Young's challenge in going it alone

tara landscapestrap

OPINION: National's New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young is unlikely to admit it, but having Labour list MP Andrew Little "mouthing off about New Plymouth" for the last three years kept him on his toes.

Saving the riverbank's pohutukawas

pohutukawa tree

I see only 23 pohutukawa trees are to be removed from the Waitara River bank.

Election shows serious lack of confidence in ourselves


This election has revealed things that should have most people scratching their heads and asking a few questions.

The business of enslaving hearts

mike o'donnell MOD

OPINION: Apple has a freakish ability to deliver irresistible goodness we don't yet know we want.

Big Ferdie's back - so that's all right

OPINION: New Zealand's isolation is often seen as a negative.

Letter: Parking meter blues

parking meter

I parked under the Warehouse on Friday, September 12, at approximately 8am, and worked through to 5pm.

Letter: Fonterra spill a real stinker

The Eltham wastewater treatment plant pond where Fonterra has dumped buttermilk byproduct that is creating a stink with nearby residents.

Further to the many newspaper reports and to the recent Campbell Live report, re the appalling and dangerous stink afflicting the citizens of Eltham.

The Five Eyes advantage

Glenn Greenwald

OPINION: New Zealand spies on its allies, says journalist Glenn Greenwald, and promises the details later. Greenwald is right, and this fact has been known for some years. Many other countries do it too. The question is: is it wrong?



OPINION: Lost in translation

Letter: Fluoride fatty


I'm sure I'm not the only one in this position so I feel that the time has come to point out the real danger around the removal of fluoride in our water supply - substantial weight gain and itchy scalps.

Time for an electoral law shake up

Electioneering law in this country continues to cause mystification.

Letter: Too much sweet drink is child abuse

The Taranaki Daily News (September 8) describes the rotten teeth of a toddler who has been consuming a daily 1.5-litre bottle of coke.

Letter: All for Maori wards

I disagree with Winston Peters. He needs to listen to the future of New Plymouth, because that is common sense!

Welcome mood for change at council


In days gone by, a job with the Government was an attractive option for many.

Dotcom circus detracts from real issues

Kim Dotcom

Does Dotcom truly want to save New Zealand by giving us free internet to watch with some legalised cannabis?

Letter: Naturally beautiful


It was a very good editorial in Saturday's paper (September 6) with some important points and questions raised, and in my view is aligned with what this council is hearing from the mayoral-led Community Conversations.

Hard graft, belts and journeymen

Sam Rapira

OPINION: Love it or loathe it, boxing in its various forms has captured the imagination of sports fans in Taranaki.

Letter: H&S changes loom

club sport soccor

I wonder how many of my friends and colleagues in sport and recreation are readying themselves for the health and safety reforms scheduled to come into force April 1, 2015.

Letter: I drink our river water

tdn tucker strap

Having fished all Taranaki rivers for more than 50 years, I feel qualified to comment on their state.

A welcome relief

OPINION: I couldn't have timed this holiday better. It's sunshine, salt water and sand instead of election promises.

Winston plays 'Guess Who?'

winston peters

OPINION: Winston Peters is likely to choose who our next prime minister, but voting for him is gamble.

Something's rotten in our water

water generic

OPINION: Some issues never seem to go away and fluoride is one of them.

Labour man with work to do

Ammunition to shoot down poll

Labour MP Andrew Little strap

OPINION: Andrew Little is right to question his abysmal showing in the Taranaki Daily News election poll result but he cannot ignore it.

Tottering colt takes on the warhorse

winston peters

OPINION: Winston Peters has cast himself earnestly as the person who will ultimately decide who will lead the next government.

Letter: Nasty and callous

power line generic

John Sargeant's column on August 30 is like the column before and the one before and the one before that.

Letter: Key's political stunt

Teachers protest

Investing in Educational Success (IES) is the Government's current flagship education policy.

Good policy poorly sold


OPINION: Labour leader David Cunliffe is doing a poor job of selling a good policy: his capital gains tax.

Letter: Wrong field

tdn yarrow stadium

I wish to complain to the Taranaki Rugby Football Union about playing the Development team on a No 2 ground.

Letter: Right to live

Sexual predators

People give up their right to belong to our society when they abuse our children.

Letter: Children's perspective needed

School classroom

I am Ethan Griffiths, I'm 12 years old and a student at Francis Douglas Memorial College.

Letter: Maori funding

magnifying glass dollar

With all the large Maori Treaty settlements made which add up to millions of dollars, surely it must go a long way to helping the poorer Maori families that we hear about struggling with housing problems etc.

Every vote sends a message

The election came to New Plymouth with a bang on Monday night.

Letter: Air crash records

 Moturoa resident Barrie Slyfield

Thank you for the interesting interview with Barrie Slyfield and his recollection of wartime days. There was a reference to a crash near Omata and the absence of information about the event.

Letter: Demolition plans

It is disappointing to read about the looming demolition of the 98-year- old school boarding hostel building at the New Plymouth Boys' High School.

Bid to embrace random acts of kindness

Libby Weaver

OPINION: Serendipitously I find that the day on which I get to write my first contribution to this column is Random Acts of Kindness Day.

'Marae justice' can work for communities

OPINION: Crime and punishment have long been matters of dissent within our society.

Capacity building must now focus on whanau level

In 1984, the then Minister for Maori Affairs Koro Wetere called a hui of Maori leaders to consider the future for Maori development.

Letter: Bridge upgrade

Durham St traffic jam

The Vickers-to-City upgrade will be commencing in the near future.

Letter: Why more booze outlets?


It concerns me that two businesses have, or have applied for, liquor licences for the East End and Fitzroy Beaches.

What future after oil, gas and dairy?

Dairy cows

OPINION: Dear as we might hold them, the best things about Taranaki need to be more than oil, gas and dairy, as Taranaki-King Country National candidate Barbara Kuriger so succinctly put it on Prime Television last month.

Winston may be kingmaker but watch out for Prince Colin

Colin Craig

OPINION: Did Craig spit the dummy and go away? No. He lifted his game.

Fast food crisis

KFC fire

OPINION: The biggest story of the week in this neck of the woods was the KFC catching fire.

Court ruling on river opens doors

Waikato River

The way has been opened for further court action as Maori reclaim rivers they say they never willingly sold.

Editorial | No hope when candidate doubts leader

Georgina Beyer

OPINION: With Georgina Beyer what you see is what you get. At least as a politician. So what was it that Internet Mana didn't see?

Shooting creates shockwaves

Ashburton winz shooting

OPINION: What happened in Ashburton on Monday will reverberate throughout the country for a long time to come.

Digital records that come back to haunt


OPINION: In the digital age keeping information private is a major challenge.

Letter: Playing with lives

Waitara River

I watched Friday's council meeting online and was not very impressed. It was stated that all affected groups had worked out this (Waitara) deal.

Letter: Religious disinterest would help

Religion, Christianity, Easter

Much vitriol has been generated by the warring political parties in the lead-up to the general election.

Who might the 'average New Zealander' be?

tdn rachel

If I hear one more politician tell me what New Zealanders want I'm going to change my nationality.

Getting on with what really matters

OPINION: While politicians and the news media focus on the upcoming election, we here in Taranaki get on with real life and what really matters.

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