Letter: LED screen top idea

Pukekura Park

OPINION: Replacing our old electronic scoreboard with a new $500,000 70sqm LED screen, which not only will be able to show live action, advertisements, the score but also replay footage, is a brilliant idea. It's a pity it couldn't screen overseas games live so people could come to Yarrow Stadium and watch it.

Letter: Toxic ways must end

River water quality

Taranaki Daily News

OPINION: It seems most apparent to me that Basil Chamberlain and Gary Bedford both lack the resolve to undertake the task that Government has charged them with: to oversee and implement the national water quality standards.

Balancing act on the battlefield

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining chairman Phil McCabe

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining is preparing to do battle again.

Letter: Use Kiwis in rebuild


OPINION: I watched a recent TV show on the plight of Filipino tradespeople employed on the Christchurch re-build.

Letter: Licence to fail drivers


OPINION: I was interested to read Averyl Maxwell's letter in Monday's paper (Taranaki Daily News, July 28). I, too, am concerned at what seems to be a policy of automatically failing these youngsters irrespective of their driving ability.

Signing off with a heartfelt request



This time next week, I'll be missing you.

Peters is back in the game again

Winston Peters

NZ's Mixed Members Proportional voting system, which we all know as MMP continues to throw up all sorts of vagaries.

Letter: What became of TSB caring about people?

TSB boss Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy's excuse for closing the TSB branch at Merrilands is because there are not enough customers.

We need an outpouring of compassion

Faith in Taranaki


OPINION: The recent shooting down of a civilian airliner in eastern Ukraine is the stuff of nightmares or Hollywood movies.

Triumph of excellence over electioneering

New Zealand at Commonwealth Games

OPINION: We have the wonderful spectacle of the Commonwealth Games to remind us what is really important in this world - winning.

Settlements much like the reality PKW grew from

tdn avid strap

It's a busy and significant time for Taranaki Maori with two Treaty settlements on the verge of completion and a third settlement deal being finalised with the Government.

Championing a cultural treasure

te reo

OPINION: Pakeha often feel intimidated by Maori culture and language. We're afraid of making mistakes and being mocked for it.

A feast of football

Football generic

OPINION: The partners of footballers, well, those who don't play as well, often lament that football never ends.

The deathly hush over accountability

accident crash road generic

OPINION: It has been 10 long months since anyone's felt brave enough to use the word "accountability" out loud.

Te reo enriches us all

te reo

Thirty-nine years have passed since the first Maori Language Week and the theme this year is "Te Kupu o te Wiki".

Water wars intensifying in spiritual home


OPINION: While New Zealand is battling it out over water quality, California is quite simply running out of it.

Dry attack makes for worthy winners


Avon Lewis

OPINION: The mud city moas found a dry track suited them just as well in the premier club rugby final.

Water wars intensifying in spiritual home

RUGGED COAST: Mendocino County lies on the beautiful coast of northern California.

OPINION: Everyone has a spiritual home. A place you wish you were if only "real life" didn't get in the way.

We're more porn star than rock star

Duncan Garner

OPINION: Rock star economy? More like a one-hit wonder at best.

No need to cry for milled milk


OPINION: Have newspapers been scooped by the New York Times or have they fallen prey to clever PR?

Finding a place for young and old

EDITORIAL - Taranaki Daily News

OPINION: Small towns will die as their elderly populations dwindle, says the Royal Society's Our Futures report.

Fresh and clean, the memory is vivid

100% Pure strap

It might have been yesterday, so vivid is the memory.

War suits powerful interests

Mahmoud Abbas

OPINION: Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, said something cryptic on Friday.

No real complaints: 1080 to the rescue


OPINION: The introduced predators which dine on our unique wildlife love the New Zealand climate, frosts and all.

Letter: Let's talk


Discussions that give women more control as sperm catchers and baby carriers needs be in vernacular and niceties need be sidelined.

Letter: Hopes and dreams


The article Dreaming of enough to eat (Taranaki Daily News, July 12) is not new and is wrong about the Marfell area.

