Most freedom campers care about our country

Many freedom campers young foreigners wanting to see the world at a cost they can afford.

A pickle of a situation

This skyscraper in London is affectionately called the gherkin. If you leave a real gherkin on the vine for a couple of ...

If you want a happy life you should think about saying no to gherkins.

Jim Tucker: Is it time to legalise performance drugs?

Could the Patrick Tuipulotu case be a tipping point in a change of public opinion about the legality of drugs in sport?

 OPINION: People find a way around most prohibitions if there's enough money in it.

Crimes down but police numbers rise

The Government has increased the number of police even though figures show that crime is down.

OPINION: You'd be excused for thinking I had a vested interest in seeing fewer police on the streets given the criminal proceedings in my name, but I think it is a bit sad to see an increase in numbers so well applauded for other reasons.

A new way to kill your brain

Reckon anyone would watch a live stream of people milking cows? These days, you never know.

OPINION: Would you watch a video of me milking cows? It wouldn't be glamorous, but it might make a shedload of moolah.

Editorial: If the court was a parent...

In the New Plymouth District Court this week we saw an example of a criminal (read child) escaping their punishment from ...

...it might be the one whose kid never actually got punished.

No, you're (probably) not going to die

Several studies have shown a predilection for polo shirts significantly increases your chances of suffering from hay fever.

Happiness and a clean bill of health could just be one little pill away.

The cost of 'freeload' camping

A local and central government working party was set up in October to look at how freedom camping is managed and regulated.

OPINION: Regional NZ abandoned to the consequences of freedom camping.

Hitting back at ageism

Lisa Tamati's columns will feature every fourth Wednesday online and in the Taranaki Daily News. Tamati is a ...

OPINION: A civilised culture is, in my opinion, measured on how it treats its vulnerable citizens.

Life made up of different stages

Fifty years of working and now there is time to get back on the motorbike.

Practicing what we preach

Into the Wild, a 1970s story of death in the Alaskan wilderness, embodies the Christian faith for Annie Baigent-Ritchie.

OPINION: Let us emulate the authenticity of Alaskan wilderness victim Chris McCandless.

We could stage the sevens here

Death of the sevens in Wellington was confirmed last weekend.

 OPINION: We can do the big stuff as well as anyone.

Show children the value of education

It's important children understand the importance of learning, Dennis Ngawhare says.

In the origin myths of Te Ao Māori (the Māori world) the birth of the universe began in Te Kore (the Void). 

Don't sweat it

The blackboard is long gone - what educational tool is next.

EDITORIAL: Children heading back to school this week are preparing for a whole new world

A question of competition

Other New Plymouth fuel retailers were quick to match Gull's prices when it opened on Friday.

The Gull effect will being cheaper fuel but bitterness may remain.

A glimpse into the past and future

Graeme Duckett once experienced a premonition involving a sheep and a bridge.

Have you ever met someone you thought looked familiar even though you had never seen them in this life.

A rusty old business

Fluoro orange backing has made new signs at Pukekura Park in New Plymouth easier to read but made the ampersands look ...

Jim Tucker has spent a life time chronicling screw ups and now he's found some at Pukekura Park.

An anthem for change video

The All Blacks love singing the national anthem before their games. As is obvious in this picture.

We've sung it since we were babies but is it time we updated our anthem?

A democratic disservice

Politics 101. If enough people vote for a candidate then that candidate is the winner.

EDITORIAL: Is attacking a democratically elected President easier than making a real difference?

Time to step back

Letting kids take risks is all part of a good upbringing, Barrie Smith says.

OPINION: Let's inject some commonsense into this 'Nanny State' world.

How we treat 'others'

What does the election of Donald Trump have to do with the Bible? Andrew Callander explains.

OPINION: 2016's big political events echo the central theme of the Bible.

Our complaints tell us a lot

New Plymouth's Womad festival may be internationally renowned but that doesn't stop it copping noise complaints.

If a bit of noise at night is causing you pain, count your lucky stars.

Wide impact of a life begun here

Bruce Brown attended New Plymouth Boys High School, excelling in academia and sport, in particular rugby and boxing.

OPINION: The story of one of Taranaki's finest exports.

Hairdressers say 'It's not OK'

Hairdressers often know secrets - such as our real hair colour.

OPINION: Hairdressers can be entrusted with painful secrets.

Fat & thin in the food aisles

Where you linger in a supermarket while food shopping depends on whether you're overweight or thin, says John Sargeant.

OPINION: Can body shapes can determine where shoppers spend the most time in supermarkets?

The world is coming

The Pouakai Crossing is the region's newest attraction and now described as one of New Zealand's great day walks.

OPINION: Let's stop thinking small and locally – let's start thinking expansively and internationally.

Missed opportunity for Naki

New Plymouth's Pukekura Park is almost universally admired as a gem. Should it be on the international cricket schedule?

OPINION: Pukekura Park's absence from the international cricketing schedule is a lost opportunity for Taranaki.

All Kiwis should be quake aware

The Kaikoura coastline following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

 Quake damage is a strong reminder of importance of being prepared for any disaster.

Hail the early pioneers

Life was tough for Taranaki's earliest pioneers.

OPINION: Going back in time to briefly forget all the bad news in the world.

What slogan for unaffordable city?

Auckland - not a cheap place to live.

EDITORIAL: Wherever you go in your free time these days, it usually has a slogan.

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