Evidence already in

11:25, Jan 21 2014

Tag Oil asked for empirical science-based evidence that fracking contaminates water aquifers (Taranaki Daily News, January 11).

AP has provided that evidence and I attach a link to AP's report here. It is surprising Tag Oil is not in possession of this information so relevant to their business and our environment.

With the evidence now in, there is no need to debate the issue. Kiwis need to decide: do we want to sit back and allow Tag Oil to foul our nation's water supply? The authorities seem unable to stop them and Tag Oil does not dispute much of the leaflet's content including ''with 2,720,358 acres to prospect Tag Oil is anticipating a widespread unconventional drilling campaign''.

http://www.usatoday.com/ story/money/business/ 2014/01/05/some-states-confirm- water-pollution-from-drilling/ 4328859/

Quote from above link follows:

''Some people who rely on well water near drilling operations have complained about pollution, but there's been considerable confusion over how widespread such problems are. For example, starting in 2011, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection aggressively fought efforts by the AP and other news organisations to obtain information about complaints related to drilling.


''The department has argued in court filings that it does not count how many contamination 'determination letters' it issues or track where they are kept in its files.

''Steve Forde, a spokesman for the Marcellus Shale Coalition, the leading industry group in Pennsylvania, said in a statement that 'transparency and making data available to the public is critical to getting this historic opportunity right and maintaining the public's trust'.

When the state Environmental Department determines natural gas development has caused problems, Forde said, ''our member companies work collaboratively with the homeowner and regulators to find a speedy resolution''.



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