Killer in the making?

18:53, Dec 25 2012

What depths has humanity stooped to when someone derives pleasure from the torment of innocent ducklings? (Letters, Dec 18.)

To have such ill regard for the beauty and innocence of nature surely shows the same traits that are easily transferred into a disregard for the welfare of people and society. These people are your future: Adam Lanza, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, Seung Hui Cho and Charles Whitman.

Definitive links from animal abuse to sociopathological and psychopathic behaviours are well documented.

Should we, as a community, be concerned about people like the duckling coward in our midst? Is it only the beginning of a slide towards something far more sinister that we now have the opportunity to nip in the bud?

Perhaps I am being paranoid, but just because most of what is reported comes from the United States, perhaps we feel disassociated with it, comfortable in our ''it'll never happen here bro'' attitude, and we are ignoring what may actually be festering in our own community right now.


New Plymouth


Taranaki Daily News