Abusive stranger

I know we have heard many times about the abuse of disability/mobility parking spaces. As one of the people unfortunate enough to actually have qualified for a mobility card I was shaken by an incident recently in the Top Town car park.

My husband and I arrived and parked in one of the vacant spots. As we left the vehicle a tradesperson told us that we had parked in a disability spot. We identified the valid permit and to say he ''let rip'' would be an understatement.

''You should not be parked there,'' he shouted, ''you are clearly not disabled. You can walk! Those spots are for wheelchairs only.''

His abuse continued as he told us people like us made him sick as we abused the system. Disabled means a wheelchair and we had clearly bought our sticker, as there was nothing wrong with me.

I write to remind people that not every disability is visible, and having to defend the right to a mobility card is not something that is appropriate, particularly to an abusive total stranger. The issuing of such cards is a vigorous process requiring medical evidence and regular review. While there may be the odd person who uses a mobility card inappropriately, most people use them for valid reasons. Like me I am sure they would prefer not to need them.

Please respect those who look OK, and allow the mobility card to do the talking.


New Plymouth

Taranaki Daily News