Waitangi Day a puzzler

New Zealand has struggled with finding an appropriate way of remembering the Treaty of Waitangi since it was signed in 1840.

It's our only true homegrown national holiday and we really don't know how to deal with it.

Garner: Idle hands and teen deaths

Duncan Garner says bored teens in small towns can lead to fatal consequences.

COMMENT: There's an old saying that idle hands are the devil's workshop.

Fifty years ago

Former Taranaki Daily News editor Denis Garcia explores the pages of the past.

Former Taranaki Daily News editor Denis Garcia takes readers on a trip through the pages of the past.

Customers should get over themselves

If a cafe won't serve you a trim flat white, go to one that will.

Businesses should be applauded for sticking to their trim milk guns.

Old joker plays the race card

Winston Peters with Orewa Rotarian Bill Earwaker.

OPINION: I wonder why people choose to make their outlandish speeches in Orewa.

Taranaki - where life's good, and free

The "achingly beautiful" TSB Festival of Lights.

OPINION: In Las Vegas you pay for everything. Taranaki, you enjoy for free.

Flexible principles help Key, while Labour continues to flounder

Duncan Garner says people want news 24/7, and NewsHub will give it to them.

OPINION: How on earth can Labour beat John Key?

Shearer derails Little's masterstroke

Labour's decision to oppose the TPPA is finally some good news, Ross Henderson says.

Yet another development in the TPPA fiasco, but for once it's good news.

Little living in the 80s

Andrew Littl's workplace training policies are outdated, says John Sargeant. New Zealand children are already ahead of the IT game.

OPINION: John Key uses skill and care, Andrew Little's more like kill and scare.

Amir now a punchline

Mohammad Amir's humiliation could make other would be cheaters think twice.

An "inappropriate" joke could be just the thing cricket needs.

Ticking off our roading wishlist

Work on the Mt Messenger tunnel in 1983, to allow 'Think Big' projects to go ahead.

OPINION: Despairing about the goat track to the North is something of a regional pastime.

PM: Helping Taranaki get ahead

Mt Messenger has long been renowned for requiring extensive repair works.

OPINION: As one of New Zealand's most productive regions, we recognise that Taranaki deserves a safer and more reliable transport lifeline.

Surf comp depended on sponsorship

Hawaii's Carissa Moore began her rise to international surfing stardom and number one ranking with her first ASP tour win at Fitzroy Beach in 2010.

It was a dream run but now we have to wake up.

Food brands the future

Inge & Marcel Vercammen's Van Dyck fine Foods has been held up as the type of value added brand Taranaki food producers should be establishing,

Taranaki food producers could take some money making tips from their Dutch counterparts, says Steve Maharey.

Scale of wealth disparity alarms

Dean Jamie Allen says every single cent you give away to those in need is an act of compassion.

Dean Jamie Allen attempts to get his head around the world's alarming wealth disparity.

TPPA debate 'public relations exercise'

Some of the most offensive and misleading slurs about TPPA opponents have come from the Prime Minister himself columnist Ross Henderson says.

OPINION: Don't let the TPPA become the worst decision yet that the Government successfully tricked the public into putting up with.

Mt Taranaki 'not a person'

John Sargeant reckons calling Taranaki 'The Naki' is just as bad culturally as standing or going to the toilet on the summit of Mt Taranaki.

OPINION: Our mountain is simply not a person however symbolic, it’s a mountain and people love to climb mountains.

Don't fear the winds of change

TV3 changes to Newshub

EDITORIAL: When the internet welcomes international competitors of the likes of Facebook, Google, Buzzfeed and Amazon into your market - you'd better shape up fast.

Theories on Bowie and Rickman

Bowie was forever enigmatic, his music and assumed personas hard to fully comprehend or understand.

OPINION: We’d be OK if Keith Richards died because he’s been asking for it, flirting with death, his whole life.

Church chooses to stick together

Archbishop Philip Richardson praises the humility and unity of Anglican leaders at the church's communion at Canterbury.

OPINION: People had anticipated an Anglican split - the reality was much different.

We live in the lucky country

Cape Reinga is a jewel in the crown for New Zealand, says Duncan Garner.

OPINION: The good the bad and ugly in New Zealand

Playing poverty semantics

Former Act Party leader Jamie Whyte.

OPINION: Poverty in New Zealand is limited opportunities, growing inequality, sick children, hurting communities.

Safe swimming message must get through

Rivers are the killers, John Sargeant says.

OPINION: It's not just school's who have the responsibility of teaching kids to swim.

A future of different beliefs

Maori have a range of cultural beliefs that influence what is acceptable on Mt Taranaki.

EDITORIAL: We've all grown up around its slopes but it's constantly surprising how little we know about Mt Taranaki.

Clinging to Christmas

Remarkably, Christmas continues to inspire and unite our world, says Martein Kelderman.

OPINION: It's extraordinary how the Christmas story just won't go away.

Riding a rednecked wave

Donald Trump is racist, outspoken against anybody not Middle America and had outrageous policies, writes John Sargeant.

OPINION: Donald Trump was laughable, at least until people realised that he was gaining too much traction to be taken lightly

Time to start future proofing

New Zealand was given some harsh economic lessons last year. Have we heeded them?

OPINION: Ross Henderson isn't convinced last year's economic lessons have been learned.

Smoking becoming an embarrassing habit

Stubbing out the smokes shows sound financial intelligence.

EDITORIAL: Smoking has turned a corner and is on the homeward straight to being a thing of the past. 

A year of hoping

Gordon Burnside wonders if a move to A2 milk could insulate the dairy industry from the ups and downs of the commodity game.

You might be on holiday but Gordon Burnside isn't taking any time off from his columnist duties.

Pet ownership a way of life

Having a dog is a way of life says Rachel Stewart.

Dogs and cats. Oh how we love them.

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