Car clamping 'beyond joke'

02:22, Nov 23 2012

I have seen it all now, the antics of clamper Clout, with my own eyes.

This week I witnessed a courier pull up just on the gravel in the private car park in lower King St next to the building where the optician is.

No sooner had the courier jumped out and run around the back of his van with a small package towards the optician and clamper Clout pounced.

He drove out of the car park behind the bus station, across the street, pulled up next to the van, leaped out and started to apply the clamps.

The courier returned while he was still applying the clamps, probably less than a minute away from his van.

It's not as if the courier locked his van up and wandered away.


Clearly clamper Clout could tell he was not someone taking advantage of free parking.

While I had previously felt a certain amount of empathy for clamper Clout, my opinion has changed.

What I witnessed this week was over the top.

Whoever prepared his business plan must have set some tough revenue targets for him.


New Plymouth

Taranaki Daily News