How about a face-off

Ricky Malcolm says there is nothing like the fruitfulness of face-to-face meetings.
Ricky Malcolm says there is nothing like the fruitfulness of face-to-face meetings.

Got something to say? Say it to my face.
It's easy to go behind a keyboard to type your brain farts and ideas,  but there is nothing like being frank and opening up in person.
This may sound like I'm taking a negative swing, but I am certainly not. I'm referring to the many caffeine-fuelled catch-ups I have with people from all walks of life in New Plymouth and beyond.
Talking business or ideas over the phone and through email can be constructive, but it's nothing like the fruitfulness of face-to-face meetings where the real passionate discussion can take off.
On Friday I met with a local lad named Lee about his intentions to bring something pretty incredible to New Plymouth this year. Whilst I can't go into the nature of the discussion just yet, it's pretty clear that our discussion has got us both excited and insanely motivated to ensure its success.
As our discussion progressed, our minds were wandering off in a number of creative tangents that, at the time could have been considered to be nothing but brain farts and blahs. However, my mind is now working overtime and those tangents are now coming together coherently.
My meeting with Lee has reinforced to me the value of face-to-face interactions with people. It's so easy to type away and communicate with the likes of Facebook, email and cell phones, but you can't always get a feeling for the situation and passion associated with those involved.
Next week, I will meet with somebody who reads this blog, to blog about our discussion and all the awesome tangents associated. If you're interested in being part of this random discussion over a cuppa (my shout), please get in contact with me: or
I'm looking forward to what this discussion amounts to.