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20:57, May 30 2013

What are your true political stripes?

Are you a democrat, anarchist or maybe something else?

Take this quick 10-question quiz and find out. The answers may surprise you.

For an evening of witty, intelligent and enlightening conversation would you prefer to dine in the company of:

1. A, any white person who believes the Urewera raids were perfectly legit; B, Tame Iti; C, a police dog.

2. A, ACT leader John Banks; B, Kim Dotcom; C, a copy of the book Living with Dementia.


3. A, Finance Minister Bill English; B, a disabled person's family caregiver; C, a wet wipe.

4. A, a white-collar fraudster; B, a benefit fraudster; C, a Hanover Finance prospectus.

5. A, Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy; B, one of his ministry's staff responsible for filling out paperwork; C, a frozen sheep carcass.

6. A, a proud dairy farming member of Federated Farmers; B, freshwater ecologist Dr Mike Joy; C, a new light-proof Anchor milk container (with headlamp for checking the milk level).

7. A. Conservation Minister Nick Smith; B, Forest & Bird's Kevin Hackwell; C, a briquette.

8. A, Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee; B, a Christchurch homeowner who has yet to see an EQC assessor; C, a map of Finland.

9. A, the chief executive of a global oil company which engages in deep- sea drilling; B, a Greenpeace activist; C, a tape measure exactly 500 metres long.

10. A, the chief executive of SkyCity Casino; B, the chief executive of the Problem Gambling Foundation; C, a compass (for your morals and ethics).

Results: If you answered mostly "A", then you are an anarchist.

Anarchism is generally defined as a political philosophy which holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary or harmful.

You used to be a blue-tinged democrat but have unwittingly found yourself still believing in certain people (and their politics) who are often acting outside of New Zealand's constitutional law.

This is seen via the current Government's nonchalant breaches of the Bill of Rights Act and Human Rights Act.

They appear to be working under the She'll Be Right Act and often pass bad law under urgency.

If you find you are feeling rather uncomfortable to discover you are, in fact, an anarchist, then by all means feel free to speak up for democracy, due process and fairness. It is an old-fashioned concept but quite a proven one.

On the other hand, if you're entirely comfortable with this type of law-making, then enjoy your new-found anarchic philosophy.

This is the grooviest you are ever going to get!

If you answered mostly "B", then you are a stock standard democrat. You tend to vote Labour or Green and really, really care about the poor, the dispossessed and the environment. Which is a good thing in theory, but in practice is really limp. Why?

Because it attracts those who generally prefer passive, non- confrontational behaviour and where the accepted tactic is to whine and complain and moan, when you really should be getting even. Your problem is that you still strongly believe in following due process and playing by the state's rules. You prefer to be on the inside "effecting change" rather than outside, blowing up dams. One is naive, the other is pro-active. One is strictly status quo, the other is good for the longfin eel. Bottom line? If you don't find some authentic anarchic passion, and soon, nothing will change.

Those anarchists will continue to stomp all over your deeply held values and principles. You need to rediscover your inner tiger and become the groover you once (thought you) were!

If you answered mostly "C", you are definitely defined as "something else".

You recognise that having sparkling dinner conversation with a frozen meat carcass or a police dog is preferable to just another human being and their boring beliefs.

You are grooviness personified!

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