Frontrunner for top Puke Ariki job

20:39, Dec 05 2012
tdn puke stand
Letter writer Peter McCormack reckons he is the right man to replace Fiona Emberton as the CEO of Puke Ariki.

Through the letters page, I would like to put my name in the hat for the job of head honcho at the Puke Ariki Museum.

Keeping with tradition, I am Scottish but, unlike others, I am no fly-by-nighter, having lived in the province for over 25 years.

I have been to the mountaintop three times and have seen the promised land.

I just love art, love it. As for art by Len Lye - I even replicate it with my Meccano set.

I also like looking at famous pictures by the likes of Vincent van Gogh.

I am culturally sensitive and politically correct to a fault. I previously applied to look after Maori taonga, special rocks of cultural significance. I have no problem with traditional Maori dress and have a mullet wig, T-shirt and jeans and, of course, the white gumboots.


Unlike the mayor, who doesn't even know how much he earns, I would need to know.

A cellphone and four-wheel- drive would be nice too.

I go along with council thinking and believe these facilities should be free. I mean, who in their right mind would go if you had to pay to get in? The ratepayers have plenty. Let's stick it to them. What would they know anyway?

Finally, I believe I have the right attributes and all the ''in'' words fit me: focused, team player, will go the extra mile.

A previous boss said I had attitude - or was it I had an attitude? (Abridged)


New Plymouth

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