Time to take kids away

21:25, Nov 04 2012
kids stand
As painful as it is, sometimes the best option is to remove children from the care of abusive parents.

It is with utter disgust and sadness that I read the headline ''Dead toddler referred to as 'it' by accused'' (Taranaki Daily News, Oct 31).

How can we continue to allow innocent children to be brought up under such horrific and abusive circumstances by such savages?

Is the fact that the mother was ''very upset'' supposed to negate her from her responsibility as the child's mother and protector?

As a mother, I can say in no uncertain terms that I would happily throttle any person who tried to lay a hand on my child, let alone beat or maim him.

At what point do we say enough and take these children away?

Our social services deem keeping children with their biological parents to be of over- riding importance, even though it is often not in the child's best interest and these parents have a proven record of being unfit for the task.


If you cannot protect, love and care for your children then point- blank you do not deserve them, and they should be given a chance at a better life in a loving home, without fear of beating or other form of abuse.

There are many couples who would love the chance to adopt and yet they are made to jump through the system's many hoops, with no doubt many simply giving up on the process altogether.

How will the abuse cycle ever be broken if these children are left to grow up under these circumstances, learning to accept violence as part of their everyday lives?


New Plymouth

Taranaki Daily News