Letter: Fearful note, Mr Key

20:01, Jul 10 2014

The prime minister's declared support for speeding up the process of dying should fill us all with fear and trepidation.

It is written in the hearts of man, by our Creator, the commandment, ''Thou shalt not kill''. The prime minister should be well aware that the World Medical Association, the NZMA and Hospice New Zealand are implacably opposed to doctors killing their patients or assisting in their suicide.

Murder and assisted suicide are serious crimes in the Crimes Act, they are there to protect the weak and vulnerable. Mr Key's frightening statement is indicative that he is prepared to allow for the killing of the vulnerable in the expectation that this will produce electoral gain.

Why should we elect a leader who is prepared to condone the killing of the vulnerable in order to gain re-election? Is he proposing to have hospital patients in a terminal condition given a set number of days in which to die?

Mr Key, this is not the terrifying world that we want for our vulnerable elderly. You are strongly urged to withdraw this statement and to reaffirm your support for the NZMA in its opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide.




Taranaki Daily News