We must heed the signs now

19:42, Nov 15 2012

We stand, bickering, on the edge of an abyss.

The signs are all around us and we are ignoring them. The living world depends on plants for its survival yet we've hardly noticed the tragic disappearance of bees. Pollination was nature's gift of continuity; a guarantee of the future.

Bee colonies are collapsing at a panic-making rate: 30 per cent a year in Europe! Elsewhere in the world it is a similar story. Even in New Zealand we have lost most of our wild colonies.

Frogs may play a lesser part, but they perform the canary- down-the-mine duty. Mankind has decimated them.

Genetic engineering of Roundup-resistant crops has created a generation of frankenweeds that have seen fields abandoned by farmers.

Decimation of our tropical rainforests has created frankenstorms and freak weather all over the globe. And we stand and bicker about carbon credits!


We have polluted our world beyond rescue, yet we are consumed by arguments based on speculation, for a system that will install the first binding controls on every nation; a prototype for further and more personal control by a prospective worldwide bureaucracy. We have paid a high price for personal convenience and material accumulation. We've grown lazy, greedy and blind. If the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, we have failed miserably.

Humans, however, are survivors; innovative, caring, and above all intelligent. Only if we can heed the signs now and have the courage to make the necessary changes can we offer a future to our children.



Taranaki Daily News