Lots of work for Lye

18:52, Nov 12 2012

I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I read Louise Boniface's letter on November 9, which attacked me for ''contributing absolutely nothing to assist with the ongoing running cost'' of the Len Lye Centre.

She should understand that as a trustee of the Len Lye Foundation, I have personally contributed many thousands of hours and thousands of dollars over the years to the cause of making Len Lye better known and publicising his collection in New Plymouth.

To mention just one of many projects, the writing of a Lye biography took me 20 years of part-time work, including a year of unpaid leave from my job and a number of overseas research trips.

All my fellow trustees have done similar work, and some (such as John Matthews) have made a much greater financial contribution.

While the primary reason has been our enthusiasm for Lye's work, our efforts have surely benefited New Plymouth, since the area has received a positive mention in hundreds of talks, articles, books and interviews.

Len Lye has brought a wealth of publicity to the city, a fact reflected over the years in comments by numerous Govett- Brewster visitors. When the centre is built, we will happily continue our unpaid efforts to promote it and the great city in which it is located. We don't expect any kudos for our efforts, but we also don't expect to be the target of letter-writers who accuse us of not having paid our dues!




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