Fracking fine

18:57, Nov 19 2012

In an article in your paper regarding the local energy industry (Energy industry hits back at claims of 'buying friends', Nov 14), the Climate Justice Taranaki group (greenies) accuses the energy industry of buying friends by sponsoring local community organisations.

They also call for a ban on fracturing of strata to extract gas.

When will these people get over it? This method of gas extraction has been used for decades.

The gas extracted is in isolated pockets trapped kilometres below the surface under impermeable rock. If the strata wasn't impermeable the gas wouldn't be there. Any materials used in fracturing cannot escape to the surface because of the impermeable strata.

In an ideal world the greenies would move to Greenland and work in a roman sandal factory. Unfortunately there are no trees on Greenland so they wouldn't have anything to hug.




Taranaki Daily News