City governance

With regard to the discussion and debate around the transparency of the information that is offered to the general public, the explanation offered by chief executive Barbara McKerrow was plausible and, within reason, acceptable.

As one often given similar information in a situation that requires an instant decision around it, it isn't until you have a chance to think, research and determine whether the information is correct or if some other options should be considered as well. This, in my opinion, is where governance within the council falls down and we are left in a tick-and-flick situation.

In respect of the situation around the staffing, I agree that those who are in the governance sector should not be given the option of managing the issues, but what does concern me is that there are financial implications around the management of staff that should be open to scrutiny. For instance, what is the cost to the ratepaying public around the presumably large payouts to staff, who leave in somewhat unusual circumstances, in order to stave the possibility of employment litigation.

This must come from some budget, especially if the former employee is replaced - probably by two new employees on relatively high salaries.



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