Smoking spy the start of tyranny

I was in the Stratford police station at 9am on February 17 when I overheard a woman report to a nice young policeman that she had seen a woman smoking in her car with probably her children.

Can I say to that woman you are 70-odd years too late.

Hitler had a regime that made people spy on each other, so you can ask many million dead Jews and anti-Nazi people what they think of a system where people dob in people for doing something that is still legal.

You probably think you are a hero, but I think you are pathetic.

Many thousands of young New Zealand men and women died fighting for freedom and against tyranny in World War II.

Spying and reporting things like this is the start of tyranny.

I am very sure when we sing our national anthem there is a line that says, ''God defend our free land''.

Between you, lady, and our politicians you are making a mockery even of our national anthem. A person like you would probably vote for the Green Party.

They don't like smokers but want to legalise cannabis. That to me is scraping even further down than the bottom of the barrel.

When is the Commissioner of Police going to have the guts to tell our politicians that the police are no longer going to enforce absolutely stupid legislation that tramples on our freedoms and rights given to us, the people, under the Magna Carta.



Taranaki Daily News