Creating space to get life back in balance


OPINION: I wonder if you read this heartbreaking piece of news last week?

Business on walkway must be limited

coastal walkway strap

News that New Plymouth's popular coastal walkway will soon be hosting businesses dotted along it will no doubt get a mixed reception.

Maori Party needed as National's coalition partner

Maori Party logo

OPINION: A recent poll has predicted that the Maori Party faces the real possibility of exiting Parliament at the next election.

Greener for Harre on the other side

Laila Harre

OPINION: Digging through archived photos, we unearthed one of Laila Harre in a flowing red dress, clutching red roses.

Farmers chief bows out

Bruce Wills

OPINION: I will miss the cut and thrust of farmer politics, but I am looking forward to getting back to farming.

Inside the mind of a stalker

Glenn Green

OPINION: Glenn Green and police say he is the country's most dangerous stalker and seems he's interested in stalking me.

Breaching the social contract


OPINION: Wealthy people like to make a fuss about the difference between tax avoidance and evasion.

Letter: Fearful note, Mr Key

The prime minister's declared support for speeding up the process of dying should fill us all with fear and trepidation.

Letter: 150 years

From March 6-9, 2015 Okato and districts will celebrate 150 years of settlement.

David Cunliffe's apology brave, not silly

CHRIS TROTTER - Taranaki Daily News

"I'm sorry for being a man, right now."

Let natural justice tread its path

OPINION: The controversy around diplomatic immunity and the Malaysian diplomat accused of burglary and attempted rape has been rekindled by the complainant's appearance on TV3's 3rd Degree programme.

Letter: Win at whose cost?

I can't work out why the chief executive [Barbara McKerrow] was so happy about wasting $2.05 million of ratepayers' money on the Waitara lease land case.

Letter: Liquor outlet questions

OPINION: The liquor outlet who served the man who killed Carmen Rogers should be brought to justice and made an example of.

Brutal past no bar to Indonesian politics

OPINION: Only a very bad novelist would dare to write a scenario as simplistic as the current presidential election in Indonesia.

A spirit undaunted

Scott Donaldson

OPINION: The storm Scott Donaldson is facing 70 kilometres out at sea is hardly the run home he was looking for but his spirit is undaunted.

Peeved off with password overload

OPINION: It was enough to get the sweat beading on my top lip. The pert pink-lipsticked woman in front of me looked expectantly at my face, then sighed softly and said: "Is there a problem here?"

Letter: 'Subprime borrowers'

According to Equifax, the issuance of credit cards for 2014 is the most since the financial bust of 2008.

Letter: Election time madness

The pre-election season rolls on. Side-shows emerge, ignoring anything of substance.

Education key to minimising injuries

rugby strap

Rugby is our national sport. We produce the best players, year in and year out.

Promising claims and broken dreams

GORDON BURNSIDE - Taranaki Daily News

There is nothing ever certain in this world, but you can be certain you are among the very few distinguished persons this morning to be absolutely certain of one thing at least; that there is at least one person reading my column today and that is you.

Tuheitia's son: the shame of it all

Korotangi Paki

OPINION: Amid the indignation following a decision to discharge Korotangi Paki without a conviction last week, there were some sage words from restorative justice campaigner Kim Workman.

Letter: Council must fix it

The chief executive and the mayor need to stop putting the lease issue blame on the iwi or the Crown, they did not do the damage.

Letter: Leaseholders kept in limbo

Sad to see the outcome of the Waitara endowment land in the past few weeks.

Fish & Game are top of my popularity poll


OPINION: Finding out what people think and feel when they see a logo or brand is always an interesting exercise.

Special offers
Opinion poll

The lower drink-driving limits from December are:

Great - too much carnage on our roads.

Overkill - targets moderate drinkers, not the heavies

Still too little - make it zero tolerance.

Sensible - punishment is in line with lesser breaches of limit.

Vote Result

Related story: Drink-drive limits lowered

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