Cougar Town

22:26, Jul 29 2012
cougar stand
Hot older women are out there, prowling in New Plymouth bars for younger prey.

It's official, Taranaki has become a Cougar Town.

I wouldn't go so far as calling this phenomenon something out of Desperate Housewives, but there are many mixed opportunities and dramas that arise with it.

There aren't many of my age group sticking around here as many are off overseas, to university and other work, so the age gap is ever increasing.

I find myself becoming a client of many who are 10-20 years above my age and on the flip-side, I'm finding many of that demographic are becoming clients of mine as well. Is it just me, or is the generation X & Y coming closer together now than ever before?

In work and in social situations, people are mixing together with those younger and older than themselves without any thought of an age difference and let's face it, both Gen X and Gen Y have a lot to learn from each other.

Recently, I was having a coffee in town with a client. One thing led to another, and she asked me if I had heard of "50 Shades of Grey". I partly choked on my drink and was wandering where the heck this dynamic lady was going with our conversation.


I must have amused her. After giggling and flaunting a gentle smile, this lady further added to my confusion with the words "It's okay, the things in that book are perfectly normal. In fact it's really well written and it's just as popular as Harry Potter".

O.o  = The face I then pulled.

I was gobsmacked and I didn't have a comeback. Needless to say, we got over that little tangent and our work discussion was more relaxed and fruitful. The ice was broken.

I'm interested in seeing and hearing your thoughts about the Gen X + Gen Y work and social mix. Is it just me? Or is age just a number nowadays?