Pot of gold wanted

19:08, Dec 16 2012
tdn santa stand

Dear Santa.

On behalf of the NPDC could you please gift us a large pot of gold. We supposedly urgently need to build a place of Lyers and a group of Lyer worshippers cannot afford to pay to view the things within and want the rest of us to pay for it. Unfortunately some people are struggling to feed their families at this time without having to pander to a very small percentage of ratepayers and some self-serving councillors. We also need to top up an empty roading budget bucket so our mayor and selected folk can travel to attend critical bonding sessions with the people of Mistaken in Asia without them having to suffer the inconvenience of pot holes on the way to the airport. We were only able to give the CEO in her management role a mere 2 per cent pay rise and would like to get this back up around 5 per cent. We also need to earthquake strengthen the GB building which hardly anyone apart from staff use, and we cannot afford to do the same to the TSB Showplace which audited thousands use.

Could you find enough room in your bag to bring the council a bucket of get real, and perhaps a bunch of common sense wrapped in forget-me-nots. If you deliver these things we will endeavour to get our councillors to publicly state their stand on the Lye Low project now, so in election year there can be absolutely no pre- election prevarication about whether they supported it or not.

Thank you for your help, however I feel I may have wrongly addressed this letter as it will require a miracle for the bucket's contents to be used properly.

Mike Gibbs

New Plymouth


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