High rises good for city

19:26, Oct 11 2012
highrise stand
Having high rises in New Plymouth doesn't mean the city will become another Gold Coast.

What better news could there be? New Plymouth would be seen as progressive and enterprising to allow high-rise buildings in selected areas.

Having travelled overseas and in New Zealand a great deal I can see high rises for accommodation and commercial operations as a high priority for many travellers as the high rises command great views.

In this current case for a 73-metre-high building, the sea, coastal, and inland views would be magnificent. Also, the shopping and facilities would be adjacent to the structure.

Don't be afraid. New Plymouth will never be a Gold Coast of high rises, but a few would go a long way to giving it some structural character.

Don't let the negative people win this argument against the proposal.

Council, wake up your ideas and allow designated areas to be approved for high-rise development, significantly higher than a four-level limit, and when these gradually take shape over the years, then New Plymouth's skyline will look a lot more interesting, especially when driving into the city from all directions.


As I see it, any high-rise development in specified areas of the city and some suburbs can only be good for your tourism and commercial interests which show enterprise for the region.

Let this one be a landmark and start the ball rolling for the future progress of a wealthy region.



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