Waitara finds voice

00:09, Feb 26 2013

Good on you Sherril George. Waitara finally has a voice that we can rely on. Who cares about the code of conduct? These documents are put there for the bullies like Harry and those that have put their names in the paper.

You carry on doing the job that the Waitara people put you there to do. That is to fight for the Waitara people and those disadvantaged; which is lot more than what the people that are criticising you are doing for their constituents.

As for the CEO, we are finally seeing what I believe to be her incompetence and it is publicised all over the Taranaki Daily News on a weekly basis.

Howie Tamati is correct - people out there are saying that the NPDC is dysfunctional and led by an idiot. That idiot keeps going to the newspaper thinking he will get support from the Waitara people but the people of Waitara are people that believe in honesty, being truthful and being respectful.

This council is far from that; they are bullies, they impose rules on our people. Frankly they don't care two hoots about the people they serve. An example of incompetence was in the paper over the young lady who parked her vehicle backwards instead of frontwards and got a ticket. The staff member stated that ''it is law now''. What next?

Come on Waitara, let's stand up for Sherril, warts and all




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