Taking the Pissaro out of Lye

18:43, Oct 24 2012

Inspired by your correspondents' recent analogues of Len Lye with Leonardo da Vinci and New Plymouth's sewage plant, I recently sampled snippets of the master's literary genius via the interweb. 

 Truly remarkable:  I await with keen anticipation equivalent comparative analysis ranging from Shakespeare to Gordon Brown.

 For further publicity, I suggest uncovering Lye's wearable art design talent: depending on the model engaged, his ''Emperor's collection'' is bound to elicit funds from those legions of renowned art connoisseurs that, as we all know instinctively, inherently comprise our local councils.

On a more personal note, I was informed by a concerned Lye aficionado that my design ''Passing-wind Wand'' for the proposed Eltham public toilet upgrade could ''run into serious copyright issues'',  and that it was only a matter of time before a similar fate befell ''The Loove'' itself and, among other designs, Shona Wisa, Manet-Monet-Bidet and the Cistern Chapel; and that the use of a current politician's visage on the proposed ''murinal'' (''Trickle Down'') was ''entirely inappropriate''.

 Appreciated, heartfelt concern: but with no word as yet from Paris, the Vatican or Parliamentary Services, and with shards of Lye's poetic efforts still lingering in my unfortunate psyche, I will take this expert advice more seriously when the Lye Foundation itself practises what she preached - and acknowledges its own enormous intellectual debt to the creators of Monty Python's Flying Circus.