Zero tolerance for violence - I don't buy it

02:10, Dec 19 2013

In reference to the Boxer Out To Give Violence The Bash story on December 17, I would like to point out that in 2010 my wife rang me from the New Plymouth police station on a Sunday. She had been assaulted (throttled/strangled and shoved down a landing) in town at her ex-husband's premises, the children were both hurt (visible injuries), and the assault was only stopped by a friend of the ex- husband as he was pulling his fist back to punch her in the head.

The police took statements, they were not interested in taking photos of the injuries, and a temporary protection order was put in place.

On Monday she received a phone call from the officer who took her statement, cautioning her to stay off her ex-husband's premises as the ex-husband was ''just trying to get you out of the shop entrance as he did not want you there and it was all an over- reaction on both sides''.

The ex had his new wife (who wasn't even there) lie for him, and two friends lie for him to say he was upstairs for most of the time.

It went to court, the protection order was removed, as was considered not warranted, his lawyer made good use of my wife's mental breakdown a year earlier to brush off the incident as the, ''mad fantasies of an unstable woman''.

So every time I hear or see a report about the police saying there is zero tolerance in Taranaki towards family violence, I know that is a lie.


I wrote to the police twice in 2011, asking them why this was allowed to happen, among other things.

Never got a reply.

My wife and step-children live with the knowledge that they asked for help, they did the right thing, they called the police and got shafted as a result.


New Plymouth

Taranaki Daily News