Lye centre should make Taranaki proud

20:07, Oct 14 2012

In response to Peter Barker's letter of October 10, OK, in hindsight I admit it was wrong of me to compare New Plymouth to Paris. Paris obviously has a long way to go before it even deserves to be in the same league as our City by the Sea.

At least our maunga is 100 per cent natural (albeit imported from Ruapehu) and not built of giant Meccano, as is Maunga Eiffel!

And when you think of it, Len Lye does have a lot in common with Leonardo Da Vinci. Both created amazing art well before the materials they needed to be made of were invented.

Both are internationally exhibited, bringing wonderment to many people around the world (Len is also now in the Tate Modern, as well as the esteemed Hordland in Norway). One of Len's films is one of only 25 registered with the Film Registry in the United States.

The multi-talented Len is a sculptor, cinematographer, artist and visionary who has inspired opera, jazz and dance scores and is easily comparable to De Vinci. Don't let anybody tell you different. If they do, they are simply wrong. Remember that no man is a prophet in his own country, which may well explain why a few people do not support the Len Lye Centre.

Fair enough, but when you do go overseas and see Len's work, puff out your chest and proudly tell people he was a New Zealander. When you are in the Len Lye Centre next year listening to overseas people talking of how amazing the work is, you can lean over and say how proud you are to be from Taranaki.




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