Spuds a lucky dip

20:43, Jan 05 2014

We spud lovers are being given the finger by the New Plymouth supermarkets.

I started buying loose a few years ago because I like to know what I'm getting. Back then they would label what the spuds were. They can't seem to be bothered any more.

The price tag might say ''new season'' if you're lucky. Apart from that it's a lucky dip. And staff are usually none the wiser.

Apples, oranges and most other loose stuff is labelled. Why not spuds?

Sure, pre-packaged spuds are usually, but not always, labelled, so why do I muck about buying loose? Because at one time you seldom ever saw a green spud. Sadly, that's no longer the case where pre-packaged is concerned. It's almost guaranteed. They certainly seem less quality- conscious than other produce suppliers.




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