Cider-ling into Summer

00:04, Nov 02 2012

I really don't want to jinx it, but I think it may be here.

I'm sure I've felt it this week, tickling my face and bringing out my freckles. That's right my dears, it's SUMMER!

As much as I love a glass of red wine in front of a crackling and roaring fire, I am such a summer girl. If exchanging my merlot for a cider meant I could enjoy sunshine and popsicles every day, well, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

There is something about the warm arms of a summer sun that just makes everything better.

Mowing the lawns no longer freezes your fingers off, romances become filled with that exciting summer spark and even shopping is a lot more fun when you can buy dresses instead of jumpers.

At this time every year, without fail, I tell myself that now is the time to get in shape, now is the time to swap my candy for cauliflower, and now is the time to reverse what Jesus did and turn my wine into water.


This time every year the thought of the beach ignites my insecurity and I run off to the gym . . . for a week.

I'm far from model material when it comes to the ideal body shape, in fact I can't even seem to get past the café next to the gym.

 I often think that if my personal trainer rewarded each of my sit-ups with chocolate then I may consider going more often.

I'd make it my personal goal to eat more chocolate than my membership was worth.

That's the thing about my favourite season, it's far too nice to be stuck indoors on a treadmill, running next to girls straight out of a Victoria's Secret catalogue. In summer we want to be out in the sunshine, burning steak on a barbeque and attempting to turn our blindingly white legs the colour of caramel.

When Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is streaming down on us it's only natural that we want to frolic in fields and splash around in pools. If I need to justify why I am not at the gym this year, then I am definitely going to say it's because summer is far too nice to be spent indoors.

But, perhaps I have been looking at this the wrong way. Maybe the reason you will never see me in a bikini is not because I'm addicted to sugar, but because I only just realised that I could combine the warmer weather with outdoor exercise and pass it off as fun in the sun!

I am sure I could trick myself into believing the reason I was going for a run on the foreshore was not because I ate all the pies, but because I like being in the sun, especially when the waves are crashing next to me.

Well my dears, it seems there may be hope for me yet. Especially if I can fill my summertime workout water-bottle with cider.

I hope you are all beginning to feel the warmth and positive energy that summer brings.

P.S: Check out this beautiful summer song by local musician Kieran Callaghan.