20:33, May 24 2012
tdn oldies stand
Wii? No thankyou, I'm wearing my incontinence pad.

Get a flat, Doyle

No one knows better than the folks here at Unreported that some people think the New Plymouth District councillors are old fuddy duddies.

In most cases they would be right, which is why we support young chaps such as Reuben Doyle who stand up and say they'll stand for council next year. Good on you Reuben. You're a real go-getter.

And from what we have heard your mum wants you to go get a flat. We agree. You're 30 years old now mate and shouldn't still be living at home.

Jordan's bold move

Politics is no job for the easily offended, even small town politics such as the Inglewood Community Board meeting on Tuesday.


Upon completion of the get- together, board member Richard Jordan put his life at risk when he offered councillor John McLeod a copy of the Code of Conduct to rip in half, reminiscent of his treatment of a Venture Taranaki report land reflective of his attitude to the CoC.

It was a bold move and it must be said John showed considerable restraint at this ribbing.

Despite knowing how to kill a man in 12 ways with nothing but a spoon, the ex-SAS soldier simply flashed Mr Jordan his famous grin. How close you came Mr Jordan, how close you came.

Locked out

Getting close was just the problem for the staff at the Hawera ANZ on Tuesday when they somehow managed to lock themselves out of their own building all morning.

Many people have approached Unreported with this tale and it must be said most have used a mocking tone.

And while we love to poke fun at Aussie companies and the way they suck money out of this country like a fat boy guzzling down a milkshake, we think the incident demonstrates just how safe the bank is.

If staff can't get in, robbers don't stand a chance. Way to go ANZ.

Projector problem

And way to go to the IT guy who saved the day at New Plymouth Grey Power's AGM in New Plymouth this week. It would be no surprise to most of us that not one of the grey hairs could get the power point projector to work, potentially derailing rates campaigner Len Houwers' much awaited address.

Luckily a generic IT guy was found and the presentation was only delayed by 10 minutes, or two cups of tea and a biscuit in senior citizen time.

Tweet of the week:

Greg Bruce: What I'd like from the Budget: Free pineapple lumps. Easier to appreciate than growth/surplus and more delicious.

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