Solving sewerage problems

18:29, Nov 25 2012

A lot of negative press has emerged from the sewerage issue recently and the need for the New Plymouth District Council to do some repairs and maintenance of the sewage treatment plant this summer.

Instead of complaining I thought I would suggest some constructive ways of moving forward this summer.

1. This summer why not visit Oakura Beach as much as possible. Enjoy the beach but before returning home visit their public toilets. New Plymouth ratepayers paid enough for the Oakura sewerage scheme so let's get our money's worth.

2. Pee on a lemon tree. Discreetly find a local tree. It helps the flavour of the lemons and ''the more you pee, the less out to sea''.

3. Dig a long drop in your back garden. In light of the Christchurch experience it would be good practice for a potential future emergency. In fact, Civil Defence could get involved and run some training sessions. This gives light to the phrase ''the more in the ground, the less sewage floating around''.

4. Finally, arrange for a holiday house swap with a family from Napier for the summer. It doesn't solve the problem but you won't be around to worry about that.


New Plymouth


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