Time to ban bags

An article about recycling in the Daily News (April 5) included the information that supermarket shopping bags are no longer being recycled.

Surely this is a perfect reason to ban them once and for all? There have been various moves in the past to encourage people to take their own reusable bags to the supermarket, and a minority of people do this (I'm one). However, for most people the easy way out is the path of least resistance - plastic bags are available, so they use them. It's obvious that stronger measures need to be taken to deal with the problem of plastic waste.

There are plenty of places in the world where plastic bags have been banned.

People have probably grumbled a bit and then found that taking reusable bags to the supermarket isn't that hard, once you get used to it. In the name of New Zealand's clean green image, and with the horrible alternative in mind (plastic bags clogging our landfills for years to come) I call on the supermarket chains and The Warehouse to take a brave step and ban plastic bags. It would be a major step toward dealing with the problem.



Taranaki Daily News