It's not what we're driving - it's how

I agree with police officer Frank Grant that the road toll will not decrease with the way we have drivers on our roads who carry on driving like idiots.

I drive to Manutahi Monday to Friday and see such bad driving it astounds me.

Just to name a few: passing on double yellow lines, passing when there is a dip in the road, no indication when turning, starting to pass on passing lanes before the lane is wide enough, crossing the centre line, not turning lights on when it is very dark, following too close, speeding and not dipping head lights.

Now having said all that I would point out that Taranaki roads are by far the worst around. Since we have all been moaning about the trouble we have at the Waiwhakaiho bottle neck, Tauranga has built a new bridge, a flyover, a toll road and a nice highway to Te Puke. A new bypass has been built around Taupo.

So where have we gone wrong? I leave at 4am when heading to Tauranga as there is less traffic on the road except for the trucks coming to Taranaki to unload goods and fuel. The road from Taranaki to Te Kuiti is a disaster and with the amount we pay in road-user charges for light diesel vehicles we should be getting a better deal. We are the major energy province of New Zealand and can't even get a good safe road to and out of our great New Plymouth. (Abridged)



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