'Who you calling a hypocrite?'

02:23, Feb 19 2013
lenlye stand
The proposed Len Lye Centre, which Govett-Brewster critic Morris West has described as a 'urinal'.

I am amazed that Bruce Gatward-Cook (letters, Feb 9) can describe me as a hypocrite for attending a showing of the V48 Hour films in the Govett-Brewster theatre and also for frequenting Cafe Govett-Brewster.

Bruce, through his gallery connections, organised the screening at GB, so if I wanted to see our weekend's hard work, I had no choice.

Besides, as a ratepayer I pay enough for GB, so I wasn't attending for free. As for the cafe, it is a privately leased facility which, apart from making very good food, also charges for said food. It just happens to be lumbered with the label Govett- Brewster, which should in no way reflect on the standard of its food.

As to John Sargeant (letters, Feb 9) taking umbrage at my description of the ''Good Oil'' correspondence as being excrement, tough. A bunch of art snobs in a competition to find the biggest words in their thesaurus is hardly deserving of anything else.

Finally, Govett-Brewster is due to close during the building of the Len Lye Urinal for earthquake strengthening.

Why wasn't the council able to make significant savings on rates during this time on the $3 million per annum running costs?


New Plymouth


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