Len Lye Centre

Well, if the letter from Louise Boniface (Nov 9) does not prove my point about the Len Lye Centre being about value rather than cost, nothing will.

Roger Horrock's insightful, erudite and factual piece regarding Len's breath of work (Lye's Artistic Worth Flourishes Around World, Nov 8) shows what a privilege it is to be hosting the Len Lye Centre in New Plymouth, and with entry at no extra cost.

Here we are with a $10 million building going up to showcase Len's work and what do we get?

A diatribe of angst with a wafer- thin, straw-grasping claim that Mr Horrocks is contributing nothing towards the ongoing costs.

If ever there was a case of missing the point, this must be the mother of them all.

Quite frankly, it beats me how Louise knows this as not all New Plymouth ratepayers live in New Plymouth (there's a unique idea). It is absolutely nobody's beeswax whether Mr Horrocks is a ratepayer or not.

He (and others) have, I know, given a great deal of time and effort for the benefit of Taranaki into making sure the Len Lye Centre is available for future generations to enjoy - or not, it does not matter.

What is important is they will have the opportunity to see the work first-hand and form their own opinions.

You will have a busy summer, Louise, on the walkway or in Pukekura Park, making sure no people other than ratepayers get to use these facilities.

Goodness knows; they may even catch a glimpse of the wind wand without actually paying.





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