Fans struggle to support Chiefs

Crowd shot from the Chiefs v Sharks game played at Yarrow Stadium.

Sports writer pays for his own ticket.

Family violence is not okay

The most effective way of preventing family violence is by changing the behaviours of the perpetrators, says Anne Knox.

Domestic violence is not found exclusively in one particular group in society. It's insidious tentacles reach into all walks of life.

Congratulations, council, for consultation

Kids enjoy the last of the Summer heat at Todd Energy Aquatic Centre swimming pool. Byron Knowles, 13, from NP, on the ...

Ratepayers should say yes to everything.

Easy to get caught fouling

Willie Le Roux (R) of the Sharks and Jason Emery of the Highlanders clash in the Super Rugby match between the ...

With all the cameras at sporting events these days, and considering their zoom quality and picture definition, it is beyond me why players still continue to commit serious fouls and also take dives

Individual tragedies in every war

Each death in war is a tragedy, despite what it might help achieve.

The greatest honour we can pay fallen soldiers is doing everything we can to make sure their tragedy is the last.

Banning dogs a slippery slope

If a dog attacks a person, look to the owner not the breed as the reason, says Rachel Stewart.

OPINION: Like a gun licence, owning any dog of any breed should be a privilege, not a right.

OPINION: Dogs reflect their owners

#### Dog. PIT BULL  An American Pitt Bull Terrier X. Picture by David White... 01/12/2004 29452 Photographers Auckland  ...

OPINION: Hysteria is defined as 'exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement' and has been known, if used well, to serve a useful purpose.

The best of our community spirit

Members of the Joe's Garage Charity Cycle Riders, from left, Nicola Luxton, Ernie Blom and Jo Gibbs. The group has ...

"What makes the difference is that somebody said, 'Yes' when we asked for help."

Fluoride decisions in right hands

Fluoridation - either it's the right idea for good dental outcomes, or it isn't.

OPINION: The government actually made a good call this week, says Ross Henderson.

A home is not a scandal

The rate of home ownership among MPs is well above average.

EDITORIAL: You can find the sinister in MPs home ownership rates, or you can decide to find the success.

A self-penned eulogy?

Gordon Burnside has left it too late to take a men's fashion magazine into a barber's shop and say "give me one of these ...

OPINION: Not sure when "elderly" kicks in and not really looking forward to it either, but old is OK.

Masters ultimate golf tournament

Bernhard Langer of Germany putts on the sixth green during the final round of the 2016 Masters Tournament at Augusta ...

OPINION: A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the issue of equal pay for women in sports and was surprised that it didn't receive a bigger reaction. I took this to mean that most agree or that few read the column … I prefer to think the former. Those who did object did so rather vociferously, although I feel they must have stopped reading as soon as they thought I was misguided.

A story about Tomato Pete

There is nothing easy about dog trialing but some people love the challenge.

Sometimes you have to fall off the rails to get back on the right track.

Tax haven rep just another embarrassment

PM John Key says New Zealand "not a tax haven" because it has strong disclosure regime. Ross Henderson disagrees.

OPINION: All the factors that make New Zealand an appealing place for the wealthy to hide their cash.

What the port has 'stolen' from us

Port Taranaki's paid parking trial doesn't sit well with whoever wrote this sign - and John Sargeant as well.

OPINION: What Port Taranaki has really done is taken away a bit of what makes Taranaki special.

A breath of anti-hero honesty

Jeremy Wells and Matt Heath are yet to apologise to Deborah Stokes after putting her live on air.

EDITORIAL: You can't expect to tell people to push boundaries and not cross them.

The winter of content is upon us

It's tough to beat a delicious winter roast.

EDITORIAL: For those readers who love the summer, today must feel a bit like a sick, belated April Fool.

A city of hope

New Plymouth's population is increasing by 1000 people a year and plans are already afoot on how to accommodate them.

Someone recently coined the phrase "New Plymouth, a City of Hope." I like it, says Martien Kelderman.

Law reforms fall short

Pike River remains one of New Zealand's most avoidable tragedies, Ross Henderson says.

Monday will see an improvement in health and safety laws in New Zealand, no question. But it could have and should have been protection for all.

A shame about the flag result

Time to move on from the flag referendum, says John Sargeant.

Democracy has a price - in this case $26 million.

Tennis director was right

Maria Sharapova of Russia is well known for her screaming while playing a point.

OPINION: Raymond Moore was right that female tennis players don't deserve the same pay as men.

The cavalry are coming

The expected return of John McLeod to the New Plymouth District Council is giving a few people the jitters, says Gordon ...

The Department of No doesn't enjoy horsing around, says Gordon Burnside.

Christianity - my choice

Christianity is not a blue blooded religion - it's a little bit common, write Jacqui Paterson.

OPINION: Christianity is forced on nobody today. We have choices dripping from the ceiling.

The price of provincial glory

Shane Cleaver played 46 matches for Taranaki, before retiring in 2013 due to concussion.

EDITORIAL: Revelations that five members of Taranaki's 1964 Ranfurly Shield winning rugby team went on to develop dementia in later life have brought to the fore 

Mud fight stifles real debate

John Key was quick to create a storm in a teacup over Andrew Little's immigration comments.

OPINION: John Key was quick to create a storm in a teacup over Andrew Little's immigration comments.

Two tough issues on the boil

Andrew Little should know better, says John Sargeant.

OPINION: Issues' proponents show insensitivity and naivety, says John Sargeant.

Trump's success he learned here

Republican candidate Donald Trump could well be the next president of the USA.

Here in NZ we have a quite large section of the community which is a lot special, so does the USA but most have guns.

Collins' raw deal from feminism

Judith Collins is more maligned for her gender than her politics, Rachel Stewart says.

OPINION: Feminism is not a buffet you can pick and choose from.

From a farming MP to her province

Taranaki King Country MP Barbara Kuriger says three pieces of legislation will help ease the payout pain for dairy farmers.

OPINION: Farming is a cyclical business and always has been. As a collective, we always get through.

Medicinal marijuana reform needed

Helen Kelly uses a cannabis product to help with pain, nausea and appetite issues as she continues her chemotherapy.

OPINION: Perceptions of recreational pot smokers are barriers to medicinal law reform.

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