Ngamotu Beach guardians

Keith Allum's suggestion to establish a Guardians of Ngamotu Beach group (letters, Feb 21) misses the point. There already is one, it's called Ngati Te Whiti hapu.

Ngati Te Whiti have been guardians of this area long before European settlers arrived and were on Ngamotu Beach waving out to James Cook as he sailed past in his ''discovery'' of our land, and who had the cheek to name our mountain after an egg in England.

Today, Ngati Te Whiti enjoy a positive relationship with Port Taranaki under the Port Authority Mutual Interest group Memorandum of Understanding (PAMI MOU), which is a three- way agreement between the New Plymouth District Council, Port Taranaki and the hapu and is chaired by councillor Shaun Biesiek.

Matters discussed at PAMI meetings include future port developments and ongoing public access to the beach and I have seen no plans calling for a ''crackdown'' on this access, as suggested by the Taranaki Daily News in its editorials.


Secretary, Ngati Te Whiti Hapu

Taranaki Daily News