Wasted campaign

21:27, Dec 03 2012

The Taranaki Daily News states it is keen to support the seasonal drink-driving blitz reporting that 20 per cent of all serious or fatal accidents alcohol is a contributing factor. That reminded me of a joke told by Irish comedian Dave Allen a few years ago which now would probably be banned by the wowser brigade.

Dave Allen said, ''If 20 per cent of all serious or fatal traffic accidents are caused by drunk drivers that then means that 80 pe cent of all serious or fatal accidents are caused by people who are not drunk. If that is the case then why not stop them and let the drunk drivers get home in safety.''

Over the years there has been squillions spent on advertising road safety and drink driving, and the effect on the road toll has been minimal. Breath testing, seatbelts, compulsory stop signs and the revenue gathering and carnage goes on unabated. Yet the carnage on the roads in fatalities is surpassed by the amount of people who top themselves every year in this country, but there are no anti- topping-yourself campaigns. Why is that?


New Plymouth


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