Our own Emmerdale

19:05, Feb 06 2013
sherril stand
When Harry met Sherril - has it become a soap opera?

Gosh - what a storm in a teacup!

It's like watching Emmerdale Farm and East Enders, with all the villagers hating Cain, and Alfie not knowing which brother his missus is canoodling with.

This is our own regionally made soap: New Plymouth District councillors baying for Sherril's blood while most of the general public don't know who she is referring to in her letter - then the big kahuna blabs and tells everyone anyway . . . it's edge of the seat stuff, I tellya!

Like any good saga it keeps you begging for more (NOT).

Will the small person not be the aforementioned, highly spotlighted and McKerrow-named individual but actually a gregarious dwarf cleaner whose accompanying dog had a habit of toileting in three senior management offices thereby precipitating their resignation?

Will Biesiek finally be revealed as the people's champion and unveil his superhero costume?


Will the toll of a lesser workload impact greatly on Ms George so that she wins the Ellerslie Flower Show newcomer garden award?


Be still my beating heart!



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