Novopay debacle unbelievable

Oh what a tangled web Novopay weaves. If the public are getting sick of hearing about the mismanagement of the education sector's pay, imagine what it is like for us.

I am a school principal and I would hate to calculate the time our pay ''stuff-ups'' are costing our office manager and myself, and, dare I say it, our kids!

Last week we were dealing with: a staff member who has not received holiday pay from October last year; a staff member who was paid over the last holiday period and is being paid this week for a position that ended in November; a staff member who is being paid an allowance that should have ceased in September last year; two staff members having KiwiSaver deductions made - they don't have Kiwisaver accounts; a staff member whose sick days were not rolled over and has had days deducted from her pay; and a staff member who started this year and is not being paid this week.

Our paper trail tells us all forms were correctly filled in and submitted on time. We have receipts from Novopay to say our ''requests'' have been received and given reference numbers. We have receipts that say the request is closed. We have been assured, often at least three times, that the matter is resolved. And yet nothing changes. Would you put up with this?

We are asked to fax forms, then asked to scan and email them, then told the files are too large so could we post them, then asked to scan and email them . . . get the picture?

And as for those 40-minute-plus wait times to talk to someone . . . I probably wouldn't want to talk to irate school staff either. What a job!

Our lovely, patient office manager is on the phone while I write this trying to ascertain whether staff will be paid. Just been told no, even though all requests were submitted before the cut-off time. Arghh!

We've had a gutsful!


Principal, Waitara Central School

Taranaki Daily News