Dear Baz and the boys

OPINION: Mate, you asked us to dare to dream. We did. Now the reality is dawning.

Housing policy deceptive

OPINION: The Government has acknowledged many state houses are not up to standard and have not been properly maintained.

Legal spying doesn't make it right

A government statement in December 2012, announcing it had nominated Trade Minister Tim Groser for the position of director-general of the World Trade Organisation, was headed "PM supports Tim Groser's WTO bid".

That which binds us needn't rule us

OPINION: No one needs rules. Rules are the refuge of the narrow mind, especially when it comes to language.

Time to dig deep for a neighbour

OPINION: As days go by the devastation caused to Vanuatu by tropical Cyclone Pam becomes clearer.

Can reptiles derail a new house?

OPINION: Officials needed to know whether lizards or native geckos exist at the property ... and whether their lives are in danger.

Roast Busters failings intolerable

OPINION: Police Minister Michael Woodhouse rightly had concerns with the police's handling of the "Roast Busters" case.

Nats look desperate up north

Prime Minister John Key admitted National had " a big job to do" in Northland.

Letters: NZTA advice sound

"We thank motorists for driving with courtesy and care, which assisted traffic flow immeasurably, and we congratulate the organisers of Womad and the people of Taranaki for a hugely successful festival."

Editorial: Talent judges paid to be abusive

OPINION: We can disown Natalia Kills, one of The X Factor NZ judges dumped after the bullying of a contestant was beamed around the world.

Womad raging success despite NZTA's efforts

OPINION: My critic said "you need to get out more" and so dear readers, I did.

Letters: Indonesia rules, OK

Indonesia rules,OK

When is right for pay rises?

For the Northland by-election the Government is promising to widen one-way bridges and bring better internet services.

Time to stop the perks

OPINION: Prime Minister John Key's plans to curb MPs' pay rises hit a snag last week.

Death in a council flat

OPINION: Poor Dean Stewart died the loneliest of deaths inside his Wellington council flat, lying undiscovered for a month.

By-election helps bridge the gap

OPINION: The confluence of a by-election and a spurt of infrastructural-development announcements in Northland inevitably raised questions in Parliament about the timing of National's interest in rejuvenating the backward region.

Letters: Americarna praised

Americarna praised I was a first-time entrant in this years' Americarna festival, and very pleased to be able to participate in the three day events.

By-election may bring home bacon

National Party campaign strategists have played the infrastructural-development card after opinion polls showed the safe seat of Northland might fall to NZ First leader Winston Peters at the by-election later this month.

Don't sweat the surplus

Moodys Investor Services gave Finance Minister Bill English another platform for grandstanding about his budget management last week.

The China connection

OPINION: Data gatherers from the Government Communications Security Bureau aren't the only ones who have been busy in the South Pacific.

Editorial: Is NZ an intelligence player, or just a pawn?

If New Zealand is selling out its "little neighbours" in an attempt to impress its big American brother, as has been claimed, it has all the makings of a fable - albeit one with an unhappy ending.

Donations a bit whiffy

OPINION: Nelson-based Talley's, an international exporter of food products, has interests in the seafood, meat, dairy and vegetable sectors.

Editorial: Review lobby funding

The World Health Organisation plays a public-health role when it promotes tougher measures against smoking, including so-called plain-packaging.

Letters: Stunning success

Congratulations to the organisers of Americarna 2015. It was stunningly successful.

Should we pay lobbyists?

OPINION: A thorough Government review of the extent of political lobbying with public funding is long overdue.

Letters: New flag

Surely it would have been better to ask the taxpayers to vote whether the government should be spending this amount of money on a new flag?

Burnside's take on hopefuls

OPINION: Burnside's take on the council hopefuls.

Special privileges for Maori replace doing the right thing

OPINION: Howie Tamati, sole Maori councillor on the New Plymouth District Council, sees the granting of Maori wards on local councils as a step in the right direction, telling Radio New Zealand it is "not the right answer but a start". He is wrong, very wrong.

Warrior back in the fray

OPINION: NZ First leader Winston Peters disclosed on Waitangi Day he was considering running for the vacant Northland seat at the by-election on March 28.

World's changing fast, MPs need to get on board

OPINION: There is little doubt - excuse the pun - who our next prime minister will be.

Need for data on foreign ownership

OPINION: Recording who owns what will at least tell us how much land is already foreign-owned.

Call for vote a waste of hot air

OPINION: Not all commitments of troops have been put to a vote, and there is no legal requirement for Government to obtain Parliament's consent.

Skiing with foe not exactly crime

OPINION: Laila Harre and Matthew Hooton, enjoying a skiing holiday together?

Bennett: Cricket, oh, what a pleasurable war

OPINION: I made a promise to the dog. "I'll just watch the first five overs," I said. "Then I'll get back to work."

Charter school spotlight on minister

OPINION: Education Minister Hekia Parata has invested a great deal of political capital in proving the critics wrong.

Don't waste Kiwi lives

OPINION: More than 4000 US soldiers, and countless Iraqi civilians, have died in Iraq since 2003.

X-ray all airport bags

OPINION: It is tempting to wonder if our biosecurity system has gone to the dogs.

Turning boys into good men

OPINION: Not many people frighten me - but Celia Lashlie certainly did. Fortunately she was on my side.

Letters: Different viewpoint

Different viewpoint Waitara is a great place to live with a vibrant community and positive attitude, which contradicts the views of those of Joe Rauner (letters February 9).

Editorial: Afloat in a sea of corporate welfare

Fresh from having their fingers burnt at the SkyCity casino, Prime Minister John Key and Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce are musing on how much to sink into a fresh misadventure.

Letters: Tall poppies

Whatever possessed the combined wisdom of the editorial staff and past editor Lance Girling-Butcher to offer such ill-disposed comments around the extraordinary achievement of "New Plymouth boy" Anthony McCarten?

Bad day for Little

OPINION: He's principled, but Labour leader Andrew Little needs to get a hand on his housekeeping.

Show us the benefits of our megamillions

OPINION: Government-industry partnerships aim to transform the sustainability and productivity pastoral and food industries through innovation, but are we getting value for money.

Behaving nicely doesn't guarantee reward

OPINION: This is a long shot, said the woman's voice on the phone.

Chronic fabulist's untruths exposed

Do you ever feel that you would be happy if only you had a ton of money with a bit of eminence and fame thrown in?

SkyCity plays better poker

As Minister of Tourism, John Key has been peculiarly fixated on conference centres.

Hurled smack into a wall of writer's block

Writer's block. Who'd have it? Well, as it turns out, me. I feel like I've just admitted a common and private malady. Like erectile dysfunction.

Throw the book at parents

OPINION: One of the most powerful messages this week came from a District Court judge named Pippa Sinclair.

Underneath it changes little

OPINION: It is important to keep abreast of the modern world and the young who inhabit it.

Key to face the heat over SkyCity deal

OPINION: The parliamentary year has only just begun, but John Key already questioning over the SkyCity deal.

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