Silence is golden

19:34, Dec 09 2012
tdn mt stand
Heliview owner Richard Foale wants aircraft restrictions in the Egmont National Park to be changed to allow them to land on the Pouakai Ranges

I oppose the proposal to allow helicopter operators to land tourists in the Mt Taranaki National Park. In my years of tramping it has often been annoying to have the peace and tranquillity shattered by low- flying aircraft. I remember in particular, the almost constant aircraft activity near the Sutherland Falls when tramping the Milford Track.

Our National Park areas are precious and need to maintained, with wilderness as the top priority. Sightseeing flights over the mountain are bad enough, and barely tolerable, but landing a bunch of tourists for a 10-minute visit on Pouakai or North Egmont is totally unacceptable.


New Plymouth


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