some tips on how to choose a representative to vote for.

Pokemon brings community together

Kirsten Green, 18, from New Plymouth was near the Wind Wand  catching Pokemon with her Pokemon Go game app.

New game craze is getting people off the couch and on to the streets.

You get what you pay for

Jim Tucker has questions about cheap tools. We all do.

Cheap tools aren't always all they are cracked up to be.

Addicted to pork

The things that make pork are called pigs.

If you're addicted to pork, it's not your fault.

Rilkoff Files: A step for the better

Online auctions can cause lead to stress and dissatisfaction with the world.

Getting off the Trademe train might just be the healthiest choice you ever make.

Stewart: Rates up, accountability down

The Taranaki Regional Council incurred $85,000 legal costs in their failed complaint to the Broadcasting Standards ...

Public bodies should expect a bit of scrutiny. Rachel Stewart is happy to provide it.

It's time to set TIML record straight

The PIF payments released to Mayor Peter Tennant's council  were in line with the expected returns from the fund.

Time to tell the truth about the Perpetual Investment Fund.

Nui should have been treasured

Ngapari Nui of Ngati Ruanui has been stood down from his volunteer work in prisons after allegations he is a patched ...

OPINION: We need kaumātua who are willing to lead by example - Ngapari Nui is one of these.

LLC needs more Lye

Jim Tucker wants to see more of Len Lye's sculptures at the Len Lye Centre.

Four sculptures over one year at the Len Lye Centre isn't enough, says Jim Tucker.

The beauty of clean water

Barrie Smith rejoices at the quality of fresh water available in Taranaki.

OPINION: Barrie Smith on being ingrained with the importance of good clean water.

Everybody loves a good idea in hindsight

06-07-16 PHOTO Alexander Turnbull Library
Presentation of petition against homosexual law reform.


New Plymouth needs challenging art programme

The Len Lye Centre is one of 10 NZ designed buildings to make the finals of the 2016 World Architecture Festival.

Nice is OK but we can do much better.

Empty waiting room not what it seems

A trip to the Taranaki Base Hospital emergency ward to deal with a dislocated finger and potentially damaged knee became ...

OPINION: A trip to ED taught Jim Tucker some valuable lessons.

Rilkoff Files: An organised suspicion

Disorganised bedroom drawers can provide adventure and opportunities for discovery but it can leave you feeling lost far ...

OPINION: Just because your organised does it mean you're also evil?

Reo fruit needs nurture

Rukutai Watene, left, and Rawiri Eriksen of Te Reo o Taranaki.

OPINION: Despite three decades of determined effort, Taranaki's language is not thriving.

Beauty and history in eye of beholder

Chester Borrows at the  Ngaruahine, Historical Deed of Settlement held at Te Ngutu O Te Manu reserve in Okaiawa.

 OPINION: They say that achieving racial harmony can be compared to playing the piano.

Debate about inequality needed after Brexit

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 15:  Bob Geldof supports the 'In' campaign as Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, ...

OPINION: It might be time to discuss the logic fail of some commentary around Brexit.

Cry for help from early lens-people

Preserving old news photos is a growing dilemma in the digital age.

OPINION: The question of preserving all those old photos in the digital age. 

Easy to avoid ugly arrests

Police have been accused of using unnecessary force in Downes' arrest.

EDITORIAL: Obeying the law and respecting police works out well for most people.

Rilkoff Files: Lovable but annoying

An affectionate cat is not all it's cracked up to be.

OPINION: Sometimes being lovable just isn't enough.

Hikoi highlights racist abuse

Students from St Mary's in Stratford accompany mayor Andrew Judd on the hikoi to Parihaka.

If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything.

Rilkoff Files: Courage under floor

Life is a jungle, even when you think you're safe at home.

OPINION: Sometimes you just have to look death straight in the eye and get out your tools.

Faith in Taranaki: Ordinary time

The Peace Walk was seen by many as a step in the right direction toward starting a new conversation between Maori and Pakeha.

Do what you can, moment by moment, day by day, step by step, to make this world a better place.

Hikoi date clash makes you wonder

Was there more to the timing of Andrew Judd's peace walk than meets the eye?

OPINION: If you ever wanted an example of irony, look no further than the timing of two events related to race relations in Taranaki last week. 

Are you a doer or a soaker?

A soaker's approach to doing the dishes will infuriate a doer.

When it comes to doing the dishes, there are two types of people in this world.

Toxic post-All Black careers

Former All Black Richard Loe is now WorkSafeNZ's Safer Farms' ambassador. Rachel Stewart is not impressed.

It wasn't just sport that made these All Blacks well known.

Lead, follow or get out of the way

Chester Borrows believes that societies and communities get the representatives they deserve.

I received a photo of my two-year-old grandson last week. He was bawling his eyes out holding on to a half-eaten banana. He loves bananas as do I. The tears were because he'd just found that the more of his banana he ate, the less there was left, so he asked for another one because the one he had was "too small". When he was denied, the howling started. I got another of him in a similar condition yesterday because life had dealt him another cruel blow and I guess he'll soon find out that life isn't fair and he will just have to get over it.

Delayed action on rugby concussion

Scenes such as this - Hurricanes wing Matt Proctor stretchered off Trafalgar Park with a serious concussion - are ...

OPINION: All Black's vs Wales test showed the concussion message may have got through at last.

A chance to grab the olive branch

Parihaka pictured about 1881, before the invasion of the armed constabulary.

EDITORIAL: Few escaped what was, at times, New Plymouth's vicious war of words and wills over Maori wards unscathed.

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