Guy Fawkes more buck for less bang

00:43, Nov 12 2012
fireworks stand
Are modern fireworks better or worse than their older counterparts?

Well another Guy Fawkes night has been and gone.

I reluctantly bought some fireworks for my kids this year as I am well aware anything with a decent bang or with a minute danger to it has long gone due to the weak and pathetic health and safety rules these days.

As I let them off I was embarrassed to be standing there watching a few pathetic little sparks struggle to get any height and the little pop they make are a classic example of the cheap and useless imitations of things that once were worth buying.

That applies not only to fireworks but also to food, clothes, buildings, etc.

It is all made to resemble what they used to be from a distance, but look closer and, as with fireworks, we are buying mainly little boxes that look big and impressive but are mainly air and cardboard.

They were once packed with explosives and you got value for money.


As with food these days, like bread for example, it looks the same but taste it and it's half stale.

I felt sad that my kids don't get the quality of the past, when sky rockets had power, bang and energy to them.

Today's imitations are tired, weak and fading, and will soon be a forgotten memory.



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