Surgery only half done

Regarding Base Hospital booking office and waiting lists.

I was seen by a specialist concerning very painful bunions on both feet, which made it extremely painful to wear shoes other than slippers or soft gumboots.

They decided that I needed to have them removed.

I received a letter from the booking office to say that I would be on a six-month waiting list for my op.

It took 18 months to get a date for the operation.

The surgeon that I saw the first time round said that he would do both feet at once.

When I went back for my pre-op appointment I was seen by another surgeon who said that he would do one foot at a time so that I would be mobile while convalescing at home, then would do the other foot in about six weeks.

I went back for my update appointment after my first op to be told by the surgeon that he was going to do the other foot and I would get an appointment for the op in the mail.

Well, shock, horror.

To my surprise I did get a letter from the hospital, but to say that I no longer met their priority listing for my operation on the other foot and they had removed me from the waiting list due to not having enough points.

I now have a job half-done. I now have a size-12 foot and a size- 10 foot, so I'm still unable to wear shoes. I'm now getting around in one size-12 gumboot and one size- 10 gumboot.

Thank you to the orthopaedic outpatients department and no thanks to the booking department.



Taranaki Daily News